Travian: Legends is looking for Polish Community Manager & Customer Service Representative

  • Dear Community,

    We are currently looking for people who would like to join our team as Travian: Legends Poland Community Manager and Customer Service Representative.

    As Community Manager:

    • You work on developing the community, making it growing and more active
    • You act as a liaison between the players and the company
    • You monitor and moderate forum and report about players’ needs, wishes, ideas
    • You engage and entertain the community
    • You inform players about changes in the game, downtimes and other important news in due time
    • You help the company perform other community-related responsibilities
    • You might maintain a team of volunteers who can help you your tasks.

    As Customer Service Representative:

    • You provide customer support to our Travian: Legends players, helping them solve their issues and answer the questions about the game on daily basis.
    • You escalate player's issues and potential game bugs to the team
    • You take care of the knowledgebase/Answers with helpful information for the players
    • You provide regular feedback to your Team Lead


    • Good knowledge of Travian: Legends
    • Reliability, dedication, professionalism
    • High education (or last-course student)
    • Excellent written communication skills in Polish
    • Good written communication skills in English
    • Ability to organize your own work schedule
    • Plenty of customer service mentality and willingness to help our players
    • Previous experience in moderating online community is a plus

    If you are interested in this, please write an email in English with your application to so that we can get in touch.

    Your application should include the following information:

    • How old are you?
    • Do you have any experience with similar activities?
    • What’s your history in Travian: Legends?
    • Where do you play currently (nickname and server)?
    • Why do you want to become a Customer Service Representative?
    • Describe yourself!
    • Please also add a detailed CV about yourself

    Please note that every application which is not complete can't be considered. The minimum age for an applicant is 18.

  • Drodzy,

    Pora się pożegnać, jestem z Wami od maja 2013 roku, a od stycznia 2020 zastąpi mnie inna osoba.

    Ja chyba trochę się już "wypaliłam", może nowa osoba tchnie więcej energii w Traviana:Legends.

    Czas spędzony z Wami w grze, na forum i Skype był niesamowity, potraficie wywołać wszelkie możliwe emocje, od tych szczególnie pozytywnych po takie, do których musiałam odejść na jakiś czas od komputera :), ale te wspomnienia pozostaną dzięki temu na zawsze i zawsze będę wspominała Was z uśmiechem na twarzy. Mam nadzieję, że Wy również.

    Poznałam tutaj wiele wspaniałych osób, niektórych tylko online, ale z niektórymi udało nam się spotkać i pomimo mojego odejścia, te przyjaźnie pozostaną na zawsze.

    Będę za Wami bardzo tęskniła! <3

    Wiecie gdzie mnie szukać :)

    Chloe - Luiza