Gauls - Remove Trapper, and Cranny Bonus in exchange for some cheaper troops.

  • Speaking as a Gaul player, there is no need to tweak the Gaul tribe. It's the best for new players, defensive players and non-gold players who wish to stay active up to the end game.

    I thought that you mentioned "Druidriders need a fix" (as per your previous topic suggestion)...

    but there's "no need to tweak the Gaul tribe"??

  • I thought that you mentioned "Druidriders need a fix" (as per your previous topic suggestion)...

    but there's "no need to tweak the Gaul tribe"??

    Unless we start putting logic in Travian as what I intended to suggest, and what other posters stated in that thread, then I propose we change nothing in the game.

    P.S. I should've made a better thread title than the one I posted huh? :S

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  • A TT costs 1090 res for 90 attack points, a steppe costs 875 for 120!

    And at lvl5 in forge can 1 horse farm but TT need lvl20 - (some ally bonus metalurgy may be needed for those figures?).

    16speed not too slow

    Huns are the favoured species at the mo

    make a TT cost 725 ?

  • I honestly thought TTs are kinda dead right now. I mean there are very few people playing with them seriousely and If you do, you know straight up that EI and Steppes will outperform them hard. Only Thing they are doing great is farming.

    In theory they are designed for ghosting but since the defensive values even from the offensive troops are very high (due to smithy) it is rare to really trade favorable in normal (3 tribes) Servers. With huns in the Game tts got kinda buffed because huns offensive troops have a very low Defensive Rating and the wall ist crappy. But now the whole Gaul Tribe is being outperformed by egyptians so they became niche in 5tribe Servers.

    My Idea for buffing TTs would be If you give the Gaul Hero the passive: "If your Hero is attacking together with only one troup Type ignore the enemys wall." This way they would be better at ghosting, still bad in a real hammer and you are limited to one empowered Attack at the same time since you have only one Hero. The high costs you pay for speed.

    Regarding Trapper, i think they are Not bad early Game but fall off very fast and are useless later on. In my opinion the best way would be to remove them and create a new Tribe specific building but of course you can just buff them straight up (e.g. more traps). The cranny bonus i dont Mind, its really just a nonfactor so i always forget that it even exists.

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  • I would love to see more changes done to existing tribes, i like the idea of removing the trapper and the cranny bonus and compensating with buffs elsewhere... bcs gaul theme seems to be about speed (fastest merchants, phalanx is fastest defensive infantry, druids fastest defensive cavalry in the game) i think buffing the speed of their offensive troops would be a great idea to make gauls a viable tribe for off aswell (in some situations).

    I like the idea of buffing the speed of trebuchets by 1. I would also like them to buff the speed for swordsman by 1 and +5 in base attack value, i think all of this would make gauls a viable tribe for offense. I would compensate this by buffing imperians with +5 in base attack value. I dont think these changes would make gauls or romans broken at all and as a teuton player myself it wouldn't make me switch tribes either.

    Anyone who says that gauls and romans are viable right now as an offensive tribe (not including WWKs, i think romans are still pretty good at that) is clearly in denial. In my opinion playing anything but teutons for bashing hammers is putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. The new brewery is just stupidly broken. I think romans are only viable for WWKs atm, so if you plan on bashing hammers you will do a lot better with teutons.

    In short:

    -for Gauls: +1 speed for Trebuchets:gau08:, +1 speed for swords:gau02:, +5 attack for swords:gau02:

    -for Romans: +5 attack for imperians:rom03:

    I think TG is being waaaay too conservative when it comes to balancing tribes and adding new content to the game. They have been doing a lot better recently so i hope they keep going in this direction.

  • I always think they could try some crazy stuff in the annual special and implement the good stuff (Community Feedback) into the core Game. In one of their Videos on YouTube they said that the 2 additional tribes we're not designed with normal ww servers in mind. Until this day I can't understand that.

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