Trade Office Bonus Rework

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  • with the new alliance's merchant capacity bonus, trade office's merchant capacity bonuses are becoming less special and unique. Here is some facts: -

    -The maximum (level 5) Alliance's Commerce bonus is x150% of merchant's capacity

    -The maximum increase in merchant's capacity at level 20 Trade Office (+20or40%/level) are: -

    -Gaul: 750 + 400% = 3750

    -Teuton: 1000 + 400% = 5000

    -Roman: 500 + 800% = 4500

    -Other merchant difference by races is travelling speed (field/hour).

    - Gaul: 24

    - Teuton: 12

    - Roman: 16

    Therefore, in my opinion, trade office should be made to not only increase the merchant's capacity, but to balance out all the merchant differences of all races, by increasing the capacity and the speed of the merchant at such on level 20 Trade office all race have merchants with 6000 capacities and speed of 30 field/hour.

    New Trade Office bonus

    (level 20 = 6000 capacity, 30f/hr speed)

    Gaul: -

    Capacity: +262.5 (+35%) per level

    Speed: +0.3 (+1.25%) per level

    Teuton: -

    Capacity: +250 (+25%) per level

    Speed: +0.9 (+7.5%) per level

    Roman: -

    Capacity: +275 (+55%) per level

    Speed: +0.7 (+4.375%) per level

    Why should trade office bonus balance?

    Because when trading i want my merchant to have equal capacity and speed with my trading partners.

    Any Questions? Can ask here:)

    p/s - please let me know if there is any typo or miscalculation.

    p/p/s - all inputs are based on 2019 T4 1x speed server, taken in Travian Answers.

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  • The whole point of different tribes is to have different characteristics, so why "balance" things out when it was never meant to be the same in the first place?

    It already is fine and balanced at the moment.

    Gauls: Lot of speed, mediocre capacity

    Teuts: Low speed, large capacity

    Romans: Mediocre speed, low capacity (Trade office percentage bonus is doubled however, so it evens out)

    However you put trading, either you send less merchants at a low speed or more merchants at a high speed.

    Your idea would basically just end up just increasing the speed and capacity of trading, which could also be a bad thing.


    - Gaul: 24/h at 3750

    - Teuton: 12/h at 5000

    - Roman: 16/h 4500


    All tribes: 30/h at 6000

    Don't you think that it might just be a little overkill to carry as much at such speed?

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  • i agreed that my proposal of 6000res at 30/hr is overkill. But it is just an example. My point is i want that the trade office at lvl 20 provide the same capacity and speed to all races. There is no harm for that. I dont think many ppl would like to focus on trade office lvl 20 on every village. In fact every race got something good from this, i.e gaul got super capacity boost, teuton super speed boost, roman balance capacity n speed boost. There is no imbalance in early game phase as no one going to focus on lvl 20 trading. While in the late game, it will boost resource transfer to WW, hence more challenging game. It may benefit all the off, def and sims players too.