New tribe balancing (huns&egypts)

  • Hi!

    So I am currently playing TT Finals with Huns and my close friend chose the Egyptians. I´ve received some experience with both tribes and can tell there are some balancing to be made. Ofcourse it is your own choise to play any tribe and you could always choose the "better one" but imo having useless underpowered tribes is just plain stupid.

    Okey so... The big thing with egyptians is obviously their unique building waterworks. A building that is pretty useless in many cases but in experienced hands gives so much profit for little cost. Egyptian capital (15c lvl 19 crops) with 150% oase bonus produce over 150k more cereal/h on 2xserver than any other tribe with similar cropper. The difference is huge and allows you to build and sustain much larger armies than any other tribe. Also you can build it in every village for even more production benefit. There is no doubt that it is stupid op but I still like it tho!8| But for having such a huge advantage there should be some heavy cost on other things but is there?

    Egyptian troops are a bit expensive and slow to train excluding slave militia. However in general they are crop efficient so it will pay back eventually. With quick look it may seem that playing offensive is hard with egyptians but actually that is not true at all. Maybe you cant build the biggest wwk but having increased production allows you to build multiple hammers for operational purposes. As a defensive tribe egyptians are just superior to anything else (if you are experienced and have gold). Well there is no good croppers avaiable for everyone but luckily egyptian heroes have increased production so you can beat your neighbours in settler race. And because the tribe is not strong enough someone decided to give them overpowered wall aswell:/

    I chose huns just for fun. I didnt expect them to be good and certainly they are not. Having no or having bad defence units is not a big issue for me because I knew I have my egyptian friend stacking huge def armies ready to defend my ass. Problem is that you just gain nothing or very slight advantages for it. One thing huns are good for is raiding for sure. mercenary are like clubs just slightly worse and any cavalry unit can be used for efficient raiding. Huns are maybe the best farming tribe but it can be done on other tribes aswell so it is not that big of a deal. Steppe is also the best ghost unit in game which kinda made gauls and TTs even worse than they were. As a offensive tribe huns are good but just cant compete with teutons. As a defensive tribe huns are probably the worst and oh good is that wall disaster. Is it made out of paper or what?;(The unique building is kinda nice and allows you to get 6 chiefs easier but imo it is just better to rely on friends for those +3 chiefs.

    So how to fix things..


    - nerf egyptian wall ( make it have slightly better durability than roman wall and keep the def% same.)

    - make settlers more expensive (to balance that hero production)

    - egyptian def units 5% more expensive to train

    - waterworks need lvl 20 hero´s mansion as a requirement


    - buff wall (just copy teuton wall or make it slightly weaker)

    - raise attack power of bowman to 55 or 60 but make training time longer so the produced attack power stays similar.

    - reduce speed of bowman to 5 (to match with logades for chief fakes)

    - complete rework of bowmaster (it is too similar with steppe atm) for example reduce speed to 14, reduce attack power to 80 and raise both def to 85. Unit can be made a bit more expensive or cheaper to balance things out.

    Feel free to bash me if you think my suggestions are horse shit and tell your own opinions:saint:


  • and btw... On TT Finals 27.4% of players chose egyptians and only 4.1% chose huns so clearly vast majority agrees with me that huns are not that great at all.

  • I have played Egyptians a lot myself on specials. They are OP, and they are also funny to play due to the extreme production. Its also nice being one of the richest accounts on a server without having to farm all round. I don't see the reason why so many choose other def tribes. IMO 80% of deffers should play Egyptians right now, and just have some teutons def in team also to add some anti cavalry to the team who are stored in Egyptian capitals so we don't need to "waste" to many def accounts on other tribes. Fact is that right now its a waste of resources to give a good cropper to any other tribe than Egyptians.

    Your suggestions for balance is pretty good. It would have been cooler if Huns had slightly higher CP production than other tribes as their buff. They are supposed to chief a lot so it makes sense. Im thinking 20% but it only start affecting after second village is founded.

    I believe Egyptians are supposed to be more a support tribe, more like storage/personal def, so yes their def units should be more expensive so it makes sense to have other def tribes and store them in Egyptian capitals. 5% is a nice start but maybe even more expensive should be needed.