Cooldown of changing capital

  • Hi, I wanted to know if there is a cooldown for a player changing his capital. I am trying to conquer a villa but they keep changing capital to the village I attack.

  • There's no cooldown, but there's a couple of things you can try to work around it.

    • Chief while the player is offline (sounds like you're probably close to the guy so, should be possible if you can figure out his offline timing, and attack at what might be an inconvenient time for you too).
    • Chief two villages at the same time, so he can't swap in between.
    • Send a fake chiefing attempt on a non-cap village, but a real chiefing on the capital - he might think the attacks on capital are fakes, or not a chiefing, and swap the capital away from it.
  • Thank you for the response. You are right one village is quite close and his other cluster isn't as close but not too far either, so I think I can try it when they are offline.

    If I go for fakes, should I make them land same second on both villas as well so he has to pick one?

    I can also try to coordinate with close ally members to help with fakes then.

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  • Probably just destroy main building first so he can not move his caps. always spy on the village.

    If you fail then just zp that vilage.:S


    Final Turnamen 2020 dimulai 17.11.2020