Com6 Dual needed

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  • I am looking dual for Com6.

    As an EU player(UTC+2), I can cover day time relatively well and am looking for someone who can play the late evening hours or the night. I need help with the farming during the night.

    - gold account

    - Lots of experience

    - Our troops never idle

    - I'm playing Romans. I have top 50 account


    - adult behavior

    - you know how to send fakes down the line.

    - you must know how to raid with romans.

    - English communications

    - discord

    - Pref to buy gold

    Feel free to add me on Discord at Savo#8141 for further information.

  • i play overnight

    dez.´2019 - comx3 : Eomer :teu09:

    oct.´2019 - com2 : Graso :rom09: