Applying a cap for cages used per day.

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  • I recently had a player capture over 300 animals within a 2 hour time span, and this was only 8 days into the server. I cleared 3 waves of the players animal defenders, but they just kept coming. I saw it all with scouts because I was weary of the players alliance sending reinforcements due to me catapulting the village to almost 0. In terms of warfare strategy I wouldn't call what that player did skill. The player went on to capture all the animals from the surrounding oasis's, so I gave up on the base & raided the bounties from the oasis's. I think that there should be a limit on how many cages a player can use at a village per day. A hero doesn't even find cages every single day on adventures, so when a player uses gold to bring home an insane amount of defense early in the sever it's unbalanced.


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