The Book of Wisdom – Episode 1 – Neighbors Losing Patience

  • The thief was skilled. It took him days of watching and planning to find a way into this secured area unnoticed. Now inside, he silently waited for the last visitor to leave. Then he would take what he came for. This motionlessness didn't bother him. He was one of the best-paid thieves in the empire for this reason, taking on only the riskiest and trickiest tasks. He was used to this kind of work. He entertained himself by wondering what was so valuable about that old piece of writing that he was instructed to steal from the library and why his client was ready to pay such a huge pile of money for it.


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    "How much longer can we stand these neighbors? Yes, we lived together. Yes, it was quite a peaceful life. But everyone's patience has its limitations. Have you also noticed? The grass is always greener on their side. And they paint the boundary posts the wrong way. What did our ancestors teach us? First you need to paint the black stripe and only after the white one! And how do our neighbors paint them? First white and then black! It doesn't matter that they look identical afterwards when you already know the difference! It's time to show them whose traditions are better. And who's the strongest in this world."

    These were typical talks in every tavern in every village for quite a while now, and every good commander understood what they meant. The sands of time were running out for the ancient empire; war was coming. And if only this wasn't enough, new yet well-known forces from the south and the east – the Egyptians and Huns – kept invading the old lands, day after day. The lands where three old tribes had been living for as long as anyone could remember. For the past few years, the fertile soil yielded a good crop, the rocks produced more iron than ever, the clay pits were full of workers extracting building material, and the woods grew thicker than ever. Local villagers managed to gain resources five times faster than before and this had its effect on all other areas of life. And on the people's thoughts. Troops that received the best supplies ever were traveling faster. Armies became stronger and the battle for Wonders of the World was approaching at break-neck speed.

    There was one unanswered question that everyone was looking to resolve: Who would be the sole leader of those lands?

    However, answering this question to our own benefit would be no easy task. The three tribes had been living close to each other for too long. We knew each other’s secrets, we learned all our neighbors' strengths and weaknesses, and vice versa. To prevail in this fierce battle, we needed something different. Something new that our neighbors were not yet aware of. Or… something really old that has long been forgotten. And there is only one place in the world where we can find this knowledge. The place that had so far been neglected with all the battle preparations.

    The old library.

    Task: Find the thief

    Acting on an anonymous note, the Praetorian Guard raided a house to arrest a famous thief. The guard didn't know what he looked like but knew his name was Titus and that he was inside the house. After busting into the house, the guard encountered a librarian, a healer, a farmer, and an architect. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, the guard immediately arrested the architect. How did he know the architect was the person he was looking for?

    Hint: We know that the thief's name was Titus and that he was definitely one of those four people.


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    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • He's definitely not the librarian, as it took days of watching and planning to find a way into the library.

    The praetorian guards were searching for Titus, which was a very common name in roman empire - this means they're searching for a roman. Romans patricians had the good jobs, like librarian or architect. For a farmer or a healer to be a roman, that was pretty rare. As it was not a librarian, the smart guards might have deduced that the only one left is the architect, which also knows how to build things.

  • He knew that it was the architect because the time of wonder of the world was approaching and he needed the artifact to build on of these


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    So in my opinion, only an architect can broke in to secure place like the library,after he checked the blueprints of the building. Without the knowledge of an arhitect there is no chance to broke in to the Library and stole something unnoticed. This is why he only takes the "riskiest and trickiest tasks". He know he can do it, so he can earn a lot of money.

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    Answer: First of all, the thief was skilled and was able to plan for days to break into the area unnoticed. He was used to this kind of work. The thief had clients who could pay a huge amount of money for that piece of information. Hence, we know that it cannot be a farmer. The librarian probably would not have to take extra measures and caution just to break into a library. Furthermore, we also know that the ancestors knew about the colors to be painted first and which ones the next which tells us that the tradition is from an architectural background. The armies were getting stronger and hence the healer was also out of the equation in the evidence provided. All these details point towards the likeliness of robbery from none other than the Architect.

  • Because time for world wonder construction was approaching fast as said in the note: "Armies became stronger and the battle for Wonders of the World was approaching at break-neck speed."

    Therefore, the architect must be there to steal the plans for world wonder construction.

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  • The Guard knew that the architect was the culprit because out of the four people only the architect would have had the know how to rob the old library. A healer isn't a thief nor a librarian, and most farmers probably can't read lol! An architect however could find the flaws to the old library & exploit them!

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  • Answer: The librarian, healer, and farmer were all female. Titus is consistently referred to as "he" and "him", while the other three in the house were only referred to as "people".

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  • Only the architect would know that in order to get a good chance of winning in the race for being the first to complete a Wonder of the World his tribe would need the old and long forgotten knowledge of "The Architect's Secret". And it rested in the library which was the place that had been neglected with all the battle preparations.
    Thus the thief Titus would have to be the architect.

    By the way, the real emperor Titus was the one to complete the first and only roman "wonder of the world", the "Colosseum".

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  • Everyone else are talking to each other about the coming war, only the arhitect stands alone, with an old book in her hands.

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  • Librarian, Healer, Farmer are very known things and can use by anyone using normal buildings.

    Librarian - Academy

    Healer - Hospital.

    Farmer - Cropper fields.

    However to get the knowledge of architect and use it you have to steal a artifact.

    Thats how he find it the thief.

    Architect is the thief.

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  • Click X Fren - Anglo3

    What we can gather is that the guard ONLY knows the thiefs name and gender; Titus / Male.

    If the guard walks in and arrests the correct person without hesitation, that means he did not have time to ask for names.
    This means the guard must have done this only based on gender.

    The farmer, healer, and librarian must be women. If the guard opened the door and saw only one man, and he knew the thief was a man, then by process of elimination the one man must be the thief.
    Answer: The architect was the only man in the room, so the guard knew it must be him.

  • Because the thief needs days of watching and planning to find a way into library's secured area, despite being skilled, then let us remove a librarian as suspect. I bet the last visitor to leave a library is a librarian.

    The thief did not move for along time inside the library, that means low possibility for farmer and healer to be suspected. Farmer needs to appear works on his fields at day, healer needed by patients too

    There only architect which doesnt have alibi and skilled enough to read and write a map of library.

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