Global rollout of version 4.5 - Discussion thread

  • I long for the days when you could replace the official graphics with your own as there were a range of great skins available. (Yes, I have been playing that long.) Now, all my buildings look the same shade of brown and the only way to tell them apart on the phone is to open the the building and see if it is the one you want. Really limits game play.

    As far as the rest of the "design" is concerned, it is far too busy and takes the focus away from the game. What was a clean, focused look has become cluttered and busy. I don't understand the reasons for rearranging the buildings in the village. These seems an unnecessary change.

    There may have been improvements in the game play, but I'm not sure that I care enough to find out, or buy more gold. I'll probably throw my troops at a plan capture, hand it to my alliance and delete. I'll see how it looks on my iPad tonight.

  • Hello travian team,

    Im writing in hope that my message will reach the travian development team. I want to give my feedback to the work they’ve done recently, and sadly, is a very poor one. Specially, i would like here to point out the contribution of the design team and the Product Owner for accepting the design on the new version.

    We would like to request a patch with a button/option to be able to use the old, nice design. We would be glad to play the game more, and as you can see, some of us are investing quite some money into it, probably hundreds of euros. A large part of the travian community will probably stop playing the game if the design is kept for long.

    Thank you

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

  • Thanks for expressing our opinion in few words. They should add an option to switch to old interface.

    They are just helping us to delete now and stop wasting our money on this game.

  • one word... WTF

    what feedback to give, i still hope to wakeup and to be just and dream... sucks.


    that’s three words:popcorn:

    But yeah, didn’t know April fools had moved to January,

    Can we get a serious rain check on this fgs

  • Dear Developers,

    Can I politely ask what the heck you did with the design??? All the buildings have the same brown colour with minimal design differences. Even with some getting used to, I won't be able to tell which building is which. I honestly just want to delete. Do you expect me to make a link to every single building in the link list to make sure I can find it???

  • the biggest shit you have done lately,insert a new version on running server is a big mistake,you will lose a lot of players because of this and i`m one of them.

    in next few days most travian servers will go down on numbers.


  • that’s three words:popcorn:

    But yeah, didn’t know April fools had moved to January,

    Can we get a serious rain check on this fgs

    correct:D there are 3:D ...lets keep than it to F word...only one that can expres this.

    if this is normal... and i cant rezolve it on firefox,than is great.


    EDIT: II asked MH if they resolve bugs from previos version, or we have new color and same shit.Maybe this was purpose, all to go blind, and not to see their bugs:D


    OCD people would be anxious with any change, good or bad.

    Somehow we all, including severe OCD cases, got used to it in a couple weeks. No one needed to demolish MB though as storage is not an issue on codex. This is the only real problem and would be nice, for once hear the reason. Stellamini