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  • Dear community,

    In order to be able to have all languages available in all gameworlds we will need to change the structure of the gameworlds a bit by having all of them under the same domain.

    The first idea we had, which is NOT the final idea, is to use the same approach other games like League of Legends have regarding servers. To have regional servers, where the region could be something like Europe, Asia, America (still having all languages available everywhere and servers on the same domain) .

    i remember how not well travian can create regional servers in the past.

    When my national server was merged into newly created regional server which operates multi-language, we were given mirror login pages to create account in national language environment. While logged in from national mirror, and having set the language to national, the welcome message was sent by travian in different language.

    Being unable to read system messages without using external translator was one of the reasons making players quit. The player base shrinked notably in the region.

    Unless you can make system messages match the selected UI language, do not add multiple languages!

  • I am on the same page with Ticker on this - not enough info. Would be nice to hear TG officials responding to all points.

    As com players we have some experience with non-English speakers and it is not that simple as it sounds even with a translator. This is extra effort, some people happy to put it in and learn something, some just get frustrated. Sure, every established alliance I am familiar with has a person with reasonable English in leadership, but this is extra effort on diplomacy level, less flexibility and more control internally.

    Established alliances go on international servers now with not that much issue but recruiting from the map is tough task, they will have to switch internal conversations to English (I guess), chats would be dead or exclude recruits etc. Building alliance from scratch will be tougher task as well and not like it is easy now.

    I am trying to imagine myself going on, lets say, Turkish server (just a language I have no clue about) and unless I go with a group of people I already know, preferably with native speaker among them, it is full stop. Having interface in English would not help much, I don't really need text in interface.

    Maybe some in game tools can be created to compensate communication problems. For example, standard in-game message for defense calls which will be translated to all languages and player gets it in the language he comfortable with (and not via google translate). There are a lot of options to standardize, hopefully upcoming LoT will bring in some other ideas.

    Another problem: Intensity of servers. It is not obvious for me that everyone will be happy with more populated and active servers. Not everyone willing to actually cover 24/7, give up on sleep or take time from work/family/friends. If all servers indeed become more intense where will casual players go? If there is no way to say which server will be intense and which will turn out casual how to chose the one you want? Imho, there are should be servers to which players (or alliances preferably) need to qualify to play or some other mechanism that will allow people who are looking for more intense game find each other and leave others to one op a week and simming WWKs.

    Game style is also an issue. Removal of infamous rule 1.1. made some domains happy and some furious. Can this and similar items be included in variety of the servers?

    Last but not least - forums. What language they will be? Kinda feels that we will lose even remaining creativity and banter that some local domains still have.

    Maybe better idea to add languages to com domain, add more servers to com domain and cut local to one or to a year on each speed.

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  • What i personally would have preferred is to keep the servers as they are and simply include the possibility of changing the language in a server.

    Say for example i'm playing on a french server and i don't speak french, there should be an option in the settings which allows me to switch the language displayed from French to whatever language i want (or at the very least, the most spoken languages + languages in the region).

    And i know the Google translate does it automatically but believe me, google translate does a horrific job. The translations are usually not accurate enough, there's a time delay where your browser lags whilst waiting for the translation (imagine having a ping on whatever action you do), some things don't get translated at all (If you open a menu and you don't refresh the page, a small example would be opening the task menu for example).

    Other problems include completely bugging interfaces such as "Send Troops".

    Just give us the option of changing languages in the settings please

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    just saying

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  • I play DOTA 2 not League of Legends haha :) On that note why doesn't Travian link up with Steam to make a Travian 2? That way Travian can keep its original version going normally while trying something spicier and new on the side! You could do a simple 5 vs 5 tower defense format, but with a Travian layout & build along with all the skins for the characters. I wouldn't copy the wave style format in most tower defenses. I would go for the non waves where the two teams build at their own pace, and send units manually making hot keying important. What I mean by that is the buildings that the players build do not automatically send units, so you would want it not to be an auto system with creeps like DOTA 2; rathermore, you would want the players in Travian 2 to control & send units similar to how we do it on the original Travian. In order to incorporate the farming aspect that would require larger teams, or a free for all format. If Travian went with a 5 vs 5, or 10 vs 10 style game that typically lasts an hour like DOTA 2 does... I figured that a tower defense style would work best since there would be 1 objective to destroy to win the game which can keep games short. There is many speed servers that show Travian can be played at a extremely fast pace, so why not take it up a notch & make something called Travian 2? You could get the international audience that you already have to possibly watch & play in tournaments!



  • i remember a time when in TRAVIAN.IR ( IRAN ) servers would not allow you to register because it was full :) that was a good day . i remember a time when we had up to 10 active wings of alliance in each of the sides . lets be honest , with all of the new mobile games , travian is slowly dying , and i dont like that . ive been playing travian for so long and i love the game and i want to keep playing it even more but in the new servers , when you reach artifact times there are under 200-300 active players and thats not good .

    if it makes server better and brings more people gather , i think you have 100 % do it

  • (google Translate)

    Hello everyone,

    The problem of lack of players is not in the location of the servers ...

    New players sign up thinking that they will have fun without having to bust huge amounts of money and when they realize how the game works to be successful, they give up.

    There is a big gap between those who blow money and those who play with money.

    The new players think they are playing, but are only playing because they let them evolve and later conquer their villages.

    There is no balance between strategy / time spent on gambling AND spending large amounts of money

    In order not to disappoint the new players, they should immediately inform them of the following:

    Whoever plays with gold can finish the constructions / research at any time they want;

    Gold players can make NPCs and choose the resources they need;

    Whoever plays with gold can magically transform any resource into cereal and feed more troops;

    Whoever plays with gold can automatically withdraw the troops he has in the village when he is attacked;

    Whoever plays with gold can transfer armys from one village to another.

    While the majority of players colonize in new regions, those who blow money manage to cause large armys to appear in isolated areas out of nowhere.

    There is much more ...



    In games of regions they don't catch me anymore.

    I am not going to transfer armys to an isolated region to burst gold.

    Balance the game and there will be many players ...

    Do not waste time on ways to earn more money without making fun for everyone ...

    Good battles for all ...

  • plus 1 to justify the lack of skill with the use of gold.

    gold helps but does not make the player

  • I think it's the stupidest thing I ever heard - I don't see how forcing people off their native language server onto a common server is going to make them feel better. I think we will just lose more players from the game.

    And how starting more servers will lead to games being more populated??

    But I must be thick - I'm not even sure how it's supposed to work - can a guy write an igm to me in arabic and I can read it in perfectly translated english?? And vice-versa?

    Or is it just the game mechanics that will be in the user's language? Because Chrome can do that now - I'm playing in an Italian server and all the game names and instructions are in English.

    Also half the game is played outside in chats - how is that going to work?? Same as it does now, you only talk to people who speak your language and have no idea what the other conversations are about.

    I feel like I have missed the point - probably because I speak English and most people on .COM can speak some English. I have heaps of lovely international friends that I have met through the game but I'm hardly likely to make friends with someone who can't speak any English.

  • I have played other games like League of Legends, League of Angels, and then other war games all having some features not too far off Travian. Not one have I gone back to after stepping away for any length of time. Travian is the game I keep coming back to because it is NOT LIKE ANY OTHER GAME OUT THERE. I keep coming back to Travian for the community and for the challenge. Don't try to be like other games. They are not more successful and actually have a higher rate of one time players and fewer long term players. Travian is different, don't try to make it just another game.

    I would like to see maybe an option of a throwback server. Even if there is a poll to vote on previous version possibilities once a year.

    But please, whatever choice you make going forward, don't become just another game like all the rest.

  • Travian needs to change the rule enforcement policies if they want the game to grow.

    There's way to much cheating going on, I know it's hard to detect all the cheating, it's a problem in every game. But in other games I've played cheaters get permbanned whenever they're caught, because of that there's very little cheating. Travian hands out warnings and slaps on the wrist for major infractions, every server I play I run into at least 2 'top' teams that are in the top because of 'special tricks'. Like setting up multiaccount alliances for farming, sitter system + password sharing + attack detection script sending warnings in a group chat leading to the entire team suddenly coming online at any time of day whenever one of them has a incoming, farmbotting, simbotting etcetc.

    A warning or 33% pop reduction isn't enough of a punishment for botters, multiaccounts or password sharing. Cheating has a HUGE impact on the game. A 33% pop reduction is rarely more of a setback than what the cheaters gained from cheating. Then it's not just about setting back the cheater by what amount he cheated. In FPS games for example, you get permabanned for having a aimbot shooting headshots for you not because of the unfair headshots you got. It's because of everyone who got headshotted unfairly.

    This is a example from last server I played


    This player and his alliance was in the top pop and troop rankings throughout the server. It's very easy to tell that it's not just one bad apple in the bunch, look at the times he got popreset and when the rest of the alliances top players suddenly flatline in popgrowth. What they did was to settle 200-400 fields from the center and turn simbots on. They had the biggest hammers on the server because they had a multiaccount alliance setup with 125%-150% 15ccs for their biggest hammers to friendlyfarm. They got to grow because no legitimate player wants to send the hammers they spent weeks/months building 300 fields away to death against scripters.

    I play this game obsessively and the more I play the more I notice that this is a thing. That around half of the top teams are cheating, not as in that they have cheaters, because at this point every top team has at least one cheater, but that the entire alliance is partaking in it. It's honestly a f*cking joke, other games don't have entire teams cheating server after server because other games bans cheaters when they find them. If you'd start banning the cheaters then people wouldn't leave the game because of them. Stop with the trying to calculate and set them back by the exact amount cheaters got ahead by cheating and do the legitimate players a favor by sending the cheaters out the f*cking game whenever you find them.

    The Hunters

    Save Our Souls

  • Further to my previous note - and it wasn't in your 'changes'...but please shorten standard servers - way too long, especially the gap between artis and plans........

    Woud love speed server 2.0 timing to be the base standard?

    Would love all new vills (spawn and new) to start with 200 production rate as base....

    These things mean we can grow quicker, produce troops faster and maybe keep player in game longer as there would 'always be things to do' instead of many times in a game (standard speed) where you just run out of resources (things to do) or have to sim.....because of long delays to next major point of action (eg plans)

    Too many servers - played for years

  • Exactly that. And when you bring up the normalization of cheating on the forum, the top forum users (i.e. the same players in the aforementioned alliances) will attack you and the Travian forum staff will attempt to shut down the topic as soon as possible. I have raised similar issues various times, the response has always been the same: Hard-core travian community users go in frontal attack mode for daring to bring up cheating, Travian forum moderators quickly lock or delete the topic, because it got "out of hand".


  • SPECIAL SERVER 2x or 3x speeds with 5 TRIBES to start now due to the coronavirus situation


    I suggest that a new 2x or 3x speeds with 5 TRIBES server be urgently created to start now to take advantage of the large number of people who are stranded in their homes due to the coronavirus.

    With young people at home, most online games are having a large number of registrations and no one waits for April to play a game with 5 tribes.

    Do not miss this wave of possibility of new registrations.

    I suggest that you present this proposal to the company in Germany as a matter of urgency. Current circumstances are special and deserve special decisions.

    We will all win with the possibility of playing a new attractive server with 5 tribes.

    Good luck to all.

    # Don'tRunRisks #StayAtHome

  • COMX will be starting on Monday. And we will be starting a XV gameworld with all tribes with x2 speed on April 15th. However the suggestion have been forwarded.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Ridder Huma Would be nice to have a world wonder server with 5 tribes unlocked (outside of finals)

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