GetterTools Guide #2: Using Editor Functionality for Off Planning

  • Edit: Added a feature, which I and probably most of other OCs out there had no idea about, was missing within this guide. Pointed out by wishmaster3

    Edit: Rick C-137 pointed out that boots of speed workaround was missing. Edited accordingly

    As promised earlier, I am back with the much needed second guide on gettertools off planning functionality. This guide is going to be detailed enough to explore the editor functionality of the GT tools, however, I would not be teaching you how to make off plans within this guide as that is going to make it too lengthy (also because it's time consuming to get there :P ). To be honest, there is at least one or possibly two more guides that would be required to put as much of the information for the off planning in them. For that guide, I have talked to 3 of SGR's ex-OCs (besides myself) to make sure I'm not missing any important points, which is a real possibility given how big the world of OC is. So, while we have tried to recall as much as possible, I will also augment the guide with the good comment suggestions to further improve. But my aim is simple: I would like to present all the experience we have gathered in one place for the new OCs to emerge and carry on from where we left.


    Table of contents

    -Prerequisite of this guide

    -Step1: Online Times

    -Step 2: Open the editor

    -Step 3: Exploring the Rapid Mode

    -Aside Notes: Bugs related to GT

    -Step 4: Populating the list of hammers

    -Step 5: Chose targets for your players

    ----select targets

    ----select hammers

    ----color codes due to online time

    ----setting targets


    ----Note on red and blue arrow numbers

    -Extra Tip and Trick: Common Trick to find players within the same online times

    -Step 6: Clipboard and filters

    -Extra Tip and Trick: How to adjust the Troop Speed based on Boots

    -Step 7: Using Conquer mode from step 3 point 1 (Not recommended)

    -Step 8: Save and Exit! Link to the global plan

    -Step 9: Edit

    -New Entry mode

    ----Duplicate feature + Removing Attacks

    ----New Entry

    -Checking out the old plans



    Prerequisite for this guide

    Do read this guide to learn how to find your way in GT before exploring this guide. Gettertools from Beginner to Advanced

    To start off, you should have all your attackers setup and ready with updated troops and tournament squares. How to start on the hierarchy is already explained in the previous guide on GT tools. Now we want to dig through that one feature of the gt tools, "Editor". I will take you through the entire process of making one ops.

    Step 1: Online Times

    All your allies should have filled up their online times. In the previous guide, I have explained how it is done. This is how the online timing page looks for you:


    I asked some players to help me here create a mock plan. There are 3 players that updated the online times. So, only for these players I will assign attacks that land within the online times. Those who do not set online times, it implies that they'll be 24/7 online. Make sure you give them a good beating if they miss any of their attack launches.

    Step 2: Open the editor.

    Click on the Editor button (left screen shot). Then click on the Rapid mode. And you should get a similar screen to the one below this image. We shall explore this area in the next step


    Step 3: Exploring the Rapid Mode


    1. Here you set the type of attack you want to plan in general. With attack mode, you can select only one hammer. With conquer mode you can select more than one hammer but you have to manually edit a lot. I will cover Attack mode in details, and explain conquer mode briefly.
    2. Attack time. This is the general time setting for "Landing Time" and will be used for to calculate the timing of your attackers. Later on, you should do some fine tuning manually or adjust the times so that some of the players land before the other (maintaining order). Be cautious, every time you save you progress - you will have to reload your time too.

    3. Time tolerance. When finding targets through the online time, this feature allows the targets that are slightly outside the online time, in this picture - by 2 hours, to still be included. That means if someone's attack time is at 9:00, and his online times are set to 11:00 to 17:00, the will still show up as semi-green.

    4. With this selection set, when you get a list of the enemy players - the first choice of your target will get set to "Attack" and red color, the rest will be blue and "fake". I prefer to set all to fake since I do not follow in order. And later on, manually I edit all the real attacks as red.

    5. This is the speed of troops. Unless if you want to change to 4 for ramspeed/chief or def speed for insert, let it be.

    6. Total waves, set it to 4. By default it is going to show 3.

    7. There are ways to filter, the one you're going to chose is "Special". I will discuss this in the next step.

    8. "To the clipboard" is temporary stay of the plans, they will not be saved if you click on save. "To the plan", moves them to the complete plan. And if you press "save" then they will get saved. BE CAUTIOUS. Do not make your entire plan in the clipboard and forgetting to transfer it to the plan. EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST.

    9. Here, you add the name of the enemies. Type their name, and select them.

    10. Read point 8. Make sure you plan your attacks before saving - otherwise you lose everything.

    Aside Notes: Bugs related to GT

    There are two bugs here that might be common to all, or else just me. Firstly, when I type inside the "Add player", gt's keyboard shortcuts gets triggered. Specially, if you write "S" it starts saving. When it does that, you have to rewrite everything. Write the attack time again, input enemy players and the worse - all the plans from inside the clipboard gets lost!!

    The second bug, which I figured out how to fix with wishmaster3 after an hour long trouble shooting session together... was a weird bug. The online time of gt is associated to your pc timer and not to their own ingame clock. So, if you're from outside EU, chances are that you will also get a wrong online time (for me everything as red, even though who were within the online times). If you face this bug, change your pc time to UTC and it will fix itself... (Not joking)

    Step 4: Populating the list of hammers

    Press that button called "Special" described above at number 7. Here, you will get 3 criteria to find your hammers. Let the first, the hammer size to be 0; second, the chiefing units, also 0; and third set to 500 (which is the minimum catapults required for your ops). And the list of all villages with minimum 300 catapults will populate.

    Step 5: Chose targets for your players

    When making off plans, make sure you already know which targets you are aiming. Fakes are random and chaotic, but the real targets you should have an idea already. In another guide, I will explore this as much as possible (hopefully in near future). But, for now let us assume that I know the target players. This gt is from the old com1, so I will go and find some random target players that played there and start adding their names to the list. Once done, you could start adding villages to attack. This is how it will look, more explanations below the picture.


    Targets: At "add players" I have added 5 enemies from different locations of the map. Super Trooper, Trojan Horse, Pluto, Greed and Uly. Once you add enemy players, the list of their villages will populate to the right side, from among which you can pick up targets. But before that, you gotta pick a hammer from the left side.

    Hammers: To the left side of the screen, you can see I have chosen a player, "The Rock". It shows me that the player has 2 chiefs, but more importantly that clock symbol shows that he has updated his online times. Updating online times would mean that I can plan for him within his online times. If you see the enemy village names to the right side, you will see that is a mix of colors.

    Color Codes: The three colors stand for:

    Red = outside the online time of the player

    Green = Within the online time of the player

    Yellowish Greyish Green = Times that is slightly outside his online times, but within the tolerance set by you (in this case 2 hours). While I did fix the launch time for myself, I forgot to fix the total waves. I will do that, and proceed to select some random targets.

    setting targets: The first target you click from the enemy village list will show you red high light that stands for "Real Attack" (step 3, point 4: you can change it there), and the rest will show as blue which stands for "fake attacks". You can manually edit them too or just let it be.


    Clipboard: Now, click on "To the clipboard" so that you have room to edit your mistakes. If you click to add directly to the plan, you might end up losing them within the rest of the plans. Clipboard is like a temporary stay, where you can edit them and not worry about getting saved. Since they will not. You will have to then move it from clipboard to the plan, and then press the save button.

    Note on red and blue arrow numbers: The most important function here is those red and blue arrowed numbers. Do you see the red number next to Gal Gadot and The Rock? It says 1. Which means I have set that account for only 1 real attack. And it shows 9 blue swords, which means the Rock is set for 9 fakes. Gal Gadot being 6, is only 6 fakes. These numbers are also shown at the villages as you can see to the right side. The top village has "2" while the one below it has "1" which means there are already 2 fakes going to the top village, and 1 to the lower. If you click to clipboard, those numbers will increment.

    When you go ahead and make your plan. Remember that
    whenever you cover some of the targets, move them to the plan and save them. Then re-input your landing times etc and start updating more attacks. Frequently save though. If you do not want your work to be lost (has probably happened to every single OC out there - most of us though, have forgotten to move from clipboard to plan before saving and lost it all ;().

    Extra Tip and Trick: Common Trick to find players within the same online times.

    For some players, it is really difficult to find targets within the online times. So, if you manage to find one target, you can find the rest through checking them from gettermaps. Input the list of enemy alliances into the gt map, and from there draw an imaginary circle in your mind to see the enemy targets for that player within the same online times. Below image clarifies the point.EGKh7RO.jpg

    In this image, my attacker, "The Rock" is shown. His target, Greed is shown by the other arrow. If you imagine in your mind a circle with Attacker at center and the target at the circumference, all the other targets "ON" that circle will have the same travel times. The idea of imaginary circle belongs to wishmaster3 , the way I used to use it was checking out the closer players to the same player. But imaginary circle can give you more targets for the same player. Also very useful, if you want the player to have minimum difference between two attacks. To reduce the chances of enemies scouting him and catching his hammer home through those scouts. Now, back to gt.

    Step 6: Clipboard and filters

    Clipboard and the plan itself possess a lot of filter options. You can view the attackers, the attackee, the real attacks, fake attacks or chiefing attempts. Those filters give you a wide variety of options. The clipboard is shown below, and you should remember to "MOVE THE CLIPBOARD PLANS TO THE PLANS" before you press the save button. Also, in the comments you could mention details such as: Target crop fields, use chiefs. Make sure you do this or that. The attackers will see it within their plans.
    PS: I forgot to edit my total waves to 4, therefore you see the waves to 3 below. Now, if this was a real plan I would
    manually click them and fix them all. The "send Time" is shown in green, since the player is online at that time. If the player as not online, you'd see those times as red. Once you move all the plans from clipboard to plans, you can save your plan. However, I will also explore one more aspect before saving mine.


    Extra Tip and Trick: How to adjust the Troop Speed based on Boots

    Currently there is no way to input large boots catapults speed into gettertools. For small boots, however, there is a workaround in form of doubling the speed.

    Click on the unit speed, then instead of 3, select 6. For large boots, there is no work around. Do not use the hero boots of speeds for this purpose, hero boots incorporate different formulae.


    For large boots of titans, alternative method is to either use a google sheets, or else use to input all the targets for your player, and then calculate his launch time. You could also go one step ahead and in GT upload all his launch times against the targets so that your player gets countdown functionality. Though based on GT this would result into your player being shown different landing times, so your player should not be noob and understand that in GT you can't input large boots.

    Step 7: Using Conquer mode: step 3 point 1(I do not recommend this)

    At step 3, I told you what stands for what. There, the first point was "attack" or "conquer" button. If you chose conquer, there are some advantages. Particularly, if you want to make the same plan for 2 players. However, you will still have to manually edit your results.

    The benefit it has is that it let's you to chose multiple hammers instead of just 1. Earlier, you just had to stick to the 1 hammer, make all the plans for that one, and then repeat for a second (or duplicate those attacks. Duplicate will be explained later in this guide). Here, you can use multiple hammers "if their plans are similar". But, on the downside, the troop speeds are going to be 3 for the first hammer and the rest as 4 (follow ups). The picture below shows you the result. Afterwards, you fix the details in the clipboard before exporting them to the plan. And from the clipboard, you change all the "conquer" and "pre-conquer" to fakes and all the speeds to 3 unless it is intended.


    Step 8: Save and Exit! Link to the global plan

    That's it! Once saved, give the link of server "Global plan" to your allies. The reason you give the "global plan" link is that sometimes due to whatever reasons you might plan in multiple groups, or in a different group. And sometimes your players are in different groups and you're too lazy to tell them in which group the plans are made. So, instead of specifically giving them the plan link, you give them global link. The global link, gathers the plans from all the sub-groups, and shows them together, which shouldn't be an issue since you have just made one plan in one group. If someone is spy and messes up your plan, that's another story. Below is the image YOUR PLAYERS will see in their attack plans:


    Step 9: Edit

    Click on the editor again, this time you will see all the plans that were already there. Instead of clicking on rapid mode to add more, just manually filter the results and edit them.

    New Entry mode

    Duplicate feature + Removing Attacks:

    When you just require to add a few "similar" attacks, you could save time by resorting to the new entry instead of Rapid Mode. For this mode, you could also take advantage of duplicate feature. Duplicate is that little button shown in below image. That button sends a duplicate of the attack to the "clipboard". In clipboard, you can edit it. Saves time by not having to edit the arrival time and total waves + wave speeds. (Tips&Tricks: If you notice this attack, from image below, has a travel time is 90hours. This means that the player has not updated his tournament square. It is a good practice to filter the attacks based on the time to find out if there are some level 0 TS where you have to warn those teammates about).

    Pressing the "X" next to the duplicate option will remove the plan from there without asking for any confirmations (thankfully).


    New Entry

    Manual update is similar. Just that everything is empty instead of filled up. A pop up shows up when you click on the "new entry" that guides you step by step through the process. If you input the name, chose the target name, then the list of target villages will populate the tab right below (picture below. The Villages will show at ?). When selecting hammer, GT tools will also let you know how much hammer is present at the villages which is really useful. This feature is particularly handy during end games since you always know what is the coordinates of your target village.


    Checking out the old plans

    GT does not completely erase the attack plans whose timers have past. While they will move off the editor, you do not completely lose them. To view the older plans to see what went wrong: click on the "plan" to the left side of the group, and there click on "Open plan from all members" - there you can view the entire plan. There is also a button to clear your plans here. Useful if you do not want to see the older plans for yourself.



    Who knew, there was something in GT so well hidden that I had no idea it existed! wishmaster3 pointed out to this feature of GT tools, which displays if you turn the language of your GT to German. It shows right below the "Plans" as shown the image below


    Basically, it gives you a nice overview after the plan day. According to wishmaster3 it also tells you how much population has reduced but it might not function properly anymore. The other stats show you a quick percentage on how many of fakes etc were launched, if the player pressed "ok" button. You could view them in details within the "Open plans from all members" button explained previously.

    And that's about it! Again, let me remind you: do wait for one more guide before you dive in. There are a lot of mistakes that players make when making off plans. I would try my best to rectify as many of those as I can in the next one! Good luck and let me know if I am missing anything in this guide.

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

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  • hey,

    this is a big guide, please quote me so that I can search for what you meant. But I believe what you're referring to is about a GT picture where I forgot to edit the 3 waves per attack to 4 waves. And I meant that you should change it to 4 waves. If not that, quote me so that I can know what you are talking about. Thanks

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

  • hey,

    this is a big guide, please quote me so that I can search for what you meant. But I believe what you're referring to is about a GT picture where I forgot to edit the 3 waves per attack to 4 waves. And I meant that you should change it to 4 waves. If not that, quote me so that I can know what you are talking about. Thanks

    Yeah you are correct. I'm talking about it :P

    You tell that we should change it to "4 waves" instead of "3 waves" but I don't understand why we should.

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  • You can have 4 waves land in the same second. So it's way more efficient, as it gives way more damage (2 additional cata hits) with the same clear. So 4 waves should really be minimum for normal damaging attacks.

    I was expecting that. Thank you for making it clear! :)


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