The Ultimate Battle - 11: Winter is coming!

  • Clay is worth 25

    Raise is not explained clearly - if "+5 Gold FOR every half a year" is awarded every half a year, then this is the better option. ;)

    I'm playing as sonny black on com2.


  • 3*(iron) = 120 -------> (iron) = 40

    (crop) + (iron) = 50 --------> (crop) = 10

    (crop) + (clay) = 35 ---------> (clay) = 25

    And better option is "Get a +15 Gold pay raise every year", once on average it's +7,5 gold every half a year, which is better than the other option



  • Clay cost= 25

    Better option - Get a +5 Gold pay raise for every half a year

    nickname: WDelements


  • Hello, first my data:

    Account: Lex

    Server: Hispanic 3

    Answer: The clay cost 25 and for the worker the best option is 15 gold each year.

    Thank you and I hope to win:):):):):):)

  • Clay would cost 25. The best option is the 15 gold raise per year. The worker only gets the raise twice during his three years since the final raise would be as he leaves, but it is better than the other option available. That option gives the worker a 30 gold raise over the first two years, but the other option only adds up to 25 gold over the 2 years & 6 months. To clarify the 5 gold per 6 months does compound well, but if I was the worker I would select the 15 gold per year option.

    Nickname: Starshockwave

    Server: TT Finals



  • Hello, teh first was wrong. If it can be repleced than here is the good answer:

    Clay cost = 25

    Get a +5 Gold pay raise for every half a year


    In the first case: he got 15 for a year + 30 for an other thats = 45 more than the starting salary.

    The second one: he got 0+5+10+15+20+25 = 75 more than the starting salary

    Dablo -

  • Task: Solve the innkeeper's riddles. How much would clay cost? Which option is better for the worker if he's planning to work here for at least three years?

    1: Clay = 25

    2: Get a +5 Gold pay raise for every half a year


  • Hello everyone!

    My answers :

    - The cost clay : 25

    - if the worker planning to work here for at least three years :

    • Get a +15 Gold pay raise every year

    the better.


    Account : phongnd

    Sever :

  • Hello dear ridder huma !

    I believe our worker will get the 15 gold increase every year. He'd make a total of 450, instead of 435 if he chose the 5 every 6 month. His clay weighs 25.

    Cheers :)