New Equipments for Hero

  • My suggestion is a little bit complex compared to the current available equipment, so please be patient.

    The current game has 6 equipment slots + 1 consumable slot for hero, which are: -

    • Right hand items
    • Left hand items
    • Helmets
    • Armour
    • Boots
    • Mounts
    • Consumables

    My suggestion is to add 1 more slot called 'Backpack'. And you can get your first backpack from tutorial/task after completed the certain number of adventures (i.e. 15 adventure) (you get to choose any tier 1 bag). The backpack came with general pros and cons bonus, which are:-

    • PROS: Allow equipment changing (Except for backpack) when not in Home Village.
    • CONS: Movement speed Reduction (Tier 1: -2| Tier 2: -1| Tier 3: -0)

    There are (for now) 4 type of backpack and each has 3 tiers.

    1) Medical Bag (Mini Medical Bag/ Compact Medical Bag/ Super Medical Bag)

    Bonus: -

    • Healing Effect: +10/15/20 HP /day
    • Additional Effect: (Add 1 additional consumable slot exclusively for either ointment, small bandages or bandages) OR (double equipped small bandage or Bandages effect)

    2) Cargo Bag (Mini Cargo Bag/ Compact Cargo Bag/ Super Cargo Bag)

    Bonus: -

    • Hero can carry looted resources. +250/1000/4000 per resources.
    • Combo Effect: Double the plunder bonus from left hand's bag (Pouch-10%/Bag-15%/Sack-20% of the thief)

    3) Command Bag (Mini Command Bag/ Compact Command Bag/ Super Command Bag)

    Bonus: -

    • Effect: Change direction of hero's destination. Description: You can edit your hero and its party direction. You can do so at the hero's home village's rally point. You can ONLY Edit command ONCE (but you can still use return home anytime). You CANNOT go to the same village twice. The available commands: -
      • RETURN HOME: when choosing this command, the hero's party will abort its target and return home first.
      • ADD ATTACK DESTINATION: add second attack destination before going home. Unfortunately you cannot change the initial command, meaning, you cannot reinforce somebody else if your initial command when sending out troops from home village is attack, and if you sent out a raid attack, the second command will also be a raid attack.
      • ADD REINFORCEMENT DESTINATION: You can send next reinforcement destination when your troop party already arrived in the first reinforcement village.
    • Command relay delay: +20/10/2min. (add delay duration when return home, or when going for second destination only.)
    • Combo Bonus: command relay delay duration is halved when equipped together with left hand's map.

    4) Builder Bag (Mini Builder Bag/ Compact Builder Bag/ Super Builder Bag)

    • Effect: Reduce Building Construction Duration and Training time in Workshop by 10/15/20%
    • Combo Effect: Increase building durability when equipped with left hand's shield by +100%

    Other items: -

    1) Sprint boot (Jogger Boots/ Runner Boots/ Sprinter Boots)

    • Effect: +3/4/5 fields per hour speed for UNMOUNTED hero.

    Thats all, thank you for reading this.:*:S

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