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  • Ridder Huma

    What happened to the phrase: "Tournament Finals have to be played under same circumstances as Qualifications"????????!!!!!!

    For that reason some earlier changes could not be implemented on finals server....

    And now you have invented this cash-cow it could be implemented????

    Looks to me like the circumstances on Finals have now changed in regard to Qualifications servers?

    So can all players have a 100% refund on gold invested?

    Even more stupid:

    When sending reinforcements...

    You have option to buy this lame thing called wave builder...

    I want to send defence when I tick reinforcement!!!!

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  • OK, I got it and I like it, much easier and less stressful than spamming the keyboard.

    I did notice one foible, I set up 2 attacks in 2 different tabs from one village because they were to be sent only seconds apart, the first went away smoothly but the second one did not launch at all, so I had to set it up again.

    The confirm button prior to purchase is there now and the dialog also displays a comprehensive help page but that info probably should be duplicated in FAQ's with a few examples of usage.