Traps are unbalanced.

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  • Who builds traps in cropper?

    .pt4: Maximus :teu01:/.fr3: Medianus :rom02:/.fr6: Minimus :rom03:/.ptp: Medianus:egy02:/.as7: Minimus :gau02:/.2019 Qualify Group A: Azor Ahai :hun01:

    .as4: Pissed Pigeons :teu01:/ .2019 Finals: Makhai :egy02:

  • why de people hating on trapper. Early game are amazing, but people nowadays only do simming and avoid early squirmishies because they just want big hammers and are afraid of losing. Double of triple trapper the first month is a game changer and is like a free zoo. This combined with a lot of nature troops can defend your cropper from players contesting it during the first weeks

    traps cost, troops cost more but they are mobile and can be joined among own and allied villages

    by the time production is too high for crannies to cover it, raider have many clubs, there is a limit of 400 traps per structure (by the way, the last levels cost way too much).