Travian Capital BONUSES over the account and extended queue list / gold cost?

  • Something i hate the most about Travian is the lack of improvement to players and make a more competitive ambient by buffing some stuff the same way time goes by.


    Should all buildings already built in your capital have a 50% time building reduction in your others villages.

    Whats does it means. If you have in your capital a level 20 main building

    in every village you have an additional time reduction (5% x level) in each one of your new villages, making a faster way to level up from 1 to 20.

    Apply the same to marketplace, and players have to choose if they prefer the extra 50% time reduction or having a slot for warehouse/granary in capital.

    Residence/Palace doesn't work

    QUEUE LIST after day 50


    from 2 simultaneous and 3 with plus -> 2 simultaneous, and 5 in queue (plus) .

    Germans / Gauls

    from 1 at the time and 2 with plus -> 1 at the time, and 3 in queue (plus).


    Instant function

    1 for each building (allowing finally to expend only 1 gold for instant 1 building)

    imagine romans with 7 buildings in queue, and paying 7 gold instant them, instant villages if you manage to move resources.

    germans/gauls with 5.

    Have nice Holidays ! :crop::crop::crop::item11::item11::item11::item12:


    Ts6 Skittles

    Ts4 Marcus Aurelius