Can we have the old Lay out back?

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  • This layout isn't an upgrade but a downgrade. The buildings look all the same and buildings aren't on there places anymore where I want them to be and had them put up.

    Very confusing all together!

    And about the party...the host should be there to start the party.

    Please, at least, reverse the layout to the old one!!

  • Het is afgrijselijk, oude layout graag weer terug.

    English - It is horrible, old layout gladly back.

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    for the ones we'll miss!"
    The family tree will always grow!

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  • Worst update since 5 September 2004. Please rollback this update because its only a downgrade and make literally no sence. I cant imagene there is one person who thinks this is a good idea, except this developer who isn't playing his own game?

  • Did you really make such a drastic change of your brand without asking for your user's feedback? That UI was the reason I was playing this version of the game and not the other ones. I'm sure I'm not the only one that dislikes it.

  • The new and current user interface is absolutely horrible. I don't understand why TG decided to implement it, when it got negative feedback from the start. Stop forcing this rubbish on your players, in the hope of gaining new players (most likely children since that's what TG seems to be targetting). It's absolutely unplayable, you can't distinguish any buildings.

    TG killed the game massively when they rolled out the T4 version with the pay to win hero, and with this new user interface it's also going to cause drive players away.

  • What children? :S Maybe they can target children with Kingdoms, but I doubt it. This game is too slow for them.

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    ~That's a fine looking high horse~

  • Exactly. It's an adults game, but they seem to be making more and more childish looking. Take the change from T3.6 to T4. And the new UI is even worse.

    What TG seem to be missing is that players with money to buy gold aren't children, they should be cattering to their current clients

  • I don't mind a new look, but not like this, all buildings look the same. I'm already playing with it since the x3 started and I'm still confusing some buildings, miss clicks left and right.

  • In total, I understand that you needed a new layout that you have prepared for mobile browsers. But I'm sure it's not the right solution. Supporting a game for mobile devices would be much better to address by an application than to customize a game for a mobile browser.The app would also serve the purpose of advertising, be available in the app store.

    About two years ago, you implanted support for players who have difficulty recognizing colors. Do you think that one color in more shades is suitable for these players?

    Why did the developers decide that the main building would have a fixed position? They never played travian? What is the reason? Will we get any official reaction?

    I'm never afraid of the future. He will soon come.

  • Travian Games absolutely dont know how to take care about customer in 21st century. I expected that they will be able to provide at least some kind of common apologize with a kind words or even better some technical assessment explaining the reason of change to a new version on already running servers, but from this company you cannot even wait for such absolute basic human behaviour.

    I am playing now definetely the last game and I am sure that I will not be alone.

    Its called "the Principal".