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    "Be my Valentine ❤️

    I'll give you all of my crop
    I'll send my armies to defend your honour
    My merchants will provide you with everything you need
    My trusty horse will carry you, wherever you may want to go
    I'll conquer villages for you
    I'll defeat your enemies
    My heart beats only for you
    My life is dedicated to you, my love

    Be my Valentine"

    Dear players!

    There is a long lasting tradition in the Travian Lands: If someone wants to offer peace, they send a dove with an olive branch, and if someone wants to express their feelings, they send a card in the shape of a heart.

    Today we are happy to announce our traditional Valentine card contest! Create a Valentine card and post it in this thread until February 13th 2020 - 09:00 (UTC +0)!

    A Valentine card can be in any form – a short love message from the fearless Haeduan to the beautiful Roman heroine, a heart-shaped postcard, or even a small video – anything that reflects 2 main topics – St. Valentine’s day and Travian: Legends.

    The most creative valentine cards will win Gold.

    Each player can take part in this contest more than once, but can win only one prize.

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    February 10, 2020 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    End date/time:

    February 13, 2020 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    Winners announced on

    February 14, 2020

    Winners chosen:

    Chosen by Travian: Legends Team

    1st Place:

    150 Gold

    2nd and 3d place
    100 Gold
    4th - 6th place 50 Gold

    Gold voucher valid only in:

    COM community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    State your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle. Every user take part in the contest only in one community.

    Please, remember, that you can’t use content that is covered by copyright.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Clay pits are orange

    Iron mines are grey

    For you, my love, I would cast my armies away

    Simming is fun

    Raiding even more

    Your clubs and thunders are the ones I adore

    Praetorians are strong

    Though expensive and slow

    For you I'll become a Phalanx and tank every blow

    You registered late

    And though you're a farm

    My troops will protect you from all harm

    To conclude this poem

    By the meme lord who likes to defend

    Vote for Exist and bring this contest to an end


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  • My man is a hero,

    Not afraid of blades and bow.

    One of the mighty soldiers of Zakhar,

    Villages fear them from near and far.

    I feel so safe with him by my side,

    And I'm dead-scared when for battle he about to ride.

    Just like the war that wiped DE,

    The battle well fought for honor and glory.

    I know you must go when duty calls,

    My mind is wary thinking your fall.

    But in your strength I will live,

    In your bravery and might I believe.

    So tomorrow before you leave,

    Tonight all of my kisses I will give.

    My love for you rages like fire,

    Enough to shield you from battle wounds you may acquire.

    Be strong and take your sword,

    I know you are ready to take the world.

    I will be here when you return my hero, my man,

    And I will hold you as tight as I can.

    Nickname: matt czuchry

    Gameworld: COM 6

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  • All in the family theme converted to Travian.

    For your entertainment only. :)

    (piano in background)

    Man the way the Teutons slayed,

    Traps were laid that Gauls have made,

    The way the Roman's played their games,

    Those were the days.

    We used to have so few rules then,

    The servers had so many men,

    We could use a server with 20 thousand again.

    We only needed a starting date,

    Alliance members pulled their weight,

    The end game battles were so great,

    Those were the days!

    "There are only 2 things that are infinite. The universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not certain about the universe."

    -Albert Einstein

  • Valentine's day ride.

    The fearless Haeduan takes a long ride, for his Roman heroine sometimes likes to hide.

    She does it for fun, and she knows that the Haeduan's head gets spun!

    The Haeduan will ride all night just to find his favorite delight.

    She leaves him clues, so that her fearless rider doesn't get the blues.

    The Haeduan riders at incredible speeds, for he seeks his treasure it's the only thing he needs.

    She sees him draw near, so she grabs him a beer!

    The Haeduan hits his mark which is always his heroine's favorite part.

    She knows that the Haeduan chases her heart, and fearlessly he will doing anything to not be apart.

    The world of Travian can be a dangerous place, but the Haeduan rider will do anything to see his heroine's face!



    Nickname: Star Shockwave

    Gameworld: NYS Com x5

  • Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Your alliance is dead

    I'll catapult you too

    Bow down to my will

    Or I'll go for the kill

    We'll set your soul free

    As part of The Hunters killing spree

    It won't matter how hard you try

    In the end you'll cry

    My spies tell me when you go to bed

    When you wake up, your account is dead

    Buy me some candy

    Buy me a flower

    Or fall victim to my modus operandi

    When I show you my power

    The Hunters

    Save Our Souls

  • Being the daughter of the King, she was raised in opulence. But unlike what it might imply, she endured a life of servitude. She was, initially, treated as the princess she was; she would have been the Queen if not for the birth of her brother. And then, she was forgotten by all. Her father was ecstatic that day. He believed that a son could finally give his dreams a reality and so he gave his son the title of the savior of his heirdom. Even the usually obsequious servants and officers who would extol her with praises had shifted their attention. Did men only care about positions and powers? She had started to despise men. She trained herself to be utterly independent. She made one promise to herself: she would not ever trust a man. Her entire focus was to learn enough to survive on her own, for her own, and run into the wild and live the way she wanted. Somewhere along the lines, however, she broke her one promise. On one of her exploring journeys, she met someone, whom she thought was different. He had no aims of his own, completely free; all that he seemed to care for was her happiness. He had made her a promise that someday he would make her be able to prove herself to The King. She, though, only cared for escape from that life. Run far away; take the easy way out and never look back. So, they planned together, but on the day of their break out, a dire report from the battle fronts had arrived. It seemed that the world was mocking her. The King and the Prince had both succumbed in their battle for the ultimate goal, and they were both dead. This empire would pass on to her. It, now, had a Queen, and she had to lead them.

    Her world had turned upside down; she no more had the same goals as she once did. She could not let her people be left deprived of leadership. She decided with her partner that they would not abandon the people. While the senior governors of her empire did not approve of him, she did not let their words falter her resolve. He shared all her aims. He was the strong support who would not buckle under all the pressure; a trusty wall against whom she could lean. She promoted him to be the rank of General: in charge of all her offensive forces. She had forgotten how much she despised man. He worked alongside her to give actuality to her father’s dreams. But they were behind their enemies. They always seemed to be behind them.

    During the harsh winter, he had started to distance himself from her. She thought it was probably the workload. But, one day they had a major fight. She was confused; she could not see what was wrong. It might have been some small negligence that escalated from the past into their present situation; so, she tried to take the beating and let him vent. For once, she could also be an unyielding wall for his problems. But it did not end there; he left her with a broken heart. He gathered the army and marched away and deprived her of all her offensive forces. That was the first day since meeting him to be reminded of her childhood oath. She had trusted a man..

    The next day she wore the mask of an unrelenting, phlegmatic one. She did not let anyone see the pain behind her façade. She withstood the snickers she would hear from the officers who had kept warning her against an outsider who does not share a noble blood. She ignored them all and focused on the one objective, the ultimate goal - as unlikely as it might have become then.

    Today is 14th of February. She is on her way to visit the construction of their wonder of the world to lay the final brick with her own hands, which will give them a tremendous power and entitle them with the governance over the entire world. A final brick, and all the other world wonders would fall to the ground. Each of her steps, however, is accompanied with tears. All that she can now think is about the signs she missed seeing, about the calumnies she marked him with, and the resentment and remorse she felt that clouded her judgment. The truth is that she had met someone who truly cared for her. She did not keep her promise, but he did. On that day, to prove her father and all his entourage wrong about her, he took a one way journey towards the enemies’ wonder of the world. He had made a strategic plan, and all he required was someone to see it through. If he had not kept her in the dark, she would have not let him go. She wonders about the remarks of all the noble-born leaders and generals who kept telling her how to dismiss him since he was not a noble born... But which noble born could have twisted and turned all the facts and orders in the world and align everything just only so that she would receive a gift, the ultimate gift, on the Valentine’s Day. As she takes her steps through the 99th storey to place the final brick, the only thought that comes to her mind is “with his life, he gave me the Wonder of the World.”

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    Drunken sailor



  • Love is in the air,

    this you cannot deny.

    My feeling is so great

    as a wonder of the world.

    We are soul mates

    strongly connected,

    that even the barriers of the village

    are unable to distance us.

    My love for you is so great

    as the star that sets

    in the late afternoon.

    For you I cross the oceans,

    mountains and all obstacles,

    because what strengthens me

    is to be with you in the end.

    So know that I love you

    and that I will always be by your side,

    body and soul,

    until our ticket

    in this life end.

    Nickname: lucasnand

    Server: Ts29 (NYS COM 5x)