GoW vs Gunners

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    Alright bro bring your best spreadsheets. Lets jam. Don't even know who you are and don't care. Your all talk and no game.


    Alright bro bring your best spreadsheets. Lets jam. Don't even know who you are and don't care. Your all talk and no game.

    Nice to meet you too

    So may I request your game name and quad for future knowledge

    I will pay due respect at the time if start, as being newb to some of the team's

    No not all talk... just some hey @Batman.

  • Oh yeszzzz my brezzooka.

    The old "I'll show you my bits just show me yours first".

    Listen here buddy boo, I know from experience that showing my bits first is where it all goes wrong when I convince a sexy lady to come home. So I'm not going to fall into that trap on travianz, oh noez. Besides, you dont actually have any bits to show here do ya? This certainly does not seem like a quid pro quo as mr trump would say.

    The only thing I will tell you Mr "Candycrush warrior lord" is that I am on a "gods" team but I am also not really really on a "gods" team if you catch my drift eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im doing my bestest to get closest to the brains center of "gods".

    You can cry for help from batman another day, this aint gotham city Mr Candycrush warrior lord.

  • Please forgive him, @[ cwl ] Brezzok.

    From his reaction when you talk about crushing in SW, it seems that he is most probably from there.

    The biggest meta in SW, REVS, is having issue to deal with small alliances now.

    If you were to join in SW and meet them face to face, they will be gone in few weeks.

    I hope that I do not crush the little tiny self esteem of Feyenoord .

  • thank you loLLLLLLLLL

    I hope I got the correct number of Ls

    Being not too young they all blur even with glasses

    Feye I don't know Rev is God's,

    I have much respect for the OLD GODS and played with some x leaders .

    Or maybe you just being sassy

    Yes if we join I will show you my bits. Many many times. If your in SW.

    Asking respectfully for account name and quad is not rude

    As I have shown my quad as it is and has been in all bar 1 server in 15 years.

    And my name and alliance is here in forum for all to see. I hide no where.

    Just looking for a good server and this looks like option

    We don't play s1 as SGR are friends



  • @brezz I remember when goats were playing com 1 that was a while ago, I guess your referring to cwl. Com 2 Best competitive server I've played for a while even when we were up against you and EFF now it seems to be an attractive option for other teams as sgr and vices killed com 1-with multis, teching and metas of meat with over 300-400 members with massive boredom. I'm sure you probably had ears there too.

    Ten left com 1 to join com 2, and some well known players from good teams have come to join in. I think Ten have overdid just quietly, with nearly 150 members and trying to buddy up to other quads almost as soon as the server started. No judgement Mist4 It's understandable seeing as that approach has won games before so seems to work well for you.

    I think max needed would be 2 wings but cwl could probably do it with one. Gunners could probably do it with one but there were some great active players in quad and Gow and everyone else were already having 2-wings or more so made sense we decided to keep a handful of the best the quad had to offer.

  • @[ cwl ] Brezzok nice to see you around. It's been a very long time since last time I played against you.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.


  • You quickly had a change of heart.

    What happened to the ultimate warriors??

    and you can say ''2 squads against us'', but gow is in the exact same situation. So are revs and ten, i dont see any confeds

    Hahaha man i think one of the reason you guys attacked them was cause of how hyped up they were, especially by Batman.

    Its pretty simple, even the attackers wont have as much def as they might need to stop your massive hammers batman, its either you attack or you try and snipe. Defending these massive hammers might be a bit difficult for any side as many have been chilling till now.

  • Hahaha man i think one of the reason you guys attacked them was cause of how hyped up they were, especially by Batman.

    Nothing for Gunners to be hyped about we are all noobs here :p

    I'm sure Gow and Gunners would both agree much more fun and engaging for our players to play this as a war game, this is not simcity or Farmville.

    Afterall what sort of test would it be for the ultimate warriors if we didn't have any God's here to fight against ?

    In breaking news, another splat from God's of war, this time junno mars losses hammer, also the level of sniping has seen a couple of players lose siege and pretty much out of action. Don't think it will be long before we catch one of gow's big ones but let's wait and see.

    Romy vs clubswingers x 8 cf's. Fresh off the press. Nice hammer romy but need more rams.


    A proper update will be issued soon and compiled for the ultimate warrior thread ;)

  • Cool! Really cool!

    Jack sparrow (gow) vs Goat (Gunners)

    Minimal demage + 4 follow up waves


    Logorit (gow) vs Goat (Gunners)


    Hats off to Gow for keeping the pressure on, it's been a fierce battle, Gow has been relentless in attacks and Gunners are proving there far from pushovers the war continues with costs starting to mount for both teams.

  • Time to close this thread i guess....

    Many .nl servers 🙅🏻‍♂️

    NoMercyy | comb | 2014

    msB |Winner of com2 | GUNNERZ | 2017/18

    msB | com3 | PP | 2018/19

    Nomercy | comx | IDTS | 2019 winter

    msB |Winner of com2 | TEN | 2019/20

  • Yeah makes their defeat that much more painfull.

    com7 (2017-2018) - Mist4 [TEN]
    com1 (2018-2019) - Mist4 [TEN]

    com1 (2019~) - All-Might [TEN]

    com2 (2019 - 2020) - Mist4 [TEN]
    PTP (2018-current) - Thot Patrol (the lost souls) [TM]


  • How is REVs having issues controlling SW? LOL

    Its a bit like saying GUNNERS have problems controlling NE just cause Phoenix is there aswell :P

  • I don't think brezzok mean that he will join this server. Most probably he will be here next server to join the fight if all of us decide to stick in com2.

    Of course REVs will dominate SW this server, but if there was a next server, then it might not be the case.