Introduction of the Balkans candidates

  • Hi, to everyone I’m Jelena from Banja Luka (BiH). I started playing travian in 2007. in first Bosnian server ba1, with my real life friends. After that, I played ba4 server for few years but nothing too serious, and then in 2011 I have put travian aside, but as always, when you get hooked on you always come back. So did I, of course, came back to ba1. After that, I played hr1, rs1, bax and now Balkans without making a pause. Last few servers I played as dual player due to my work obligations. My roles in alliance were from ordinary player to coordinator (I don't like usage of word leader because I was only coordinating with roles of other players). One of my favorite parts is building WorldWonder, but don't tell that to my teammates. One of the things that I’m proud of my travian career is WW Off that I made with my dual player and with great help of my teammates, It was the biggest roman ww off made in rs1 servers. In other words I’m not inexperienced player.

    As for the topics for the meeting I would bring up new user interface especially new look of buildings. I think it would be nice to make one 3.6 server to remember the good old days, mobile phone optimization or better solution, travian mobile app... And many suggestions from my teammates and of course other travian players with whom I'm in contact via skype and forum.

    Mudrost lisice često se precjenjuje jer joj se u zaslugu upisuje i glupost kokoši.

  • Hello everyone.

    My name is Tilen, formerly known on the forum as Wolkenengel, I'm 24 years old and come from Slovenia.
    I've been playing this game on and off since 2006 on various different domains, account types and server speeds.

    My first experience with the game was back in 2006 in elementary school when we had computer classes and I saw a few of my mates playing Travian and I was asked if I wanted to play along, and so I did. As we were just little brats active barely an hour a week and it was endgame, we got wiped pretty quick. The following year we actually received a PC at home and I decided to give it a shot once more, I registered on si4 and that was that, my first full server and my first addiction. It likely will remain as the most memorable server I've ever played, due to the alliance meeting we had after the server ended and roughly about 40 people attended and had a great time.
    After a few servers and pauses I decided to migrate on .com domain to experience a different kind of community and playstyle, as .si being a small community where everyone knows everyone just wasn't fun anymore and led to many servers seeming repetitive and dull. Met a lot of good people and learned many new tricks and strategies that I've brought back recently when an old friend from 2007 invited me to try 2. Balkans 3x with them and I've been playing here once more ever since.

    In summary, so far I have played 1x, 2x, 3x and 5x servers speeds, sometimes as def/off/hybrid/scout/WW sometimes as alliance leader, but generally prefer being a casual player.

    At the meeting I would discuss about general balance about how to impact the difference between heavy gold users and non/low gold users, making it that much easier and friendly to newcomers that play the game for the first time. Apart form that also potential tribe balances, general game mechanic adjustments to prevent abuse of certain features deemed rather unfair which are often abused by people using multiple accounts.

    As this is an event where I could represent the Balkans as a community in whole, I think it would be mandatory to seek out sub-representatives from the nations included, due to the language barrier we possess. That way the ideas/suggestions of everyone would be heard and taken into consideration. All thiswould likely be organized and discussed in a discord server or skype room, depending on what the community prefers.

    For any questions, I can be contacted in the ways below.
    Skype - vrbnjakec

    Discord - Vrba#8822



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