Global rollout of version 4.5 - Discussion thread

  • Adding my voice to the chorus unhappy with:

    1) All the buildings now look the same as each other

    2) The drab colors

    3) The main building moving (not cool)

    4) The main building not being replacable

    Previously, the buildings had a charming quality to them. Now it's all drab and cold.

    Also, the graphics are messed up depending on your zoom size. At 90%, 100%, and 110% in Firefox I get lines in building dialogs (and also the "add a new building" dialog) that look like this:

    My preferred zoom size in Firefox is 100% (my Windows 10 is set to 125% DPI) so removing the lines by zooming down to 80% is way too small and up to 120% is way too big. It's usable at 100% but it really drives home the point that this update wasn't vetted properly.

  • Yes, the game is optimized for Chrome only. Unfortunately.

    Firefox reports an error :

    This page uses the non standard property “zoom”. Consider using calc() in the relevant property values, or using “transform” along with “transform-origin: 0 0”. dorf1.php

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  • Is there any chance we'll get the ability to move buildings for free?

    My cluster is currently 13 villages, going for 16, but I care about my village layouts and the main building moving has messed them all up. So the plan is to demolish and rebuild all 13 villages to a new layout I haven't settled on yet, while building the next 3 villages correctly from the start.

    If there's a chance we can get a feature to re-arrange our buildings for free, I'd rather not go through the laborious process of demolishing and rebuilding every building on my entire account.

    Is there even a remote possibility, or is it a hard no?

  • Ive heard its a hell no. Word is that would require huge coding rewrites. We all know what happens when they rewrite code....they break 3 other things.

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  • Alrighty lets break down the new design a bit.

    I hope it will work (but I doubt it): the new graphics are really horrendous<X. At least as far as Teutons are concerned, only brown was used for all the infrastructures and nothing really stands out. (similar situation is the Roman's buildings)

    This is probably the most major issue we have right now, Teutons are suffering more than most because of the colors/textures chosen for their buildings. While I can guess the motivation behind it was to portray the nature of Teutons with everything made of wood so it can be rebuilt easier, the choice of colors really makes it hard to look at and appreciate. This is where Romans and Gauls do better, taking a quick look over a Roman or Gaul account you'll be met with a pleasant sight, the buildings look good and the colors have a bit more of a pop to them than Teuts.

    But this is also where we run into a second problem, one that anyone who has taken more than just a "quick look" will notice. It is very hard to tell buildings apart right now. While I am a fan of the red/white color scheme used for romans, it does leave much to be desired. The main selling point for the old UI over this one was the amount of color in it. Lets take residence as a quick example here. Almost everyone knows what a residence looks like in terms of both shape and color, so whether you're looking into a Gaul account or a Teuton, on phone or on PC, it wouldn't take you more than a couple of seconds to find it. With this new UI though, everything follows the same color scheme, and the same general "shape", making it quite harder to differentiate buildings.

    This is where we get a bit of a trade off, the new uniform look villages have with the new UI does have a bit of charm to it that i can get behind, but at the same time it impacts one of the core elements of gameplay making it much harder to tell which building is which. This may not be much of a problem for people who follow a very specific blueprint for their building placement, but it can start to get tricky once you factor in sitter accounts and chiefed villages. Everything just devolves into a jumbled mess of color very fast.

    I think the simplest solution here is to add more color overall. This way each building can have a unique look of it's own without a major change to the new shapes. And while this will affect the overall village aesthetic, sometimes it doesn't have to be pretty, it just need to be practical

    One other complaint is the new font. There isn't much to be said there, it's just too sharp, especially since everything written in it is capitallized.

  • I gathered the opinions in GoW alliance, but I think I might be speaking for the whole server.

    Everyone wants it to be changed back at first sight, but I think the update has quite some pros that are now overlooked by the bad design of the buildings. The idea was to get rid of the fantasy look and go for a more realistic look. It looks like a rip off Tribal Wars now, which cant be the idea the designers had. I think the best design lays somewhere inbetween this old fantasy and new realistic look. So lets start with the good things so they are not overshadowed again, since they really are some smart extra's


    - The new notifications when on the top bar when you've completed a daily quest.

    - The light outline/highlight on resource fields when you hover over them.

    - The convenient "send troops from hero's home village" button next to the hero.

    - Hero icon on top, so we dont have to scroll down so much for links.

    - Ingame wavebuilder

    - New design of link list and village list

    - Differences per tribe in design

    - Party queues!


    - Similar looking buildings, cant tell what is what

    - Buildings 'look like shit', so there need to be more colours and life. The old buildings had a lot yellow for roofs.

    - The difference between building designs per tribe are too big. Should use somewhat the same building with different building styles per tribe, but dont change the entire way of how the building looks for common buildings like warehouses. Palace is okay to look very different per tribe although

    - Bug in sending attacks or raids. Sometimes it doesnt send when you click it.

    - Need to increase the contrast between background and text. bit hard to notice resource number right now.

    - people dont like the new placement of their buildings. PLEASE make an option to drag buildings in the right spot. This way chiefed villages can be reorganised. Your players with OCD will love you for this.

    Thank you for reading and possibly understanding our thoughts on the update. We would really love some quick changes before we start losing players over this update. Good luck to the Travian team to make update 4.6 ASAP.

  • Other than being ugly, it's working fine? Any bugs? Major issues with the game itself?

    I understand that this kind of change can be upsetting. I'd be annoyed as hell to see my villages change over night. After weeks or months even, some actions are automatic and this messess it up. But I'm trying to understan this move from TG. Did we get anything in terms of game stability?

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  • - people dont like the new placement of their buildings. PLEASE make an option to drag buildings in the right spot. This way chiefed villages can be reorganised. Your players with OCD will love you for this.

    Image same second drag and drops. You drag a building in the second of the attack, and the replace gets destroyed :))

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  • WTF?

    THE upgrade is a DOWNGRADE!

    Sucks terribly!...

    Piece of CRAP!

    Graphics from com 1.3 to present... steady decline. From graciously funny commic style to the present... slowly approaching realist tendencies that suck! Better play, play something else!

    Dutchies'n to uber always???

    Players get no respect!

    I can forsee BIG migration...

  • Yeah, this update has lost me as a player. Not that I was a big spender by any means, but I did buy gold earlier this round and was about to again, but no. As I just told my allies:

    "Yeah I'm out, sadly. It's a combination of things. First, my eyes have been going bad for a couple years now, and the wavy lines cause physical discomfort. Second, the changed village layout is unacceptable; if I kept playing I would absolutely re-arrange all my villages, but that is such a daunting prospect I don't even want to start. And third, I'm about to run out of gold and can't in good conscience reward the developers for this travesty of an update. I'm just done."

  • I'll add one more thing I like (assuming the blog post is accurate).
    Sitters being confined to your alliance or confeds.

  • Image same second drag and drops. You drag a building in the second of the attack, and the replace gets destroyed :))

    Attacks target building types, not locations, so I don't see how quickly swapping them around in between waves would have any effect.

  • This update makes playing the game just not fun anymore. I hate the new building designs, not being able to quickly ID which building is which is just terrible.

    I don't know if I am even going to finish out the server I'm on now.

  • Treasury Chamber is the most underwhelming building, for a building that is supposed to hold an artifact it just looks small and simple, would actually be nice if lvl10 treasury and lvl20 treasury looked diferent cause instead of holding a small artifact you are holding a large/unique one but thats probably asking too much. Still treasury chamber building design should be completely reworked atm, old one looked better then this new one.

  • Stable is the only thing that i can recognize :)) thanks to horses

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  • I'll add one more thing I like (assuming the blog post is accurate).
    Sitters being confined to your alliance or confeds.

    Just encourages more TOR use imo.

    Not condoning it or saying people should use it, but those that do will still have access to their spy accounts.

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