Szavazás: Új játékvilágok felállítása

  • SPECIAL SERVER 2x or 3x speeds with 5 TRIBES to start now due to the coronavirus situation


    I suggest that a new 2x or 3x speeds with 5 TRIBES server be urgently created to start now to take advantage of the large number of people who are stranded in their homes due to the coronavirus.

    With young people at home, most online games are having a large number of registrations and no one waits for April to play a game with 5 tribes.

    Do not miss this wave of possibility of new registrations.

    I suggest that you present this proposal to the company in Germany as a matter of urgency. Current circumstances are special and deserve special decisions.

    We will all win with the possibility of playing a new attractive server with 5 tribes.

    Good luck to all.

    # Don'tRunRisks #StayAtHome