Help Estimating Simming Speed

  • Hello!

    I am a veteran travian player (despite this being my first forum post!) who is trying to run some calculations before starting my next server.

    The plan

    tribe: Romans (unless a strong argument is made otherwise)

    Gold: “upper middle class” (Lots of NPC etc but no crazy bids on helmets)

    raiding: NONE! Unless I have a generous sitter

    Strategy: fast settle 150% 15c, sim until day ~50, commence 24/7 hammer building (to capture unique arti on day 100), settle into a defensive role

    the questions

    - based on my calculations, the hammer will be big enough if I start building 24/7 (no GB/GS) by day 50, possibly day 60 if weak server. Is my math ok here?

    - the real question is resources to build 24/7 without any raiding, and of course feeding will be an issue at the end. For Romans I think 24/7 building (ignore siege for now) will take ~30k/hr in resources

    - So the big question is, how likely is it to be able to do that starting on day 50?? How many villages does the ~20th or 40th pop rank player have at day 50 usually? Other resource streams I’m not considering?

    - Obviously I don’t want to totally stop upgrading my cropper whenever the army starts, so hammer-building resources would have to be come largely from support villages, and I’m not sure if enough of those will be ready 50 days in?

    Any insights from those who have tried these types of strategies would be greatly appreciated!


  • "Veteran player", yet comes up with very basic questions 🤔

    Yes, your hammer will be big enough to take a unique artifact. Start building on day50 and you will get 18k imperians + 13k E.Is by arties. It will take about 30k res / hour to keep 24/7 queues, depending on your HDT level, alliance bonus and hero gears.

    You only need level 13 capital to keep 24/7 queues in single barracks and stable so it is very easy to start queues at day 50. Even get to lvl14 or lvl15 fields before starting the queues.

    Also, why wouldn't you be raiding? When your hammer is big enough you can keep the queues going 24/7 just by raiding.

  • Thank you for the fast reply!

    I know that it can easily be done via cropper's production alone, especially with good oases, but that seems like it will halt my simming growth too much? I'm having trouble imagining exactly how much this will strain the rest of the account... maybe it won't be as bad as I think.

    ***I suppose really my question is centered on how many support/total villages I should reasonably expect to have at day 50, assuming I'm around rank 20-40 population or so (obviously this varies by server but on average)?

    As for raiding, I just don't have time anymore. Maybe once the hammer grows a bit I can create a few farm lists to send when i log in, but a dedicated raiding effort is beyond me at this point in life. I've never built a hammer without raiding a bunch, thus all these questions :)

  • You can finish crop fields lvl 18 by day 60, if you keep at it. (150% -> 126k production/h)

    Once you hit lvl 13/14 crop fields its more profitable to push your new settlements (fields 10, bonus buildings 5 + one oases (50%)).. after that send all resources into the capital to further push your capital fields. rinse and repeat.

    by the time your done you should prob. have 12 villas and a "finished" capital. And 40 days left to build/prepare for Arties.

    You can then either build one hammer with gs/gb (cuz you have the resources anyway) or you build one/two armies and two ei armies just for arties.

    And you'll still have enough resources left for celebrations to settle faster and to generally improve your account (cp production and stuff..)

    doing this is very min/max. and you'll need to constantly re-calculate your available resources and what your next step will be.

    If you do this solo without an alliance, you're easy prey for neighbors as you just start producing troops 2 months in.. So keep that in mind. Good luck.

  • well, rey did explain it well enough. So, i'll add some additional stuffs in case someone has a similar question but he wanted to go with a wwk instead. If you are planning to play a wwk, in that case what I'd recommend is that you start catapults on day 40 of the server and no troops till day 100. After fields 19 and day 100, start running all the buildings. A lot of preparation is required for a wwk style of game though, therefore you'd be spending a lot of resources on the infrastructure of your account. But as you're not going to raid, you shouldn't start the troops earlier. Otherwise, at one point you might hit a choke point where you cannot store resources to put your catapults on trainers anymore. But if you planning to have some raiding, or finding someone that can feed your hammer, then you could go earlier. Know your limits and plan accordingly.

    On the other hand, as suggested earlier by the players, go with EIs. However, if you wanted to play attacker, and you are adamant that you would not raid.. in fact too sure about it, very very sure about it: then go with ECs. They give more attack power per consumption per time.

    Regarding the tribe to chose, I wouldn't want to convince you against Romans since they're my tribe and I Love the double building too. But due to the new changes, there are some people who are efficiency freaks, and they could consider this argument too. Depending on the team you're going with, it might be more beneficial to go with Teutons, that is, if the team you playing with is the type that goes with ops where you zero pop the enemies. Since Teutons have stronger economy of attack power per consumption per time with the new brewery (using axe/TK).

    Regarding how many villages you would have, that depends on how much of a priority is partying for you. The usual trend of new villages on a good to elite account is like this: First village within 6 days, 2nd = 14 days, 3rd = 7 days, 4th and on wards = 5 to a maximum 6 days.

    So, by the 50th day, if you have or almost going to have an 8th village, you'll be part of the top accounts of the servers in terms of population. But of course it does require some big celebrations.

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro