Aliance suggestions

  • Hi

    I don't know if the following suggestions have been made before, but anyways here are 2 that i think could be useful for leading ally.

    #1 Bonus

    Basically leader of aliance has full view of donations of all member not only top 5 of all time and week, same as now just 60 member instead of 5. I think its good if u are leading newly formed alliance so u can see who is teamplayer and who is not.

    #2 Troops

    Similar to troop tool on GT. I know we have gt for this, but not every member updates everytime.

    Only leader and someone he selects can see info, but only all army combined not army of single vilage. There there could alse be option for player to not share troop numbers. And to make it a bit more useful for travian team, i don't know cost like 20 gold for the leader and then 10 for somone he chooses for server duration.

    #3 Forum

    I don't think a lot of people are using it, there are better alternatives (skype/discord), so probably change it to something more useful.

    If anyone has more suggestions or wants to discus my suggestions, please do respond.