Nordics 1- round 1 - Victory speech

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  • Hello,

    I will try to go through all the craziness, which has been happening this server. It's been such an emotional server with lots of ups and downs. It was a server with bugs, deffing of farms, lots of bigger words thrown towards each others and a whole lot of other craziness as well, but lets slowly get into it all. If I forget something, I'm terribly sorry. It's been a long server.

    We began 30 ish players together off of a huge smack down on our last server, which caused us to have no bigger hopes of winning this server.
    As time went by, in the start of the server, we quickly realized, that we were among the stronger alliance on the server, which might have made us a bit cocky. We had a plan to start in NW (-,+) and try to create as much chaos as possible, with NO intentions to win. We quickly saw, that NW area wouldn't be so easily conquered. Another big alliance, FNS, had their eyes set on NW as well, which caused a bit back and fourth shooting between the two alliances. More time went by and FNS realized (I assume), they couldn't place their villages in NW and they quickly decided to settle elsewhere. Unfortunately, they were a bit late and they settled all over the map, which caused the alliance to fall and the players to go on their own in different alliances.

    We had the idea of taking no other people in and do it all ourselves, but we saw an opportunity in UKD, who were a small danish alliance in NW, who started a bit late. We did a vote on it, and all were excited about having them join us, which proved to be a really good choice, as they were a crucial part in our victory.

    The server settled down a bit, while everyone was building hammers for the artifact party to start. Danne96 from our alliance was, despite being a deff player, the first person to conquer an artifact. And that was even a unique artifact. It was the unique architect, which proved to be most valuable in our ww race.

    As the chaos of artifact battles settled down, we saw a quick opportunity to conquer a ww village. Just a week after artifacts had spawned, The Mad Titan, had the troops to almost single-handedly take down troops in ww village. Having this early ww village, made us about to build everything up easily before building plans would spawn.

    We could see, the server started to divide into 3 big alliances (Syndics, NSO and GODS) with a few minor rattling by (SIN, TKU and ELITE).

    We had this doubt, that people were using bots to farm with, which caused us to test it, by deffing a few natar villages up, in order to see if there were anything going on. This seemed to be a horrible idea, which caused the whole server to go against us alone. They were annoyed of the way we deffed farms and all attacked at the same time. I can say, those were a couple of rough and sleepless nights. But despite all that, we managed to come up on the other side, still alive. Barely.

    TKU later then decided to join Syndics and GODS joined SIN. This made it seem like a secure Syndics win (at least in my eyes). They were a lot more players and they were rising a lot more than the rest of our server.
    SIN and NSO quickly realized, we needed to play together, to get Syndics down.
    Through some great offensive plans at night (mainly from our off team in NSO), we managed to take down a lot of Syndics cleaners and hit their WW village right before spawn of building plans.

    When building plans spawned, Syndics was quick to take the first and 3 more for safety, while SIN and NSO only took one each, which was the only thing needed until world wonder reached level 50.
    When we attacked ww village right before spawn of building plans, Syndics had to build back up before starting their levels on world wonder, which made of a head start for both SIN and NSO.
    Syndics came together though and started to build as well.

    There were given a lot of hits on WW throughout the 3 alliances and we all went back and fourth.

    2 big offensive plans on our ww village stands out though.
    The first one, was Syndics attacking with all their cleaners, which bombed our Wonder into level 0 and destroyed a few big warehouses as well as taking down a whole lot of our deff. We were truly hit, but we stood tall. However, Syndics had lost ALL their wwc and wwr and were completely emptied for troops. This caused a lot of Syndics players to delete and congratulate NSO with the win.

    The congratulations was generous, however a bit premature.

    SIN had been building cleaners as well, and when a lot of Syndics players deleted, SIN took in a lot of those, who were left and still willing to keep fighting.

    The second offensive plan, was more recently.
    It was, as guessed, SIN attacking us with their cleaners. We had managed to build a whole lot of deff between Syndics attack and SIN attack, due to a lot of nice trainers and lots of activity, which made our defensive walls almost impossible to beat.
    However lot of big wwr and one big wwc, they managed to take down 20+ levels on our Wonder, which caused the race to be a lot closer between SIN and NSO.
    NSO still had some hammers left, so after we survived the hit from SIN, we knew, the server was basically over and we had won. We still had to keep our pants tight and finished it all, which we managed greatly.

    I would like to throw out a section of special thanks here in the end.

    First of all, thanks to our amazing deff team, which caused our WW-village to be near impossible to go through. They did amazing jobs of building up and helping when needed.
    Second, I would like to give special thanks to Superand and Romedinho, who coordinated some amazing offensive plans, which made our jobs a whole lot easier.
    I would like to thank 3 different deffers in particular. Danne96, Masto and Gribben. Those 3 were crucial in defending our ww village and all of our hotels and other artifacts.
    I would like to thank The Mad Titan, who were by far, the best offensive player in the server, who did so crazy much work for our alliance.
    And last, but not least, I would like to thank our WW-team. Kingo/G man, Ize, Superand, with help from DanisPride and The Mad Titan (both rick and morty), who helped super much in our building of the Wonder of the World. Especially Kingo/G man, who several nights stayed up, just to have the next level of the wonder start in just the right time, so we didn't lose ANY time at all.

    There might have been others, who I didn't thank yet, but I should let you know. You are all appreciated. Skade, Strofen, Dilheim, Coin, Plensou and all the rest, who helped in this AMAZING win.

    Thanks to you all!

    - Andersph