Global rollout of version 4.5 - Discussion thread

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  • Dear community,

    In this thread you can discuss and ask questions about the global rollout of version 4.5.

    Read more about version 4.5 here.

    Your Travian: Legends team

  • I noticed there is no mention of 5 tribes. Will that ever be implemented on Normal speed WW servers?
    (I fully understand that that would not be possible for servers that are already running)

  • Will that ever be implemented on Normal speed WW servers?

    Under consideration. The discussions with the Game Center have stalled (on this topic and others) for a variety of reasons but with the holidays over and a couple other things being resolved soon I think this topic and others will get under serious discussion again.

    Former Anglosphere Ambassador 2019-2020

  • To the one who touches this!

    Now found out that you should introduce 4.5 to my server. I just want to tell you my opinion of 4.5.

    The new graphics are ugly and make the gaming experience unpleasant. The buildings are confusing and just too similar. The new graphics make me think about stopping playing.

    The graphic looks to be drawn by a child. There is nothing nice about the new graphics. I require you to stop 4.5 and never put it on any server!

    During my armor I wear a corset.

    Has completed 67 slow servers. Currently playing server 68. Proof? Here Is it a world record?

    All spelling errors are due to dyslexia and a brain injury. Learn to live with it because I will not change it.

  • Question:

    Is it even possible to fill all spots without a main building - I did not think you could build anything without one - thus how do you fill the last spot?
    If spot “A” (the new spot of all Main Buildings in T4.5) is occupied by another building, and there is no Main Building in the village, and all spots are used, nothing happens. The village stays as it is.

  • Yeah.

    There are some buildings that require a main building to be built but others that do not.

    Most people, when their capital is complete, will chose to replace the main building with a great granary by demolishing the flour mill.

    if you check the travian answers section it will tell you the requirements for each building.

  • What have you done?

    I cannot get rid of the thing telling me the auction is open, I don't recognise the buildings and they are in the wrong place, I like them where I put them.

    Well done for trying, but its awful

  • They should give players the option to switch to the old graphics pack.

    This GP is awful, which ever developer thought this was a good idea, he needs sacking.

    If something works, dont mess with it. Congrats to TG, finding ways to lose as many players in its player base as possible year in year out.

    Ever since T4 was introduced the game has been nose diving to closure.

  • Hello,

    To get rid of the help text, please go to your settings and check this box and save:


    I will forward the feedback given to us in this thread to the developers.


  • So, why can we only queue 1 party if the update announcement said we can queue parties (multiple). Oh, it looks awful btw, but you guys already knew that judging by the other responses in this thread.

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...

    maybe you can hire The SPIKE-Team:

    *The only type of payment we accept is salt, terms and conditions apply**

    **SPIKE-Team reserves the right to dissolve and disperse from a server at any given time, a refusal to uphold the buyers terms of service will result in an immediate enactment of such or similar procedures. We can not be held responsible for any emotional grief caused.

  • Have your say on the latest update with this cross-forum poll.

    There are a whole host of issues with this which I've logged in game. Some of them admittedly are my personal preference but there are clear usability issues as well.

    I've advocated for regular updates in the past, including updates the user interface. But I'm afraid my goodwill has finally run dry with this latest one. What on earth were they thinking?



  • i had sworn off the forums, but this just had to be said.

    To the Game Center;

    Congrats on completing the rollout to 4.5 without major operational issues and under the estimated time frame. You totally ruined the betting pool on having to do a server rollback, to fix all the glitches.

    Overall, the T4.5 graphics just suck. N

    -The overall color palette is dark and brown. It looks like a low rent, govt building that the purchasing dept got a helluva deal on mud brown paint and figured they could use it everywhere and pocket the savings.

    -The buildings are impossible to distinguish from each other. Instead of levels, we need labels!


    Since this is the final set of servers to get the 4 5 version, I'm sure you've heard all this before, and in typical TG fashion, dont want feedback and dont give a poop. (Maybe you dont have any left to give, after all you used on the game graphics?)


    Blackblade wrote:

    and yet everyone seems to love her..It remains to be seen if this is out of fear and indoctrination or actual love

    Scarecrow wrote:

    a bit of both, really

    Clash wrote:

    When those guys with hug-me coats show up, you go have to be NUTS to run this bunch

    us1 - SIO Win

    us4 - SIO Win
    us3 - FWB Win

  • My buildings are all over the place in no coherent order now - to fix this please add a Drag and drop function for village re-organization.

    S1R3: Silentium / TheSteelCurtain - DSP

    S1R4: The Godfather - TRU
    S1R5: Tyler Durden - HB S1R11: Trollercoaster(*FU)

    S4R2: Sleaze - WP BOHICA
    S4R3: Dusty Bottoms - RED

    S4R?: Masty - Bo!nk!

  • All my buildings look the same, WTF, please keep the old buildings or at least allow custom GFX to choose the old buildings, res fields are fine.

    Makes me want to delete...