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  • T4.5 will be rolled out soon, so if you have any question you can post them in this thread.

    Read more about the rollout of T4.5 here.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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  • Fixed spot for main building? Why? Don't try to hardcode limits on how we are able to build our own villages pls.

    Also it feels very rushed to implement the new UI on already started servers. Doesn't make any sense to "remake" the game in the middle of a round to me. Why not change it as new servers start? I imagine this change will lead to a whole lot of new bugs (something we already seem to have plenty off). I fail to see what good this will do

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  • The issue is they are maintaining two branches of code right now. If they keep servers at T4.4 they will have to continue to do that for ~7 months more or so until they all finish. They don't have the resources to continue patching both, doing annual special work, working on new features and working on additional code updates.

    "Fixed spot for main building" - What this refers to is the default location of the Main Building which is different in T4.5 than T4.4 (I really don't know why they did this but its done). In order to implement T4.5 they need to move the Main buildings. You would still be able to move the main building after if you so desired. Edit: I haven't been able to play on a T4.5 server yet so I was unaware of this (and would never have thought of it because it is absurd) but apparently the MB is now like the Rally Point i.e you cannot build a different building in its place. I've expressed the dissatisfaction to the Game Center about this.

  • I have only just started on a server with the new interface, oh boy it’s confusing...Can’t believe how many missclicks others and I are doing.

    People have also been complaining about not easily being able to see when new adventures spawn, due to it being so small and all the way at the top left corner.

    But we still have to look at the giant ugly spot the alliance name is taking up on the screen that is basically useless for most people.

    Further more, people are also not able to easily see which building is which, cause they all look way too similar. It has even come so far that one person have made a script to replace the new building graphics with the old one, and it would suck to get banned for something TG employees aren’t able to do, but something a person made possible in less than a day.

    And one of the most annoying things are those little pop-ups/hints that appear at the beginning of the game whenever you click on anything (I hope they disappear later in the game)

    I don’t need to know how a building works, especially since the pop-up is so bugged on phone that it block all other actions till I have clicked through all the tips.

    Great idea for beginners, but not for experienced players...And we can’t find the little light buln 💡 that usually turn off tips :(

  • LemBot

    Helps with pop-ups.

    You have just made my day become so much easier.

    Was getting tired of these... image0.png

    And yes, it does indeed say immigrants, blame google or blame TG for not enabling English on all domains.

    It should however be automatically disabled when the registered email has been used before, TG please fix.

  • New look is just that - new look. After playing a few months I got used to it and can recognize buildings even on multi-tribes account.

    MB placement is still to address even though most would never notice (there is designated MB spot in new layout, same as rally point).

  • So far I have only seen the short forum post about Travian 4.5.

    I have a few open questions (Im probably not up to date, sorry)

    1. Is it still possible to reinforce players outside of the own alliance/confeds? (Basically: Is spiking still going to be a thing?)

    2. From what I read sitting players is only possible in alliance/confeds, correct? (So no more sitter checks?)

    3. Beginners protection is 5 days and can be extended to 7 days?

  • Quote

    1. Is it still possible to reinforce players outside of the own alliance/confeds? (Basically: Is spiking still going to be a thing?)

    thats already not possible anymore in newer servers


    2. From what I read sitting players is only possible in alliance/confeds, correct? (So no more sitter checks?)



    3. Beginners protection is 5 days and can be extended to 7 days?

    wasnt it always like this on 1x?

  • I can't see any need or purpose of having a fixed spot for main building !!

    There are a lot of suggestions and ideas that you should be working on instead of this!

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  • Starting T4.5, travian will lose more player... lets see

    -Sitter system is pretty bad, and getting worse with the new system... We cant check ppl who want to join ally

    -some ppl still got banned bcs of sitter abuse, which is they dont do any sh*t. That MH who ban carelessly only said sorry after he ban for 2 days.

    -i see MH ban someone for pushing resources too much, so why dont you delete market building from the game if we cant send ress to someone? when i see the reason, it said "Etc"... kind of stupid, then just write new rule "NO CFR ALLOWED". After some talks on ticket, he sounds like MH decision is absolut, so why there is any ticket feature? player cant complain if the MH do something wrong. That's messed up, why the he*l TG should pick MH like he is

    -A lot of ppl dont like the new building interface, and etc. It will make us harder to play.

    Travian, please focus onmake this game better. No need to make useless feature....

    Well, i think TG is run out of idea to make this game better....

    i hope all player can give them some advice for the game


  • 1. build training alliance in meta

    2. it is not t4.5 but other decision to use new system

    3. it is crap indeed, mh who does not know ingame mechanics. like diseases they have been and will be here for eternity

    4. take some time to adapt. it is not that hard after 1-2 weeks

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