Introduction of the COM candidates

  • Here, our three candidates wlll post their introduction.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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  • Hey all,

    A lot of you have probably seen me around before, either in game, in skype chats, or here on the forum. But now an actual introduction was requested, so here goes ;)

    I started playing the game back in late 2005, or early 2006, not entirely sure when. It was on the .com domain (always been a .com resident, even when I was playing a few rounds on my local domain, .dk, I kept playing on .com too). My first server was a com3. I remember that, because back then, .com didn't have a 3x speed server yet (only .de had one), but when com3 ended and was up for restart, it became com3x instead. Sadly a 3x was way too fast for my noobish behind back then, but luckily there were plenty of other servers to play. I've since then played a bunch of standard servers, the T4 beta server, the Fire & Sand beta server, the 5x new year's special last year and so on. I've had a couple of breaks in between servers (biggest one was 2 years), but even during the breaks, I've still kept an eye on the game and community, either through skype chats, or through the forum.

    Speaking of the forum; I've always been active on the forum. I've always been a very active part of the community. I've posted a couple of guides for newbies, and I've always been answering questions posted on the forums. I've also always been an active part in discussions about the game, updates, issues and so on. I've always spoken my mind when it comes to issues and updates, and that is a large part of why I applied for the event. I certainly haven't shied away from being openly critical of TG and some of their poor decisions - but I've always done so in a constructive way. I think some things have improved, just compared to a few years ago. Communication, while still far from perfect, is now at least not completely lacking. Some wanted updates have been/are being implemented, even though other ideas/updates have been mistaken. But there is certainly still work to be done. My key focus will be on continuing to improve the communication from the game center with the players, and to, hopefully, further their understanding of the playerbase and their desires.

    Of course it would be a waste to focus solely on these subjects though, when given the chance to convey ideas about game chances and features directly as well. As such, I will be gathering ideas from the community through the forums and skype, and I will present these ideas to the community, to undergo thorough discussion and evalution before the event too. So I hope I will be picked, so I can get started on this process of gathering your ideas and opinions ;)



  • Hey everyone!

    My name is Daniel and I'm a 23 year old business engineering student from the Netherlands. As a kid I grew up, and still am, playing a bunch of games like FIFA, Pokemon, Mario, Minecraft & CSGO. At around 11 years old I was introduced to Travian and have been hooked to it ever since, while also taking several breaks. We all know how taxing it can be when one is super competitive. I even went 'pro' gamer for a little while as I was able to go full time into streaming under the name of Mentally on both Twitch and YouTube. Because of this I was invited to a likewise event for Minecraft wich was an incredible experience. I started studying business engineering because I fell in love with the industry. Getting picked for this would be a tremendous opportunity for me as a person.

    Like I said before, I started playing over 10 years ago on various NL and COM servers. People might recognize me under the name of Doge or BigMan from com29, com6 and the current com2. With much credit to my incredible duals we've achieved a few things. We built a WW to level 100 while leading the alliance, we were #1 pop, #1 attacker, filled profiles with ribbons and were amongst the top anvils. Some of these rankings were only hit for a matter of days but still, I got screenshots so it counts right?!

    Why pick me? I've always been very critical of the games I play because I get so invested in them. Finding a way to cater to both the most competitive players and the new players finding the game daily is quite a challenge. The things I would want to address are the following.

    - Go to a single domain:
    This would create bigger servers with many more players. Therefore new players can fight their own battles with neighbours that are their size, which is how I fell in love with the game. This while the competitive lot are in front of a bigger challenge to get the win against more and bigger competition.
    Servers would be less repetitive. I've found the last few servers I've played to all become big 2 way META wars. While many years ago many more METAs were all competing at once. Something only found on the tournament servers nowadays.
    This would also allow for a lot more creativity and testing on Travians end. Instead of launching 10 identical servers on different domains every month or so. We could have a new server, on this single domain, every week.

    - Create a mobile app:
    I can only imagine how complicated this matter would be. So I don't think I can go into detail on that front. It could however open the game up to a lot more players, which we'd all benefit from.

    - Create more and better content:

    It is one of the ways to get people to see the game. As a content creator myself it hurts seeing the Travian YouTube channel. Tutorials could be posted with much more frequency, depth and ideally more fluent English.
    Also I would try advocate for players to post content like videos and or screenshots of their experiences, heck, maybe even a good old top 10 plays of the month could be a thing.
    I would love to brainstorm on how to make Travian a game on which content can be created by players themselves. Showing gameplay quickly puts your account at risk, so some kind of incognito mechanic could be cool.

    - Besides that theres also little details: like making the themes optional :), etc.

    Coming weeks I will engage much more on the forums as I have not done so before and am eager to hear what you guys think. I'm in several discord servers for the servers I play and have played and will ask many friends for their opinions and views. I hope to get your vote!

    Thank you very much,
    - Daniel

  • Well, looks like I'm the last to the party... so I guess I should start writing, too.

    Some know me as mazzi, some know me as marduk, while some I guess know me as one of the duals of Tiberius or Nexus on com1. I guess there's not a lot to say... I started playing travian around 2005/2006 by chance due to a friend that convinced me to start with him, and it resulted in me keeping playing without a break since then while he stopped some months after instead :P

    Travian related, I've started on com5 and due to some circumstances ( me not being able not to try to help solve issues ) I found myself put in charge of a 2 or 3 wings alliance that lost the leaders. I'm not sure if I did a good enough job, but we didn't disband and we fought until the game ended. It resulted in making quite a few friends I still keep in contact even daily .. and resulted also in me jumping on more servers at the same time.

    That's how I got on com1 with Rep, com4 with a very nice group of portuguese that I had interactions on com5 ( I was the only member of their council not speaking that language :P .. I'm italian, by the way ... and no, if someone wonders , I never played on the italian domain. ), cwl on the next com5 ( as one of hani' secretaries and ww builder ), com6 etc etc.

    And that's how a group of us from Rep founded in 2006 what now is named SGR , initially using swat , then sg and finally sgr. I guess is one of the oldest teams still left playing, and a constant presence on com1 for well... I guess now 14 years.

    I met a lot of inspiring and good people during all these years ( emerik , that was just some squares from me that very first com1, ele in more recent times, qb.. the list is long, so long.. so many memories too ) and in some cases I had the pleasure of meeting them ( a teammate from hong kong, another from macedonia with his to be wife, one from romania, etc ) and definitely share joys and sorrow with people that I consider part of a kind of family.

    I guess I'm digressing now. Back on the current topic... i'm a computer engineer, 48yo (doubt this anyway matters). What I think matters is that I've seen and been involved with all the changes this game had, and I shared some "battles" to try to steer things in a direction more likable for the gamers.

    For this specific event I'm planning to do what I always do... listen to what people truly want ( be it using skype, discord , the forum ), discuss it, brainstorm it, make a list and well... bring to the meeting.

    For sure I've a personal agenda, too. On the top of my hat, for sure to have the WW villages go back to be like they were during T2 ( players decide the location ) or to be fully random in each quadrant. In any case... a change to make the endgame a bit less repetitive with always the same coordinates.

    This includes the artifacts, that should be totally random in quadrant vs having fix locations.

    I think maybe this is enough, to avoid boring you all :P:P

    Should I end with "vote for me" ? :P

    Have fun,


    mazzi as nickname - SGR

    Marduk , R.Unite leader on old
    MCE member on
    Ass , Best/Nest on old
    Teoavo75 , Rep SW - now *****Rep - leader on , GF Hold member
    Teoavo75 , marduk , tiberius , nexus - SGR
    Drei - CWL

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