Server End Analysis Thread

  • So… After some long discussions between the leader of TEN, GoW and Gunners we have decided to all team up and fight the natars together.

    We believe that love is better than hate and winning is better than losing. Time to unite and win!

    It has barely been 100 days and a lot of things have happened already. There have been an insane amount of shittalk, early OP's, destroyed capitals, walled hammers and even a spy in the form of the Capn. The tables in this server have turned over multiple times and us leaders can't handle the pressure anymoore.

    Due to the level of salt we sense in COM2 we have decided it is best to all unite and become ONE with TEN.

    We understand that there is still some competition with REVs, Phoenix and the GoW and Gunners wings (which both went rogue).

    After all, we are only 100 times stronger…. Our chances to win are now only 99,99%. You never know what can still happen!

    Let's hope for a server full of peace and laughter. Because….. this is COM2! A server without salt and toxicity!



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  • This has been a great server, thanks everyone for the wonderfull experience, was a hard fought one but in the end we all united to achieve victory.

    Make friends not war!

    With love,


  • GoW checkin' in.
    Ten-4. Roger that. Gunnin' in.

    Case closed it. Charlie over.

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    Since '06.

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  • That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. #keepkillinthegame

    Hi I am Paige. <3

    I won Anglo1 as the Leader of BAR. I lost our Wonder. I lost my WWR. I lost my glasses.


  • I hate you all 😂

    Losmurdereto is trash by the way.

    Oh and death to TEN!

    Hi I am Paige. <3

    I won Anglo1 as the Leader of BAR. I lost our Wonder. I lost my WWR. I lost my glasses.


  • I'm thankful and feel truly blessed to have found such great allies in Ajax. and Vino. They taught me that true victory is not measured by the highest level WW, but by the number of friends you make along the way. Thank you guys for the great experience and the battles we fought and watched together! Love ya'll!

    Make love, not war!

    Hugs and kisses,


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  • I couldn't be more proud of my allies. Glad to be apart of this truly monumental moment in Travian history. Here's to the next server! Can't wait to GoW(TEN) again!


  • The greatest victory is that which requires no battle - Sun Tzu

    ....just cause this enlightened thread needs a Sun Tzu quote

    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • is it April already

    Why? Is April the month of peace, happiness and laughter?

    Is April a month where everyone comes together?

    Is april a month where championships are won by genius cooperation?

    If so, then yes; it seems to be April already