Artefact Spawn Map Generator

  • Hello, I was always searching for tool that helps with chaos that follows artefact spawn morning. Never found map generator, that helps visualize locations of the artefacts on the map, so I decided to create one. It is not perfect, it requires manualy entering 4 coordinates (more below), but after that all others artefats are generated automaticlly. IMPORTANT: It shows default spawn locations based on 4 primal coordinates. So it won't work very well on havily populated maps like worlds.


    • You can see on your own eyes whole map with artefacts on it
    • You can zoom in and out as you please
    • All artefacts can be turned on and off by filters
    • The inaccuracy of the generated artefact locations on normal servers is +/- 2 squares maximum. It is becouse of natural obstacles of map, or players.
    • You can add your own villages on the map to have visualization of who is the closest. (That is avliable after creating acc on the site and adding map generator to your library)


    • Won't work very well on havily populated maps like worlds.
    • Requires manually entering 4 coordinates (1min of work tops)
    • IMPORTANT: Changes won't save! Unless you are registered on the site and map is added to your library. Map can still be generated even without an account, but after closing the browser it will delete all changes!

    Link for generator:

    Quick guide to how to edit coordinates to generate map based by them, the coordinates it requires are: Unique Architect, Great Architect, Small Scout, Small Fool - any of them works.

    BASE villages for editing:


    How to edit coordinates

    If you have any questions, shoot.