2020 Alternative Birthday Server

  • Charge $100 entry.

    Each account gets 2000 Gold and 10,000 Silver to last all server.

    Artefacts also need a make over to reflect the regional/VP aspect.

    VP Hourly :- Gain 1%,2%,3%,5% of current VP per hour

    VP Liberator 10/20/50/100 :- Troops from villages activating this artefact 'Liberate' VP from the enemy's current total

    VP Black Hole :- Enemy lose 1%,2%,3%,5% of current VP per hour,chosen through a drop down.

    VP EOME +2%,+4%,+6%,+10% :- Holder nominates an Alliance to gain a Regional % increase.

    These 4 Artefacts are 'Capturable',movable.