• I am playing Comx Server with a friend, And we are searching for Dual(s). 4 weeks already over, and there are 2 weeks to Artefacts. It is a Teuton Account, we are top 100, with a 15c - 150%. We need someone to send out farmlists, and fill in the hours we are unable to cover, also co-run the account with us. for more details on the account be free to hit me up.

    Thunder Leon (comx 2018) :teu01: . KashY07 (ts20 2019) :hun02:

    Zeus_Ares (comx 2019) :teu01: . Aphrodite (comx 2019) :rom03:

    Tintin Birdy (anglox 2020) :teu01: . Snow Queen (comx 2020) :teu01:

    Storm Pooper (TT Euro Quali 2020) :hun02: . Pooper Returns (TT Finals 2021) :teu01: