Nomination: The Legend of 2019

  • We invite you to nominate players who achieved distinguished results in their building / offense / defense / coordination tactics. Defeated most enemies, built the biggest army or greatest empire ever. Been the most successful leader or coordinator.

    More information here: 🏆 Legends Awards 2019 🏆


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  • CATEGORY: The Legend of 2019

    PLAYER: Raskolnikov (forum name LukeHaines_COM )

    WHY: On com1 best defender of server, WW holder, he built a more than decent hammer too. Being the UD holder, he fed lot of alliance troops (both offense and defenses). His WW account was simply perfect and allowed us to feed average 15 millions troops without problems or starvation.

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what's puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    (Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones, ages ago)

    fnx wrote:

    I have to admit last year Villains played cleaner than us

  • Tournament
    I want to nominate ekaterina (promter) for her kindness, addiction, patience with her players, her outstanding willingness to do everything that is needed as leader, her ability to have an eye everywhere and her way to gather players and get them to work together beyond nationality.

  • I whant to nominate Hello16rus(strategy).

    I could nominate others but Hell is one of the best players that have played this game of ever.

    A great leader,great teacher,and great friend.

    As achievements the most relevant in 2019 beside others i think it was in where he conquer over 80 villages to adversaries.

  • strategic

    The player who managed to break the WW, what caused the first roll back of the finals 18/19



    Дорогие граждане, отсутствие у Вас секса не дает Вам права проводить половые акты с мозгами окружающих

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  • Categoria: Lenda de 2019. Jogador: Satans Porquê: grande estratega e líder, dedica-se de corpo e alma ao Travian. Sempre disponível para ajudar todos os membros da aliança que lidera.

  • Creating a village hub in the shape of a penis was amusing last year. Conquering 80+ villages is quite the achievement. However, The Legends award should recognise a genuine legend of the game, who's actions come from both within and outside the game.

    After the disappointing voting fiasco of last year, I'm going to nominate ELE (again) aka Pink ELEphant aka ChamELEon aka Cheng l Sao.

    Not only is she one of the best DCs in the game, she was the leader of TM who won three birthday special servers (RoA .com/F& anglosphere) in a row and is currently the leader of a new team, Bedlam, on Codex Victoria .com, fighting it out against the Russian Bears, Web along with THC.

    She has kept motivating a large group of players, experienced and novice, to come back and play year after year (despite all the usual TG frustrations).

    ELE was also one of the original players chosen to participate in the inaugural Legends Tour to Munich, where she asked the tough questions of TG and constantly updated the players from a players pov.

    She also continues to be a source of advice on the forums, assisting new and upcoming players on how to play the game.

    Hopefully this year, we can actually support a player who has given so much more to the broader Travian community than most.

    Vote ELE.

    aka Relentless
    aka Maniacs
    aka Monkey Nuts
    aka CrocodileHundee

    Unofficial Legend

  • Thanks Buli,

    if the likes are counted as votes then i have put my Vote for ELE. I have come back to Travian after almost 7 yrs to play the Codex server and from much of the time i was playing against Bedlam and was amazed around the rate at which the team was improvising. When i finally thought of hanging the boots as my alliance was breaking apart with majority of the players gone, i thought of talking to Bedlam team and the way they welcomed and supported me to play on was amazing.

    Travian to me was never about winning medals it was always about team work, support and precision. It is one of those games where you do not really know your team member much, you dont share many commonalities other than playing travian. What stands out is Leadership that can motivate people to stay together, support each other and walk on leaderships Guidance, and such leadership is delivered by words and supported by deeds. I am in complete agreement with you about ELE and her leadership.

    Thanks Buli for the nice write and wish many more will support ELE to be the recognized as the Legend of this year.

    Vote ELE


  • Unofficial Legend


    Is this your signature? :)

    "...If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken

    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools..."

    ~That's a fine looking high horse~

  • I have played since the very early days of this game and watched the game evolve. While the tactics change and game gets modified, one element never changes, the ability to provide a community and team home while the players go about their game. It requires enormous skill to manage 60 or so players and form not only a winning team but do it with such high integrity the entire team and opposition show respect. ELE of TM and currently Bedlam has done that not once but every server I have seen her play. As mentioned before 3 winning birthday servers is no small achievement. But doing it with a high level of integrity, ensuring the team runs clean and avoids those unsavory elements of ego players ( tech accounts, bots etc ) and putting in the workload is remarkable. Anyone can build large army's , and pour resources into the game, very very few command the respect of all players year after year and turn out winning teams.

    It is not so much what you do , but how you do it. Frankly I was gobsmacked a known travian legend was not given the recognition last year, that really needs fixing. Many of come back , as vets, because the way Ele plays and what she brings to the game. As for gameplay skills, we all know her defensive skills are almost certainly the best in the game, but it is all the background work that elevates her beyond just a good player. Time to recognize that. The Travian 'Hall of Fame' is currently missing a star. Vote ELE, Cheng l Sao etc

  • Dear Buli_COM and everyone else who wrote kind words and dropped a like, I really truly appreciate it, please have them coming :)

    However, after last year loss and, especially, the way voting was managed, any award will be stained for me. Not to mention in 2019 I really did not do much, had different priorities. This is personal, nothing wrong with award itself, but I don't want it. I will be upset if I get it. I withdraw my name from the list.

    There are people who deserve it for their 2019 achievements and some of them are named. My vote will go to LukeHaines_COM nominated by Cris. I fully endorse this nomination, if you planned to vote for me please vote for Luke.

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  • I nominate the following

    Team USA players

    Aka Team Chitter - 14k population account with a 714960 wheat consumption. Insane! #1 raiding account on sever 8 2019. No one raided more resources then this account.

    Aka The Quack Largest romen army 912837 wheat consumption

    Aka Team MameLovers Overall account was remarkably sound. Top 10 raiding weekly and top ten defensive weekly. Best Ghost hammer hits of the server

  • CATEGORY: The Legend of 2019

    PLAYER: MRAD(forum name MRAD )

    WHY: ON COM3 this player is over achiever really. Best Raider most of the weeks. Rank 1 Population Rank 1 Defense overall and Rank 2 Offense (amazing combo of results so far) He can be anything which is very rare.

    Population factor:  32 Villages in 25 weeks server life. Always been multiple villages ahead of others with a good 3-4K extra population than the closest 2nd, although his bird is dated 5 days late in the server

    Meaning most CPs gathering as well overall and most likely Daily as well.

    Defense factor: Number 1 defense achieved in stages not in a single defending occasion, meaning that he stands for himself and his teammates.

    Offence factor: Number 2 so far which is really good given that he is 1st on everything else on boards

    Remember this server is just running for 25 weeks.

    Attachments included.


  • The Legend of 2019 76

    1. Hello16rus (32) 42%
    2. Raskolnikov (16) 21%
    3. ekaterina (15) 20%
    4. ELE (10) 13%
    5. Chitter (1) 1%
    6. MameLovers (1) 1%
    7. MRAD (1) 1%
    8. The Quack (0) 0%

    The poll is open!

    The poll will be closed on January 19th at 09:00 UTC+0


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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  • Okay ... I have voted for Promter , till now the best leader i have seen , tactically

    but why Strategic isn't involved in the list ??/ he inst only deserve to be in the list but also deserve to win the poll , the legend of last year ^^ ,
    after him ... every meta followed the same bug ^^^^^^^^

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    COMQ 16 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 16 - Black Hammer
    COMX2 17 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 17/18 - BlackHammer
    DEX2 18 -
    Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS18/19 - Monster Machine
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  • CATEGORY: The Legend of 2019

    PLAYER: tranks From Aliance DC,

    WHY:Good leader, balanced personality, conciliator, easy to follow and respect. Reinforce any team.