Gaul Trapper Upgrade - Troop Conversion

  • Since the Huns and Egyptians arrived on the scene, there has been pretty consistent talk that Gauls aren't very good anymore. Some have said that trappers need to be removed and replaced with another special building. I think I recently saw a post here saying the Gaul troops should be cheaper. I think the best option would be a little different.

    If a Gaul traps enemy troops in the trapper, they can convert trapped troops into Phalanx for half the price of the normal cost of Phalanx (conversion would be crop consumption; Example: one trapped Equites Imperatoris would equal 3 phalanx that can be built at half price). Those Phalanx build in the barracks as if they were normally built there.

    Maybe if you have a Trapper level 15, Druid Riders would be allowed. And then at level 20 -- Haeduans. Allied troops would not be eligible for this process. Maybe slaves should be excluded altogether because of the opportunity for exploitation of the game.

  • or at certain level, it will give you the ability to convert the trapped troops after certain days to the certain percentage of the resources of the respective troop unit cost.

    IE. : -

    Conversion at Trapper level: 10 / 15 / 20

    Conversion Percentage (%): 40 / 60 /80

    Trapped Duration (hr): 36 / 24 / 12

    Conversion duration/unit (min): 5 / 3 / 1

    Or for every troop trapped (at least after being trapped for 6hr), increase all resources production by 1/hr/unit trapped.

  • its kinda either we kill the forgotten troops, harvest their organ, and trade for some resources

    Or force them to become a workforce labor slave increasing the resource production.


  • The problem with this is that you'd need to be attacked for this to work or your mates need to dump all left over units into your traps. I'd say it's a bit of a lame strategy. Personally I'd suggest we put +1 speed on Gaul catapults to give the offensive Gauls a new strategic purpose. This would provide quicker launching times during ops for capital sniping or stealing an artifact!

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