Global rollout of version 4.5 - Discussion thread

  • For clarification: Every tribe recieved their own building design, so every roman, gaul and teut have their own buildings for whatever thing.

    Example: I understand why teuts are complaining, since it is bland and all in 1 color and cant see anything, while romans look nice (my personal opinion):

  • Please put it back to the old version, this new one is terrible, you have moved most of my buildings, I don't know which building is which now. I had all my buildings in the same spot in each village, they aren't anymore. The information boxes on the side are far too big so is that box on the top. If you have to, get new designers who can do a good job. Each update since T3 has got worse and worse. No wonder so many people aren't playing anymore. Merging the UK, US, Aus and whatever other server was a bad move, this update is worse.

  • Arghhh, all my carefully laid out villages have been messed around with, the roads are different.

    *eg My sawmill, foundy, brickyard , mill and bakeries were all together, now they are not.


    Even if you want to change the graphics those were needless changes, idiots.

  • Travian now feels super laggy on my phone (especially when zooming out/in) is this just me and my cheap phone (didn't lag much at all previously).

    I used to have a bunch of reports, but they no longer exist. Just believe me when I say I used to have a 500k anvil, a rammer with 20k+ rams and a WWk with 15k+ cats. Oh - I also accidentally sent 25k phals and 25k druids to attack the WW of my ally when trying to rein it. (P.S. Some of these claims may/may not have been slightly embellished!)

    "And firstly I have never met anyone but you that can play a whole server without buying gold" Ben (happy) 13/2/18

  • I've been crying over my Roman account and my gauls account but I got a total shock over my tutan account here at anglo. I was appalled. Got anxious and started crying. It feels like I'm logging into hell when I log in to a tutan acc. I really don't want to play anymore. I don't think that's how you want your customers to feel. After watching Tutan I have decided I will quit but travian career. with 65 played accounts I will never again make that new account. Thanks for 12 years of wonderful memories but this is enough.

  • Also sitters can't switch this stupid help off that obscures one of the buildings, one guy I am sitting is away for another week so I'm stuck with it.

    Default to OFF please.

    And how the hell do red/green colourblind people see the resource bars properly? Does the red and black text look sufficiently different?

  • Same issues as others. Buildings shifted and it is difficult to tell what is what. All of them look the same dim brown. Just a mush of dim brown. My villagers have gone into a deep depression where they were once joyful.

  • If you go to the auction screen and through the prompts (arrows will appear on future boxes), you can clear it.

    You cant go to auctions as a sitter tho, that is his problem. Also cant go to the settings. Only account owner can get it of it.

  • afternoon...


    wth is going on... why have they changed the layout? all my buildings have moved..

    PLEASE make it possible to change it back?... or just change it back!

  • I haven't bothered with the forums for more than 10 years but ..

    I'm afraid the Teuts new theme is shades of sh*t, metaphorically and colour wise

    I am sure I could learn the new buildings if I spent some time doing it. But to be honest I can't be bothered

    I'm going to bork on the arties tommorrow then delete

  • Is the crop negative? Is it positive? Who knows, because this layout makes me feel like im colorblind or smth...

    I hadn't noticed but that's a good point. I'm pretty sure they have changed the size of the storage displays too, since it's a lot more difficult to tell from a passing glance how full (or empty) storage is. I don't want to have to keep checking my village overview every time I'm checking my account. Possibly less of an issue on 1x servers.


    THIS ^