Auction Rework

  • I got some ideas to improve Auctions

    1) Private Alliance Auctions.

    When choosing items to sell, add a tick button to allow people from the same ally &/ confed only to buy. To make it more apparent, add a new tab for alliance auction and a logo next to the item.

    To make it more interesting, this system can only be unlocked when ally has a minimum of 1 level bonus unlocked etc. and base price are increased, the more ally bonuses unlocked, the more items can be auctioned at a time and the cheaper base price.

    2. Long or Fast Auction

    Make a button to double or half the auction time. You need to pay a lil bit fee for this.

    3. Edit or cancel Auction

    Allow the user to edit/cancel auction while there is no one bidding. Or add time to prolong your not so successful yet auctioned item.

    4. Auction limit

    Prevent item conquering. Each account has certain limit on how much bidded item they can have of the same category at a time. I.e - You can only bid to 5 auctioned ointments/right hand items at a time.

    5. Auction medal

    Why not!

    6. Exchange Office can trade resources to silver.

    You can trade 1000 of each resources combined for 4 silver coin with limits of 10 transaction/day.