Victory speech - Nordics X round 4 (Sid / HopLop)

  • As Muukalainen already wrote quite a lot about the end game and alliance, I will focus to my own journey. I realized after i wrote this that it's too long, and very much just random unnecessary stuff, but i am already late so i will send it like this

    I Joined to this Nordic speed because it’s been a while since I last time registered to this highly addictive village game. I Saw an add in Facebook and figured out that Nordic servers have been combined. Instantly after that I registered in hope of more active players, and found out that I am just 28 hours late. Because my last server was Fix24 and I have not talked with Travian people in a LOOONG time, I did not have an ally. I Just planned to chill and raid some purple color to my profile, and that worked; For a while. I Joined this alliance called “SHM – Swedish House Mafia” because I needed reward from “To the alliance!” task. It was the best and the worst thing that happened this server. The best, because well, I am currently writing a victory speech with awesome people, and the worst, because this game did it again, took way more time that it was meant to take.

    So I found out that there is decent players in the SHM so I stayed there (Really I just enjoyed their discord chat lol) and raided for couple weeks. Back then I had a dual for first 3 ish weeks. ChillTT402. This was his second Travian server ever, and I am really positive surprised what kind of activity, raiding and simssing he managed to do! Thank you for those couple weeks. Then artefact timer was set up. This is the point that my “chill game” had horrible downhill. If I remember correctly, it was 2 hours before artefacts spawned when Muukalainen set up Leader tittle to me and said “hey, you are leader now, help us coordinate the artefacts”. It was huge surprise and I was not ready for it, I have no experience about being an actual leader.

    Artefacts came, we took couple pretty nice ones, for example unique diet and unique trainer. As you all remember, story of unique trainer in our alliance was not too long. F-Zone timed attack pretty well just after I went to bed, and there was just this one awesome, but not so experienced sitter left to handle this mess. Muukalainen (Axel Hedfors) had t20 treasury for this kind of situations, but he slept over whole thing and my hero was on run for small boots, as I relied on alliances T20 treasuries. Well, so I wake up and its 1 hour and some minutes till the attack lands. No more time to boost extra treasuries or coordinate better defense, so I just made little changes about def and waited fingers crossed that something unexpected happens. Nothing special happened and we lost the trainer, as expected. We had unique diet, one small trainer, one big trainer, and couple other nice artefacts left. Then we recruited players from alliance “CK” and they brang us a new small trainer, so we could have even some how okay WWK’s.

    We did indeed, we were highly underestimated that wise back then, as we held top 2, 3 and 4 WW hammers in the server at one point. My Rammer was rank 2-4 for almost whole time, and rank 3 when I sent it to it’s final destination. Riona’s WWC was even bigger, it kept second place basically all the way up till it got deleted. The ops that deleted Riona’s WWK went through +1m defs, so points to F-Zone, it was a really nice one! Have to thank you Riona’s players about the awesome effort you did for it! Villains WWR has own story as well. F-Zone started OPsing us and I solo coordinated def, once even with using only notepads on my girlfriends small laptop. Villain informed me that he has this feeling, that it is fake. So we bought a lottery ticket and stacked def in other targets. Everything else were fully def'd, but of course I wake up and Villains top 5 off power rammer is in Bitlandia. Thank you for your effort as well, highly appreciate it! Then we had this guy called Harrison. Harrison has really intelligent game mind and he built big enough WWK to bring WW to zero with my rammer. Thank you too mate!

    I Have opened our WW hammer stories well enough already, so it’s time to move to end game and diplomatic side of our story. We had no arch, and building plans was about to be in game. We had to decide which Arch we are going to try. The Vikings were obvious target for us, as F-Zone was way too strong to OPs for arch at that point, VM was with MM so it would have costed too much and back then I thought that Welho (JL) is not stupid enough to NOT move the arch. So I wrote an OPs to Vikings arch, with plenty of fakes to both Vikings and ZE. We even had hero fakes to Hawk, but the timing was just too obvious to go for arch. So I woke up and Vikings had 1,8m def points and I figured out that we are out of options, we have to do diplomatics, even when we wanted to go solo for whole server.

    I Knew one JL player, my lovely WooGyyS from ongoing Nordic x5 and I said to him “What would you think if we combine. SHM and JL.”. It took a while and I got message from Welho that said “So what did you have in mind?”. So we made a deal, we take arch and they take another Joker to keep up double joker arch on WW. We kept playing with 2 WW’s, both focused on own and agreed to push each other when the WW is high enough. Well, that kinda never happened. Or yeah, we got JL’s defs after every WWK’s was already used and OPs hammers were not that big anymore. Anyways, even though the communication was not from the sharpest end, we probably would not have won this server without JL and JL’s arch. JL had last WWK’s left on server too, which protected our win even more. So thank you JL guys!

    About building WW, we planned to rush, but keep pauses every now and then, so we will be high but not the highest, to avoid WWK’s. We also tried to keep our and JL’s WWs as different level as possible, so we would be in the game all the time. We also calculated that JL needed to stop building at one point, as we knew the amount of WWK’s of the server.

    That’s kinda it. It was SUPER stressful server for me, because most of our players were not premade pro’s. Some players even was first time in an alliance, that held WW. I Mostly soloed or coordinated defs with Muukalainen, and in this situation it’s not the easiest or fastest job to handle. It really ate my nerves and time, but after all i'm happy that i did it.

    Now, people who I want to give extra mention to:

    Muukalainen: What a f*cking champ. Great guy as a person and really similar game mind as I do. This definitely worked mainly because of us, and I know that it will not be last time! With the cards that was given to us, we made an insane hand. Well played!

    Pörri: Good luck on your new journey, whatever you decide! Sä oot kyllä myös kaveri, kenen kanssa oon oottanut et pääsee pelaamaan samassa poppoossa jo nuoresta. En pettynyt, oot ihan mahtava jätkä ja ajoittain peliäly ihan maagista.

    Pösömies: Alkuun olit ehdottomasti tässä liitosta mun yhteyshenkilö, harmi että se jäi, olit huippu tyyppi.

    Jyke: This guy. If you are looking for a dual and need a good one, contact this guy. One of our best def players and joined ongoing x5 with me as a dual. Not regretting at all.

    Aleksi(Rioná): Äijä on maagiinen ja mahtava asenne, propsit!

    Datura, Jupee ja Welho: Te ootte esimerkkejä siitä, miten hyvien liidujen ei aina tarvii olla ihan perillä kaikesta :DDD Mahtavaa duunia loppusekoiluissa kaikilta kolmelta!

    WooGyys: Oot söötti :*

    Tachanka (Sindre): You are alfa AF.

    F-Zone: This might be surprise, but thank you for keeping the level of this server so high. It’s so much better feeling to win, when I know that there was enemies like you. Unfortunately couple individuals from Zone ALMOST made be believe, that everyone of you are as salty and sad as them. Luckily I talked with some of you later and found out that it is not like that.

    MM: Thank you for your playstyle. It refreshing and made this server actually interesting and good. Also damn, never seen OPsing like that! And GZ on achieving your goal! Absolutely my favorite alliance after ours.

    SB: Guys, I just realized that I forgot to tell about you in victory speech, because I felt like you are in SHM whole time, because Muukalainen and Pörri said so all the time, even though you were not joined yet :D Great players and pretty nice non-trainer offs!

    Nappo: Sä oot kaveri, joka jakaa mielipiteitä. Sulla on hyvät ja huonot hetkesi. Rivarina oot sinäänsä mahtava, että sun ”liidu käskee minä teen” asenteesta voisi ottaa moni oppia. Mutta sitten sulla on tämä toinenkin puoli. Se, miten marttyyri ja jopa ailahtelevainen olit välillä discordissa iski silmään pahasti, ja taisin siitä sulle mainitakkin. Ja ASDFG tapasissa keisseissä, on parempi olla iskemättä bensaa liekkeihin. Meinaan että luultavasti se ei olisi päättynyt eskaloitumaan noin, ilman sua. Mutta kaiken tän ranttauksen jälkeen, et joudu risut ja ruusut arvostelussa risut osioon, koska ainakin mua kohtaan nää asiat parani pikkuhiljaa servun edetessä. PS tahdon nähdä kun vedät joskus oikeesti laatu tilin, eikä vaan heittää kaikkea vitsiksi :D


    Gambler: You are one helpful player to have in alliance. 5/5 would recruit again.


    Hemppari: An awesome night player, would recommend you for anyone, who need sitter for night.


    Prosentti: Äijä o läppä äijä :D Tuus ens runille


    Lepakkoesa: Älä koskaan muutu, oot eeppinen :D:D


    Last but no least; Thank you all from SHM/HopLop <3 With this group of people, many non-gold users, some playing first time in big alliance and some just had a bad server, and we won. We actually rose from deep depths to actually be game changing alliance, I am proud of every casual and non-casual of this alliance, even those 4 grey balls that we had end of the server.


    Was a great server for me, and hope that everyone else had a great success or fun in their own games!

    -Acid Twins aka Sid

    PS: IF/because I have forgotten someone, I will edit and add somethings to this speech later. Wrote this in couple hours while doing work at the same time.

  • HopLop, come on board and join this epic cruise from Kouvola to Oslo


    Mikä v*tun gang gang squad squad

    V*tun pelle se on mun lössi

    Ja ku mä rullaan, nii mulla on mukana mun lössi

    Pistä listalle plus sata, mulla on mukana mun lössi

    Koska sillon jos me tullaan nii mulla on mukana mun lössi

    Poika emmä tiiä susta mut mulla on mukana mun lössi🎶

    It all started when we decided (me, pörri, pösö) to go in this server with three accounts and just have some fun. Well I think I can say that we accomplished it 😄

    There was really no plans about making an alliance, it was only joke what we (me and pösö) did when pörri went to spend some quality time with a lot of womens. So what we did was a huge recruit operation and only from the map, we didnt know anyone of these players before.

    When pörri came back to discord channel he wasnt angry at all but he said that "you made the ally, you will lead the ally". And there we were two guys without any clue what the hell we are doing and just for your info we havent been leaders earlier, this was the first time.

    How we ruled cannot been suggest to anyone 😄 no rules at all and just drinking aand maybe some smoking too (shhh). At least we noticed that we need one more guy to lead this circus and we just got the perfect dude, all hail Sid! Then we started to make some rules and modified our discord channel, thought first time about the artefacts and possibility build ww later etc etc.

    All seemed to roll quite fine for a while but then we (me and pösö) did really rock bottom at one night and I was really a shamed about it. Well pösö continued drinking but I joined to help Sid with the leading properly. After that night I can say there were really only Sid and I leading, also pörri gave us some advice.

    At some point we started to think about the winning 😄 and made a pack with one of the greatest ally of all time JL. Later there joined Sb aswell. Since we all knew that f-zone has a lot of hammers and deff so this was how we could get things a little bit more balanced, f-zone were still the strongest ally.

    We planned together ww attacks but deff wasnt really moved from us to them or them to us. Ofc we let them use our trainers since we did lose half of our hammers and also we made the first attack to f-zone ww. This was a very important pack mainly because we didnt have our own arch. Once again, Pörri proved to be a genius and we took the arch to us and gave Joker to JL, so JL got a joker + uniq joker which is a combination to get arch all the time.

    We didnt really do OPs, maybe some solo but only one coordinated OP (vikings arch) and it failed. Deffed some OPs against f-zone and there were huge losses including two ww-hammers but against all the expectations, we also managed to make a proper wall for them and this was Sid's work. Later I was ready to post pretty good meme at the forums but we failed rionas hammer even there were +1M deffs which is kind a good amount for us. We had all the times like 3 or 4 targets which we deffed with around 1M deffs, didnt really use our scouts or else tactics, just went there what felt good 😄

    I would also like to mention that we would not be here without the MM and their OPs to f-zone. Thank goodness they didnt take WW or we would all be f*cked. I would have allowed this victory to VM too, but damn what they went to do with their last attack to f-zone, well I just leave this here: Teemuki would have been proud.

    End of this round was very KUUMOTTAVA as you say in finnish.

    In the end I have this traditional lovelist & cancerlist, enjoy:


    -Pösömies, in the beginning you were the best guy in the server but then you went downhill and became less awesome, also deleted your account but cant really blame you and great to see you back in game.

    -Pörri, I just cant register without you, even if you were full idle still need to see your name in the discord channel. Thanks for the advice and all, you know.

    -Sid, you were a whole new guy to me, but what, WHAT, the best guy with whom I could run this circus and hey, we are just getting started.

    -Ofc I want to thank you all who were in HopLop, a lot of new guys and will continue with some of them in game.

    -Need to bless some of our mates from JL and Sb also: Welho, Datura, Jupee, JOA, Hakkis

    -From MM I need to thank Qummi and Tanaali, bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you. You killed it!

    - Also from MM Aiu and minapamina, thanks for your posts here at the forums. It really was a joy to read those!

    -And need to thank people from last round ally channel, exotik, neve, zibu, herry, t0mbl and a lots of other crazy dudes, this channel was a bless to me since I did not have an permission to public channel 😪

    -From f-zone I need to thank Louis for chat but wtf my old trusted dual went to enemy 😪 I was soooo sad when I noticed this! Hope we will play in the same side future.

    And now the cancerlist what you all have been wait, but I must say this is short because Im a good guy and dont want to get banned(again):

    -Nappo, how you can be adult? You are so stupid, annoying and cant play a shit.

    -F-zone, you came here with a big premade ally and with a even bigger ego. Then you attack everywhere and do all kind a shitty things, also talk shit. After all this what can you do? You f*cking pussies start to cry and whine about all are against you😂😂 which is not even true. As far as I know, no one else actually OPsed you, expect MM and couple solo players. Also need to mention that we received attacks from all alliances and most your OPs were against us or sometimes maybe against some other farm alliance so... Please grow up and grow some balls too.

    -Ohh I almost forgot the vikings... What can I say, maybe you swedes should just go and play those autistic servers.

  • Let's keep it short and sweet. I was going to play on AngloX next, then I was asked to join an alliance to run some ops against the old legends here and well, who could say no to that.. Let's give it a one last chance. I am very happy that I did that, I had my doubts but the crew proved me wrong and damn it was fun to play. I played on Dumb, did couple hammers and some deff, ended up with 500k phalanx alive at the end and almost got to BP's with zero deff points.

    Also, gaul off and the new buildings suck.

    Now the thank you's.

    Kiitos Ryysylle jälleen, vuodet vierii ja homma pelaa edelleen kuin rasvattu. Mukavaa pelailla kun tietää ettei tarvi turhaan miettiä tulevia atteja kun on sellanen pakkipatteristo vieressä että vihutkin pelkää.

    Kiitos Qummi, vähän piti kiusata välillä mutta kyllähän äiä sen homman hoiti kotiin kunnialla. Opsua paukku tasaseen tahtiin läpi rundin ja kiveä sai antaa koko sydämensä kyllyydestä.

    Kiitos Minapa tyynyvinkeistä ja liittoon rekryämisestä :love:

    Kiitos pakkiukoille (Tane & Vilho), vaikka teille nyt ei hirveästi tehtävää jäänytkään niin aika pelottavalla prosentilla ne oikeat sieltä kuitenkin arvoitte. Oli helppo homma jättää "herran haltuun" asia punamiekkojen vilkkuessa ja lykätä vaan pakit sen suuremmin ajattelematta sinne minne käskettiin.

    Kiitos Nevelle kun olit se kolmas linkki naapurustossa, oli vähän ylimäärästä pakkia tarjolla ja loppua kohden hyvistä veroresoista kun moti pelata hiipui.

    Kiitos myös 3 6 9 reiteistä kun loppui kans moti pelata. Resot pistettiin hyötykäyttöön isojen raksojen muodossa offeissa ;)

    Kiitos tietysti vielä röiukoille, viihdettä riitti kannulla ja 7c capilla pistettiin porukkaa ojennukseen oikein huolella.

    Kiitos myös muille liitossa pelanneille, tämä oli taas yksi niistä ikimuistoisista porukoista mitä jää kaipaamaan ja muistelemaan kaiholla.. :(

    Thank you also to our danish, norwegian, scandinavian or where you were from reinforcements. You did few really good accounts and helped the alliance a lot.

    Thank you VM for taking us with you and shame you didnt get the victory.

    Also thank you everyone who participated here on forums and made the diplomacy thread and discord great again. It was fun to read all of that.

  • Moro.

    Olipas vaiherikas kausi taas, tällä kertaa rivimiehenä ja pikku apurina.

    Tulin pelaamaan hetken mielijohteesta noin viikko startista ja tarkoituksena katella sivusilmällä, kun Lepakkoesa pyysi katselemaan, tilillä oli jo ennestään myös Jopade.

    No nopeasti vanhat vaistot heräsivät ja rupesin hääräämään, aluksi olimme jossain tingeltangeli liitossa missä kukaan ei osannut yhtään mitään perus juttuja, no hetken kasvoimme siinä ja kysyin tilin muilta jäseniltä, miten olisi, jos vaihdetaan jonnekin missä on oikeita pelaajia.

    ensin tietenkin lähestyin F-zonea ja lähetin hakemuksen vähän vasemmalla kädellä ja huumori mielellä, no ei tietenkään mitään vastausta kuulunut, joten käänsin katseen Swedish House Mafia, no kuvauksessa oli lontooksi niin sanoin Lepakkoesalle et kokeillaanpas ihan huvikseen olisiko tuolla tilaa.

    no sinnehän päästiin heti, huudeltiin aikamme dc kanavalle pääsyä ja sinne tuli kutsu joskus viikon päästä, no ylläri oli positiivinen, kun kanavalla oli monta tuttua pelaajaa, joiden kanssa pelannut tai tunsin muuten.

    Faktit olivat tulossa ja ilmoittauduttiin tietenkin noutamaan. Ensin kävi käsky noutaa eräs fakti vähän kauempaa, no kävi niin että oma liittolainen haki sen noin tunti ennen meitä ja ihan omin päin lähtenyt hakemaan. Eiku joukot kääntyi kotiin. Sitten käsky hakee toinen taas hieman kauempaa ja fiilistelin jo nyt tulee, no ei hemmetti se sama liittolainen mikä haki ekan faktin nenän edestä oli jälleen meitä ja prkl 3min ennen ja joukot kotia.

    No ei muuta kuin ihmeteltiin ja raidattiin, sitten alkoi F-zonen DeusVult kiinnostumaan meidän kylistä valtaus mielessä, no pari kertaa pässit kävivät ja sitten ajattelin et en luovuta, aloin pakittamaan ja tekemään kätköjä. 12 päällikköä ja pienen käyttiksen menettäneenä se päätti luovuttaa harmikseni koska olisi ollut valmis kätkökylä.

    Myöhemmin sama pelaaja vei vähän pienemmän kätkökylän.

    Sitten tulikin tapaus ASDFG, sen jutut ja tekoset sai minut heräämään, että tämä sankari on myyrä, ja mainitsin siitä yp joka olikin ollut jo samoilla aatoksin. Aikamme siinä veivailtua ja muutama yhteen oton jälkeen se lähti liitosta ja hyökkäsi sinne tänne meidän pelaajia vastaa, yp kanssa juteltua sain vihreetä valoa ja ajaa, kävin sitten ajamassa sen käyttiksen bittiin.

    WW ja Ohjeiden jälkeen tuli käsky hakea ohje semi offline pelaajalta talteen korpeen koska olin erittäin aktiivinen.

    Sitten myöhemmin tuli käskyä vähän siivota korvessa meidän aluetta ja eräs kohteista oli konaukot, siinä olikin sitten säätöä, jos jonkinlaista :D, muutama kylä saatiin ja sitten tilin kv alkoi laittaa hanttiin ja tuli meillekkin tappioita.

    Loppukausi meni raidatessa, ja pakkia tehdessä ohjeen ympärillä.

    WW taistelu oli mielenkiintoinen seurattava ja päästiin itsekin pari kerrosta rakentamaan kv ominaisuudessa.

    Loppu hyvin ja kaikki hyvin 3 kertaa hopealle jääneenä kyllä se voitto maistuu, vaikka vihut tuolla sumuilua huuteli. kyllä oli vihuillakin aikamoisia sumu virityksi.

    Haluan kiittää.

    Posomies: Hienomies liiduna, vaikka meni välillä överiksi. Kouluarvosana 8.

    Muukalainen: Tiesin pelaajan, mutta ekaa kertaa saman katon alla, hoiti hommansa välillä liiankin hyvin, ja en ole katkera niistä turhista sun vittuiluista ja esittämisestä enkä 2-3 jäähystä :D. Kouluarvosana 8½.

    Sid: Sait puskista vastuuta faktien alla, hoidit tonttisi kiitettävästi ja loppua kohden otit isompaa roolia liiduna ja vielä voitokkaasti. Kouluarvosana 9½.

    Jopade: Vanha tuttu pelaaja, vähän aikaa vietimme samaan aikaan kanavalla, mutta kiitos sulle myös, kun sain pelata kanssasi.

    Lepakkoesa: Sinä Herkkupeppu ja serverin tavotelluin homostelija :D

    Sun kanssa on aina yhtä helppoa ja hauskaa pelata, ei ollut kertaakaan tylsiä hetkiä, ja jaksoit olla minun tukena.

    Kiitos koko SHM porukka, oli mukavaa pelaa teidän kanssa ja viettää monet voice illat.

    Pelaan omalla tyylilläni, en aina välitä muiden vittuiluista, edelleen olen kaverille kaveri ja mulkuille mulkku.

    Tämä kausi näytti sen että kyllä sitä luottoa löytyy.

    Terveisin: Nappo / Möhköfantti.

    Swedish House Mafia (Hop Lop)

  • Servulle lähettiin Viiman kanssa pari päivää myöhässä lähinnä perseilemään ja kattomaan mikä meno travissa nykyään on. Molemmilla vierähtäny viimeisimmästä servusta joku reilu neljä vuotta tms. Nopeesti sit kuitenkin alettiinkin pelaa tosissaan. Aluks joinattiin johonki iha täysin kusiseen Forsaken-liittoon, joka kaatuikin heti faktien tulon jälkeen. Haettiin tilipulla ja joinattiin Qummin johtamaan MM:ään (kiitos herra X suositteluista <3). Pelailtiin pakkipelaajana aina johonki pari viikkoa faktien tuloon asti kunnes ruvettiin vaan jonottaa offia, kun huomattiin ettei F-Zone tai kukaa muukaan oikeen opsua meitä vastan ja meitä kumpaakaan ei hirveesti kiinnostanut pelata VM:lle. Pari viikkoa ennen servun loppumista kuitenkin meitsin sairastumisen ja yleisen motin puutteen vuoks tilillä pelattiin se max pari tuntia per päivä kun heiteltiin kiviä 3 Boys 1 Siltsulle ja loput ajasta idlattiin.

    Mut yleisesti niin hyvä ja hauska servu, Qummi opsus mainiosti ja kivet lenteli hyvin!

    Kiitos kaikille MM:n tyypeille, oli siisti pelata kanssanne!

    BärsC - kaikenkaikkiaan 5/5 tyyppi

    Exotik - ehkä Suomen kovin React-devaaja

    Qummi - kiitti asiallisesta liiduumisesta! hyvä tyyppi

    WuT - asiallinen ja mukava heppu!

    pakkiapinat Vilho & Tanaali - vaikka ei hirveesti tarvinnu pakkiopsuja tehä niin silti ne mitä piti niin näytti menevän aina tosi hyvin

    Tachanka - cooperation with this guy went really well, thanks!

    Hardstyle - kiitos niistä kylistä mitä annoit ennen kun sun tili meni deleen!

    ~ viltsu (Monero)

    [Viiman loppupuheet tulossa tähän editillä ehkä joskus?]

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  • Se olis taas yks servu hoidettu alta pois.

    Edellinen rundi tais olla fix21 ja tästäkin kuultiin päivää ennen alkua. Entiselle dual kamulle vaan viestiä lähdetäänkö kokeilee ja ei sitä kauaa mietitty. Lähdettiin SB liittoon vanhojen peli kamujen kans pelailemaan osa enemmä ja osa vähemmän tosissaan.

    Tavoitteena oli et korpeen simssaan ja rakenteleen rauhassa offia.

    Peli kulki ihan hyvin ja kiinnostus pysyi yllä, vaikkakin vähän vasemmalla kädellä pelailua olikin.

    Faktit alko lähenemään, niin piti alkaa kyseleen pikku hiljaa onko jotain yhteistyötä suunnitteilla, vai lähdetäänkö omille teille.

    No heti faktien jälkeen alkoi puheet, että hypättäisiin HopLop:in kanssa yhteen ja heidän fakti kiertoihin. Liittoutuminen tapahtui lopulta, vasta yli kk myöhemmin (syitä on monia) ww taistelujen ollen täydessä vauhdissa.

    Sotis eksyi meille liittoutumisen jälkeen, mut ei siitä montaa päivää nautittu, vaan tuli opsujen aika ja päästiin ajelee meidän offit Vikings torniin. No samaan aikaan Vikings yritti opsuta meidän offi kylää alas, mutta eihän ne edes sitä osanneet ja lana löysi ehjänä perille. Toki myös pakit auttoi tässä. Kiitos niistä!

    Tässä rapsaa ajelusta.

    Tän jälkeen idlailuu/ww:n pullausta loppu servu ja odottaa servun voittoa!


    Jkao (dual) Ilman sinua tili olisi kaatunut, mutta hoidit yöt servun alussa ja pidit tilin pystyssä. Lopussa idlasitkin välillä vähän liikaakin.



    JOA Vaikka hoiditkin asiat turhan hitaasti.

    Muukalainen Taisi olla eka kerta samassa porukassa. Toivottavasti ei viimeinen.


    + JL ja HopLop liitot/pelaajat

    Ehkä näemme seuraavalla runilla.


    Tili: Los pródigos

    Sims: 49. 20383/30

    Off: 85. 239549

  • Very shortly in English at the end.

    Loppuhan se vihdoin. F-Zone hävis oikeutetusti, eikä se VM voittokaan teoriassa kaukana ollut. Teemun muistoa kunnioittaen Zoorak lähetti wwk:nsa minuuttia etupeltoon, joten ampu muurin yli vikassa tiputuksessa, joten ei enää viititty riskeeraa jotain yllärilappuja F-Zonelta tai sen liittolaisilta, jos oltas kokeiltu runnoa SHM:aa voittotaiston merkeissä.

    Viime servun päätyttyä Tane lähti kyselemään dualiks, en vieläkään oikeen tiiä miks, ku omat tilit loppua kohden aika idleä + nykyään aikaa tälle pelille aika vähän. Kuulemma piti lähtee antaa runtua Redon pikkuliitolle t0mblin liitossa, mikä kuullosti liian hyvältä ollakseen totta, joten I'm in! Eipä sitä tompan liittoa kuulunu, joten kysyin Tanelta tehäänkö oma liitto, ja aika nopeasti olin jo lämppäämässä Qummia liiduksi. Kun mitään kielteistä ei kuulunut, läiskin discossa satunnaisen epäsatunnaisesti jengille privaa, osa tarttui täkyyn, osa oli jo rekrytty Redon liittoon, osa ei jaksanut lähteä. Olikohan meillä joku 10 tiliä kasassa, kun Qummi pääsi loputtomilta laivareissuilta vihdoin koneelle, ja keräsi vielä pari tiliä Tanen kanssa siihen päälle. Aateltiin että saumat mähistä F-Zonen kanssa on hyvät, sillä heillä piti olla parikymmentä tiliä, ehkä vähän enemmän. Servua edeltävänä päivänä pohdittiin accon nimeä, Qummi ei halunnut mitään rasistista, joten ehdotin Tummapaahto'a, ja sillä mentiin. Kahvi on kuitenkin ihan hyvää.

    Servulla tilanne valkeni aika hyvin, että "redon pikkuliitto" olikin Titanicin neitsytmatka, ja meiän tehtävä oli tulla jäävuoreksi siihen eteen. Paskaa tiliä ei ite viiti tehä, ja rahalla saa kaikesta parempaa, joten ladottiin kylmästä tuohta tiskiin että ei ainakaan ihan ekoilla viikoilla leipoisi tiliin kiinni. Ekoina päivinä oli aika mukavaa huutokauppaa F-Zonen kanssa, kultaa ja hopeaa tais mennä määrissä, eikä kukaan saanut mitään tavaroita ostettua. Loppuviimein ihan kiva tili tuli, harmikseni itsellä vika kuukaus oli aika kiireinen tapahtumien, työmatkojen, sairastelun, muuton jne. takia, mikä näkyi loppusimssissä. Olin hoitanut kylien valtailut, joten aika tehokkaasti lähti simssisijotus laskemaan, mutta eipä se toisaalta tiliin juuri vaikuttanut, kun Tane ja Qummi sai pyöritettyä nätisti jonoja ilmankin uusia kyliä.


    Decided to make an account with Tane, Qummi jumped in, and we made Tummapaahto. I think the outcome was decent for non-raid account. We (MM) tried to make the server as interesting as possible, as the just pure F-Zone vs VM vs SHM would have been bloodbath. Even though F-Zone was largest disappointment in years, I think the server wasn't as bad as some previous ones.


    Kiitos Tanelle että kysy dualiksi, muuten en ois servulle lähteny, Absoluuttinen hullumies kun haluu omasta alotteesta lähtee pelaa minun kanssa. Myös ihan ok peluri ja pakkijäbä

    Kiitos Qummille että lähti liidaamaan, ja hyvin liidaskin. Siihen päälle tuli vielä pomppimaan meiän tilillä, mikä ois ollu aika kaaosta kahestaan Tanen kanssa varsinkin minun loppuservun idlausten kanssa. Vähän katkera oon että et halunnu antaa Viikinkien voittaa, vaikka minä ja Tane oltiin sitä mieltä. Pääasia että F-Zone ei lopussa kuitenkaan vienyt.

    Kiitos Makkoo ja Ryysy että lähitte tekee pakkia, vaikka suunnitelmat oli muualla. Vähän paska servu taas pakille, mutta toisaalta ilman oltas oltu kusessa.

    Kiitos WuTille, aika cova työmyyrä. Ois kaivattu työmyyrää meiänki tilillä :D

    Kiitos myös muille MM pelureille, pääosin hyvätasosia tilejä, ja jengi jakso hakata niitä loppuun asti pääsääntösesti paremmin ku minä. Discossa kokoajan vääntöä päällä, ei tullu tylsää. En ala kaikkia yksitellen kiittämään, mut hyvää duunia ihan koko liitto.

    Special mention to Tachanka, what an absolute mörkö account. Multiple nice hammers, shame we couldn't use more at one time in ops :D

    Special mentions also go to F-Zone for sub-par performance. You pretty much had everything, yet you could do nothing. You were literally a punching bag taking hits, and hoping you are fine at the end. Did not work, and made the server very boring.

    Third special mention goes to travian banning/botting detection system. After the chance to automated system, people have been banned randomly. Great job on ruining the game.

    Last, but not least fourth special mention goes also to TG, in the shape of graphic rework. Just... don't...

    I hope Qummi writes more about MM as he was leader, and Tane about our account as he created it. Until next time, not sure when.

    Kuvahaun tulos: maki nishikino gif

  • Minapamina: Are you interested of speeds anymore

    WuT: Not really interested


    Account: Threat

    Sim: 3. 40556/45

    Off: 2. 2026430

    Hero: 7. 1756442

    We decided to come to the server with Disaster(Zircon).

    Both made solo accounts. I decided to go full off and Zircon def.

    My plan was to play with minimum gold use and the start was slow.

    100% cap was the result of not stepping into cage auctions, but I was happy with it becouse I didnt have to wake up so often to npc.

    Qummi told that Vilho and Poromies are looking for chill account to play/idle in and I thought why not take helping hands/sponsors to the account.

    After artes Vilho got motivated and started to raid even he said earlier hes not going to raid. That really helped me to stay motivated until the end.

    Moe came to play/sponsor/idle to the account d29(?) and soon after that accounts mascot Eksu joined in.

    Account was running very well nearly whole server, maybe becouse of me using average 15h/d to the game and becouse of that I had to take few brakes from the game.

    During those periods Vilho and Moe took good care of raids and queues.

    Something about account:

    We were running four off villages and two scout villages. I did mostly all the slave work on the account: simming, farmlists, conquering and keeping the activityball blue. Vilho and Moe focused on those nice things: raiding, queueing and sending OP's. We lost once cropfields in F-Zones op, but luckily it was only the fields and cap was rebuilded in ~28h with alliances help.


    Kiitos Vilholle, että katoit tiliä useamman tunnin yössä, hoidit raidit ja jonot hyvin tuona aikana. Ilman sun panostusta olisintod.näk. burnoutannu(taas) totaalisesti. Lähetit myös kaikki opsulähetykset(muistaakseni) vikaa ja ekaa opsua lukuunottamatta.

    Kiitos Moelle hyvistä neuvoista, mielipiteistä, sponsoroinnista ja että olit apuna kun töiltään kerkesit.

    Kiitos Poromiehelle, että katoit tiliä alkuservusta ja ostit gelbs.

    Kiitos Eksulle sponsoroinnista, tilikannun aktiivisena pitämisestä ja siitä että käänsit siilon pari kertaa :D

    Kiitos Zirconille henkisestä tuesta, sittauksesta ja pakeista.

    Kiitos Qummille, että mahdollistit tämän kaiken meille. Tähän mennessä viihtyisin liitto missä olen pelannut.

    Kiitos Minapaminalle että rekrysit mut. Olisin jäänyt paljosta paitsi ilman sua.

    Kiitos Tanaali, hoidit hommat hyvin niinku aina.

    Kiitos Viltsulle hyvistä keskusteluista. Oot hyvä tyyppi.

    Kiitos Makkoolle että olit aina ajottaas pakkeja pyydettäessä ja näytit meille(noboille jotka seinäs sinne) mite se siltsu otetaa alas :D

    Thanks to Redfarm and Bjørn(Peters) for letting us to sit your account. I really enjoyed using your scouts and fast defs.

    Thanks to everyone who played in MM!

    Thanks to nikkke for the picture I was using.

    Thanks to all haters, you keep me motivated.

    Antithanks to TG for trying to kill everyones motivation with new graphics

  • Once again, I feel like I would just want to say ggez, but I guess I'll tell things a bit more.

    As we can see, HopLop's WW went to 100, and all things considered, surprisingly easy. I'll tell things on the perspective of how I saw them on this server and even though I wasn't a leader, I'll touch couple of alliance wide things.

    After the farce we saw last round, it's pretty surprising I ended up registering to this round. We started the round with me+Jadsku+Junnu combination and later on we got Chido on the account who lasted for couple of days and later on Kisuli who lasted until the end. The alliance we ended up going to was F-Zone and the account was planned to have 1 bigger ops hammer, 1 raid hammer and otherwise full def. With that single ops hammer, we ended up being #1 off on the server for pretty much the whole server. Obviously we used the raid hammer for clearing couple of building plans, which made us just getting bigger lead on the off points after BP, but oh well.

    The start for us personally went pretty well once again, and we got probably the fastest settlers in the server. Those settlers ended up getting us 150% 15c close to the WW we would be picking up. Which I can't say for everyone on our alliance, since random ~10 accounts around our alliance just queued catas during beginners protection and instantly after it started cataing us. I wonder who could have just made 1 village accounts for the purpose to solely cata us. Our start was pretty idly for the first week and we still managed to have the most production on server etc. I wonder what enemies were doing, since it wasn't troops or production. For the WW we had competition from Vikings, and we soon realized it would be 3v15 around us against Vikings. That meant we had to start queuing off couple of days sooner than planned and Huh & Huh, Spede Beard and Rope Director accounts would be startin opsing at around d13. We cataed 2 accounts to move away from us and 1 account to deletion and otherwise Vikings really weren't any threat to us, even though I learned to hate stonemason on early game. Our sweep on d13

    Before artes it was pretty much simming and queuing troops, only attack we got before artes was this: so it really was pretty boring times. Having the raid bug around artes also really killed the motivation. For artes we had around 120k+17k hammer on our primary hammer and the raid hammer was 34k+8,5k with some def. Not amazing but also not bad. With those hammers we cleared big boots and small hawk, and the reports for those: and

    After artes we really started using our ops hammer pretty much every day starting with getting unique trainer for Death Note:

    I'll start just putting up some reports we have saved on our archive. I think there is more reports than these, but oh well. <- attempted conquering of off village, which went "yhtä hyvin kuin jeesuksen pääsiäinen." <- getting 2nd small trainer for our ally <- Vikings fucking up WW conquer where I was able to snitch it for us. Luckily you guys didn't build residence on the village or anything, would have otherwise fucked up our plans really hard. <- getting ops hammer back up a bit and conquering WW boosters for us <- some ops against SHM <- using our raid hammer for clearing couple of building plans since there wasn't a need to use it for clearing WW itself <- this was conquered from SHM <- finding the wall finally

    Reports against our WW/BP's will be given by Jadsku or Redo if they want to, but I'm far too lazy to do it myself.

    Otherwise it was pretty much just queuing def and building WW. We made with lvl20 fields after artes with the raid res since we had unique arch so it really made our crop fields pretty safe, even though it would have been free hit for MM on their first ops when they had some fakes on us. Too bad, you actually could have hit a capital with high fields on the server.

    The account itself was a success for the plans we had. It was far more enjoyable than Angry Walrus on last round imo.

    Couple of words about other alliances on this server:

    MM - It was too bad for you guys though. You had the potential, you had the players, you actually made some good things on the server, but the biggest thing I will remember from you guys is all the lies and ppl that went full-retard mode. And with your provocation, you guys only managed to provocate yourself. Just a tip, provocating with facts are far more effective. And it also is sad for those guys that didn't do those things mentioned. Congratulationz on the win, even though it meant you had to go full SuMu-mode.

    VM - Going with MM was smart (even though not the most honorable) for you guys, and I don't know if MM ever told you SHM was co-operating with each other. I wonder if MM even after server admits it. Not really anything bad to say about you guys, even though there isn't anything amazing to say either. Overall good alliance, which could have done better, but also could have done far worser.

    SHM - I don't even really know what to say about you guys. First couple of weeks you were pain in the ass for our alliance. Some extremely stupid decisions on attacks etc, which I still can't understand. I guess winning is everything though?

    Vikings - There are good and bad things to say about you. Not giving up was the best thing you guys had, but you should have been far more aggressive around us and fucking up the WW conquer was just really bad for you. Also it's a shame you didn't manage to get 2nd building plan, not sure why though. Maybe you were out of troops since you had to clear 2nd WW? Hard to say. And when you finally managed to get one, you lost one also.

    Other alliances were too irrelevant to even say anything about them.

    About F-Zone: It was really nice playing with you guys overall, after last round having atmosphere without toxicity was the perfect thing one could ask for. Players mostly coming back from years break and getting to know those old "Redon poppoo" -players was really nice, and if I decide to play this game again, I hope to play with some of you guys again. o/


    Jadsku - viime loppupuhees viimesenä, tässä ekana. Sun kanssa on kyl hyvä pelaa, enkä ymmärrä miks porukka ajattelee ettet ymmärtäis pelist mittää. Vaikka välillä vähän raskasta pelaa sun kanssa, niin eipä se aina helpointa toisaalta minunkaa kanssa oo. Olit aina korvaamassa mun poissaoloa, ja et painostanu pelaan pahoina hetkinä, joten siitäkin tosi iso kiitos. Kiitoksia runista tosi paljon ja toivottavasti viel tulevaisuudessakin samalla tilillä mikäli tähän peliin eksyn. o/

    Junnu - kolmas osa original huhheist, kiitos sullekin tosi paljo. Vaikka sanoinkin, että sun ei tarvi halutessas minuuttiakaan pelaa ja pelasit sen ekan viikon, niin silti luulin että olisin saanu sut baitattua enemmän pelaa. Ei mitenkää valittamisena, teit sen mitä lupasitkin, eikä enempää voi pyytää.

    Chido - kävit pari päivää tilillä ja vaikutit hyvält tyypilt. Harmi että sun pelit sit loppu niin nopeaa.

    Kisuli - Chidon lähtiessä lupasit pari tuntii päiväs pelata tarvittaes, ekan viikon sit pelasitkin huomattavasti enemmän ja sen jälkeen ei näkynyt tilillä. Ilmeisesti pelasit pankkiin loput tunnit. :pikathink: Ei mut, kiitos sulleki täst runist, pitää joskus käyd parilla. o/

    Rikotaan toista kierrosta putkeen normaalia kaavaa, ja kiitetään muitakin kuin tilin pelaajia:

    Redoverblack - Nyt voi pistää check listii, että sun liitossa pelannu ja uskon ettei mikään pettymys meidän tilin panoskaan ollut. Toivoin enemmän opsui ja taisinki kiusata niistä ekan kerran jo d13 että vois ruveta d15 mennes opsuu MM, mut ei se midist, eipä meil tainnu ollakaa muuta ko lounaan semikorven kolmikolla opsukelpoisia käyttiksiä.

    Hiveucco - Jäbä monesti mun kans valvo öitä liiton discossa ja olit kyl piru jees seuraa siin samal. Kiitoksia. o/

    Skandalf - Kiitoksia sittailusta aina tarvittaessa, varsinkin WW-vaiheen. o/

    The whole F-Zone alliance, thank you all.

    Hate list:

    Lian - Olisit kiitoksis, jos et olis pettäny minua joululahjan kanssa. :peepomad:

    Pav3 - Missä mun mokkapalat. :peepomad:

    Thank you everyone for this server, I hope others also had positive round with a lot of fun. Also special congratulations for the winners. (The list would be too long to include everyone)

    Fix11 ForeverNeitsyt @ HM | Fix13 krasny/Marttyyrit @ O | fix14 Smurffit! @ BILL | fix17 Avast @ RPN | fix18 Wannabe @ I.T | Fix19 Baby Alice @ RuRo | fix22 Frozen @ Prinssit | Fix23 Puppelit @ Aapeli | Fix27 Saint Lucifer @ Pahikset | n3x3 Angry Walrus @ KuRa | n3x4 Huh & Huh @ F-Zone| tc3/2.5 royax @ TurVa | ts2 marse @ Sirkus | ts4 Ned Kelly @ FF | ts3 Taylor Swift @ -/lia | ts4 Victoria @ Kiira

  • GGWP! Long post incomming. I have been to lazy to document the round from my perpective the last rounds, so doing a better job this time.

    After a somewhat boring round last time (because of the strenght of our ally vs. the rest of the server combined) we wanted to do something else this server. After some discussion we decided to join up with Qummi and Taanalis squad. The main goal was to have fun, the secondary one was to stop F-Zone from at least having an easy win. With HopLop taking the W i must say that we accomplished this mission.

    I`m not gonna lie, there was some issues early on. Adjusting to the flamboyant style of the finnish travian community, having to argue to get our closest friends to join the ally, and some misunderstandings (?) about there the ally was going to settle on the map. After a while things settled down, and things was looking good. The account was going nicely, and we looked forward to having a fun, action packed round with our "new" finnish friends. Then our close friend Icento was banned wrongfully, and just a day after it was our turn. The "reason" was using "a oasis scanning script" (what even is that shit) from an IP where none of us neither lives or works. As we later learned with Social Justice and Acid Twins, this was going to be some of a theme this round. Looking back on the rumor thread, i see that the same people that was quick to condemn us was quiet. What a suprise.

    Icento decided to delete, but we wanted to go on, and so we did. As our Norwegian friends Meatspin, Nuke and Second Wind wanted to go full deff and was progressing nicely we decided to go full off, instead of making a mix account. Simming was good, and we made a solid platform untill raiding could take of. We managed 356k troops to artis. Arti spawn was ofc a disaster for MM, only usefull ones we got was unique eyes, 1x large boots, 1x small boots and 1x large trainer. We ended up with the small boots and unique confusion, and that might have saved us from some cheecky chiefing attempts. Thankfully we got hold of both a large diet (by recruiting Monero) and a small one (stealing it from RO). Getting to use the small boots to raid, and having dietvillas saved our ass late game, but a small trainer would have done wonders for a war-oriented ally as ourselves.

    After arties we started opsing hard against F-Zone. The first ones had some mixed results in my opinion, but from there on it was a rollover. We quickly learned that Death Note was going to pull 50-60%+ of movable deff, which made the whole thing kinda easy. Late game we took caps of large players and 2 WWKs for free. RO also got this treatment, as we took their only 2 WWKs cheaply. In total i think we participated in 12 ops against F-Zone, 1 against RO and 1 against Vikings. We had a lot of fun with our hammers, but sadly we could not find a wall to save our own lives the last couple of weeks. WWKs was sent prematurely, and BPs was moved. So our raidinghammer ended up beeing used against Vikings to prolong the server, while the last two was used for some hunting in the dying days of the server, with decent results.

    Numbers time:

    Offpoints: #1: 2 532 030 points, about 300k of which is natar

    Deffpoints: #383: 15 836 points

    Sims: #9: 32 775 points

    Hero: #3: 2 762 663 points

    Offensive units produced: 2 200 000 + unknown number starved (10-30k) and lost in raiding (50k-100k?)

    Ress total: #7 server, #2 ally: 1,9 billion

    Ress raided: 983,6 million

    Reports and screenshots:

    Arti numbers (356K):

    BP drop numbers (1,253 mill):…0CkQ1wsG_EMo3IWAOAC4AirUg

    Max numbers: (1,4 mill):

    First op against F-Zone:

    Op against Peepo-Serkku:

    Getting unique confusion:

    Walling @ Farroz, ended up getting the villa:

    Death Notes fake WWK:

    Clown Fabio cap:

    Finaly deciding we cant be bothered to keep spawn hammer alive:

    Death Note, the graveyard of the warhammers:

    Can i get a F in chat:

    Real sniping hours #1:

    Real sniping hours #2:

    Real sniping hours #3:

    Small sniping hours:

    Finaly meeting some F-Zone deff again (BP):

    Take note JL:

    The cleanup:

    Day 79 our deff-playing friends finaly got some value for their time as a MVP cropscout from Peters forced some F-Zone hammers to come our way instead of the intended target. The village survived with 4 buildnings, and if the first hammer had landed after a hammer with rams the villa would have been gone. Nice try.

    Oispa Kaljaa:

    Social Justice:

    Piggu Gaggonen:

    Clown Fabio:


    We are happy and proud with the account we made. We reached our goals (except 40 villas lul) even tho we got no trainer and had to give up large boots for security. I am very happy with my duals who put in a lot of hours without complaining, and sticking to the plan.

    Thanks to all the finnish guys in MM for being good players, and making solid accs all over. Special thanks to Qummi for making a lot of good quality ops, even tho we sometimes disagreed. Thanks to Taanali and Threat for getting it right on deffcals 100% of the time, and thanks to Peters for making an absolutly crucial scout/druid account. Saved our asses. Massive thanks to Second Wind, Nuke and Meatspin for keeping us safe while we were kinda lonely in origo. 1,5 mill + is not bad for three lazy players :D

    Thanks also to Skus for showing JL who is the boss and giving me plenty of lols. Thanks to Acid Twins for some nice chats, Piggu Gaggonen for some good sportsmanship towards the end of the round, and to Death Note for pushing us to raid more and making a truly inspirational account.

    Nox 1-3: sindre_er Nox 4: Julenissen Nox 5: Rex lars Nox Nox 6: Balder Nox 7: HoodStar Nox 8: Dead Rabbits ---> Dumino Nox 9: TerrorRegimet Nox 10: MassDestruction Nox 16: Tibbers on Duty Nox 22: MassDestruction---> Nordic Nox 24: Mira Nordicx 1: Jackal Nordicx 3: Frank the Tank Nordicx 4: Tachanka

  • Thanks, great round.

    Fix3-Fix10 / Fix21 Märkä-Simo @ PK / Fix22 Last Season @ HUNT / Fix23 Chuck Bass @ GG / Fix24 Reddington @ KK / Fix25 Nemo @ Didney / Fix26 Hugh Hefner @ AD / Fix27 Demeter @ Olympos / Fix28 MAUNOMATO @ MNK / Fix29 Fifth Member @ Sepä Se! / N3x1 Lumberjack @ Humbug / N3x3 Midget Skandalf @ KuRa / N3x5 t0mbl @ Overkill

  • Kiitos kaikille, ryyppääminen on kivaa.

    Niinku Muukalainen tossa kirjoittikin, lähettiin puhtaasti kolmen tilin voimin servulle. Steve Angello, Sebastian Ing ja Axel hedfors, jokaisella yksi pellaaja Minä, Pörri ja muukalainen.

    Taisin pyöriä liiton top1 deffujoukoissa silloin tällöin, hetkellisen krapulavitutuksen seurauksena vedin Steve Angello tilin vessasta alas. Yksin pelaaminen on raskasta vaikka nappo hyvin paljon loppupelistä jeesas.

    Hauskaa porukkaa oli, kiitsa Muku,Pörri,sidi,nappo,esa ja pari ruottalaista.

    Erityiskiitsa konaukoille, oli kiva saada toimintaa jo capin settlaamisen jälkeen.

    Paska maku jäi suuhun arkkiopsusta ja ehkä liian heppoisesta diploilusta, mutta kantoi se teille loppupeleissä voiton joten propsit siitä.

    EDIT: Yksin en enää koskaan pelaa, mutta ehkä hyvän porukan kanssa voisi jotain hölmöä tehdä.

  • Noh, nyt voin kirjoittaa omaa kiitos-/häviöpuhetta ja stoorailla hyvällä omatunnolla servusta.

    Fiilis rundista: Oon iha loppu, onneksi se loppui ystävänpäivänä.

    Huh & Huh
    Pelaajat itseni lisäksi:
    Lantti, Junnu ja Kisuli. Junnu pelasi sovitusti ekat viikot ja jäi sitten henkiseksi tueksi. Kisuli tuli faktien jälkeen hyvänä täydennyksenä porukkaan, vaikka parhaimmat pelitunnit taisivat jäädä sinne lomaviikoille.

    Tilin tavoitteet: Ekaa kertaa sain pelattua alusta loppuun niillä tavoitteilla mitä laadittiin alusta asti. WW-tili, 1 käyttis ja kaksi raidilappua ja pakkeja.

    Lopputulos: Simssis meidät pudotettii 13, off 4, deff 8. Ihan ok, ensi kerralla paremmin.

    Tilistä tuli ehkä turhan vakava omaan makuun. Toki myönnän, että itse halusin alusta lähtien raidata niin se ehkä oli koko tilin huonoinkin asia. Onneksi lopetettiin raidaaminen vähän ennen ohjeita. Aletttiin pyörittään hyvissä ajoin isoa kassua ja piti saada pellot nopeasti ylös, niin resurssia tili tarvitsi tämän lisäksi kaikkien kylien jonotuksiin.

    --> Tämän takia meillä oli ongelmia Lantin kanssa saada tili pyörimään 24/7 saatika saada siihen uutta pelaajaa mukaan vähentämään meidän pelitunteja. Tilillä kävi innokas Chido, mutta huomattiin jo muutamassa päivässä tilin olevan liian raskas hänelle. Onneksi offien seinäyksen myötä sain Lantin ylipuhuttua raidauksen loppumiseen, ois varmaan oma mielenterveys ollut sen jälkeen koetuksella jos olisi jatkettu.

    - Joukkoja tuli kyllä tehtyä. Fakteja haettiin enemmän natuilta ja muilta, sweepattiin itse ohje meille ja pakkia saatiin ulos hyvä läjä. Voin olla tyytyväinen, en valita.

    - Kakku tuli vähän puoli-ilmaiseksi tilille Viikingeiltä erittäin hyvissä ajoin. Oli ihan lepposta laittaa kylä kuntoon ohjeita odottelemaan. Raksaaminenki meni ihan hyvin, vaikka meinasin silmiä repiä kahdesta kerrasta kun mentiin nolliin. Mikäpä siinä : D

    - Parasta tilillä oli kyllä selvät sävelet mitä tehdään. Lantin ottaessa tilin, pystyin aina luottamaan ettei minun tarvitse katsoa ollenkaan välillä. Ei edes tarvinnut harkita. Oma pelivuoro oli oma ja Lantti teki enemmän mitä piti omalla ajallaan.

    - Ongelmat tilillä näkyi ehkä lopussa kun hermot alkoi varmaan molemmilla mennä (Lantin kanssa). Onneksi Junnu tuli välillä väliin Kisulin kanssa, että saatiin sopua taas aikaiseksi. Nämä ehkä näkyi eniten ajanjaksoina, jos toinen ollut pystynyt pelaamaan päivään tai pariin ollenkaan ja omat pelitunnit oli tapissa. Olin kuitenkin iloinen, että tilin ongelmat pysyivät tilin sisällä eikä valuneet liiton puolelle.

    Ylistystä huhhuleil, parhaat tilinpelaajat mitä tälle rundille olisin voinut saada.

    Lantti: Oot säkin kyl yks :D Oli kyllä kiva pelata kunnon rundi sun kanssa hyvistä ja huonoista puolista huolimatta. Niin kuin aikaisemmin sanoin, oli hienoa kun pystyin aina luottamaan sun ottaessa tilin, että kaikki hoituu niin kuin kuuluui ja oli sovittu. Teit myös enemmän mitä oletin ja joustit tilin suhteen yleensä aina kun sitä halusin (paitti raidin lopettamisesta ajoissa…). Pahoittelut myös omista menoista kun jouduit tilillä ”selviytymään” etkä siitä jälkeenpäin edes valittanut sanallakaan. Kiitos ihan kaikesta!

    Junnu: Onneks olit peleillä alussa mukana sekä siitä, että pidit tilin kannulla ”omanlaista” hyvää fiilistä yllä. Olit koko servun myös ”jotenkin” kokoajan perillä liiton ja tilin asioista. Olit läsnä tilillä, vaikket pelannut. Super Junnu!

    Kisuli: Oli mahtavaa kun saatiin sinut tilille fakti päivänä ja olit loistava lisäys porukkaan aina kun pelasit. Enemmän se kallistui sinne joululomalle, mutta hyvin tulit myös kakun raksaamisessa pari kertaa paikkaamaan, mistä isot kiitokset!

    Chido: Kiitos sinullekin niistä parista päivästä. Saatiin Lantin kanssa hyvät tauot (:


    Tässä liitossa oli ihan hiton hubasaa koko rundin ajan. Oikeastaan, koko servun ajan oli hyvä fiilis liiton puolella ja siellä pysyi hyvä pöhinä yllä. Tästä ehkä kiitosta myös MM puolelle, jotka jaksoivat pitää meitä myös valppaana.

    Sain tutustua moneen uuteen hyvään tyypiin ja ei voi kun todeta meillä olleen hyvä porukka hyvässä liitossa. Toivottavasti osa vintageist pelaisi vielä jatkossa. Iso kiitos kaikille! Samalla myös pienet pahoittelutkin – lopussa etenkin sain pingailla viljasta turhankin usein plääplää. Hyvä näin kuitenkin (:

    Erityiset kiitokset:

    Redo&Lian: Yllätitte positiivisesti liiduina. Alussa oli totuttelua, mutta hoiditte alusta loppuun lähes kaiken oikein mallikkaasti. Kiitos myös Redolle tilin katsomisesta kun tarvitsimme paikkaajia.

    Skandalf: Kiitos meitin vakio-sitterille kaikesta! Etenkin viimesten viikkojen yö-sittailuista.

    Louis: Viimesillä viikoilla pullakellon päivittämisestä, ei muusta kyllä kiitoksia tällä kertaa :)

    cotter0: Liiton mukavin ja aina auttamassa pakkien kun viljan suhteen.

    småkagesælger: Thank you for everything, I hope we will play in the same alliance again.

    Juhe+Hive: :DDDDDDD!!!

    Toki nyt ku listaa täs teen niin vois jokaisesta kirjoitella, kyl te tiedätte et oon super ilone kun sain pelata teidän kanssa ja erittäin kiitollinen. Myös kiitokset MM puoleen WuT: Sääli kun olit taas vihuissa, mut olit mun favorite.

    Kiitoskiitoskiitos :) :) :) !

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  • A few words about Lörs Lärä, an almost legendary return of the three musketeers of years gone by. Lian contacted me in Discord, asking how to get in touch with Borsi, and I created the connection that eventually led into registering our account onto the server with me, Borsi and Basi-breto (Pascal) - we also asked mska (Sepix) to join us, but he declined most politely.

    According to F-Zone leadership, even def accounts were required to have a hammer for operations and on this idea we based our account plans. Plenty of praetorians and a single ops off to accompany them. In the beginning we were unsure how the overall activity of the account will be as Borsi and Basi had returned from a long hiatus and I've been busy with ts4 too, so we decided to settle our capital quite far away from origo. We were sceptical of our chances of getting a 150% 15c but we managed to pull the beginning of nicely and ended up with the capital we wanted.

    We participated in every potential F-Zone operation (after Borsi angrily requested to get us involved, we had made a hammer for that purpose!) until the off got walled, and even after that with small escorts and triple senators. Borsi might post reports if he wants, nothing special to be shown there. On the def side, our praetorians were mostly in wrong locations and returned home without casualties. In the endgame we started getting def points from both WW and some other defenses, I'm not even sure from where all those piled up from as I didn't play that much for the last 6 weeks of the server.

    I had very modest expectations of our account when we started, but Borsi and Basi found the sparkle of the game again despite the graphics update and got the account running nicely. Wouldn't have expected us to be competing from top rankings in sims and def.

    I didn't really follow what's going on on the server or even inside our alliance, just focused on our account so no comment on server diplomacies or so. But as it seems to be a habit here, I hereby accuse the enemy of SuMu, whether it's true or not. :saint:

    Borsi & Basi-breto: Thanks for coming back to this, I had forgotten how fun it can be to goof around with you guys. Good job on the account!

    F-Zone leadership: Thanks for being interested in our participation.

    "Vintage" players: Kuona, Kisuli, vane, Mastermind, Qala and everyone else making a return: "glad" to see you again, good chats in Discord.

    Thank you for everyone else in F-Zone too, thanks to you our alliance's Discord channel wasn't such a circus I feared it might be.

    Thanks for everyone on the server and congratulations to the winners!

    Sims: 4. (Population 38840)

    Def: 3. (1984953 points)

    Hero: 11. (1508159 xp)

    Praetorians alive at the end of the round: 992767

    The official audio of our account


    You know what's worse than useless? Useless and oblivious.

  • Noniin jeespoks äijät ollaan ansaittu tää :D. Tätä kiekkaa ennen tuli pyörittyä tän pelin parissa viimeks viimesellä Fixillä (29), sit pakattiin veitset ja lähettiin tauolle. Noh, tässä sitä ny taas ollaan yks kiekka lisää plakkarissa. Mandingo tilillä vaikutin tarjoomal tilille pientä itämaista twistii höystettynä länsimaisel mixillä, ja sehän nyt ei jääny kellekään epäselväks et meikäl oli taas kerran koko servun alfoin tili.

    Tarkotuksena oli alunperin lähteä combolla Qummi, zibu ja meikä, mut siinä sit vikana iltana ennen rekkaamista oli moti tasoa: 0, niin sanottiin qummille et etis itelle uudet dualit. Siinä oli sit zibu rekannu 10d myöhässä tilin, settlannu 150% 7c capin ja lähteny kattelee menoa. Noh oltiin märällä ja kundi halus käydä meikän puhelimel kyliksessä niin siitähän se kipinä sit lähti ja meikä tuli kuvioihin (alkoholilla todnäk osuus tässä?). No ei siinä oltiin annettu muille 10d etumatka, mut aika helvetin äkäseen tääki feenikslintu nous tuhkasta ja otettiin kärkitilit kiinni. Täs pitää viel kertoo tätä lukeville uushomoille et 7c capi on nykysin uus meta (komee, hyväkäytöksinen, tuottaa vitusti ja pelkästään alfoille). Rennoin ottein neppailtiin homma jiiriin zibunkaa vaik kundilla olikin koulun takia menoa mitä millonki (on täs totuttu pelaamaan yksin aika ajoin jo aiempienki rundien takia) ja ihan jepa tili saatiin veivattua tälläkin kertaa ilman raidia.

    Ennakkoluulot servua kohtaan oli kyl reilusti korkeemmat mitä ne sit servun edetäs todellisuudes oli kun vihuliitto täynnä paskahousuja, jotka pääasiassa pakittaa pelkät liidut ja antaa heitellä rivareita kun märkää rättiä. On siinäki vanhat konkarit vauhdissa ku ww-lapoja ja capeja tiputeltiin ihan miten meitä huvitti ja perään sielt tulee joku about scenen kehitysvammasin (pav3) aina mylvimään olleen boosteri. En kyl oo yhtään yllättyny lopputuloksesta liitolta, jonka ainoo suunnitelma näköjään ollu luottaa muutamaan läpsyyn, unearkkiin ja vuoreen pakkia. Vihuille multa pelkkää murinaa

    Tilin lopulliset stätsit:

    Sims: 10 (32592 pop)

    Off: 8 (962510 pts)

    Eipä siinä ei tässä turhia jäädä jaarittelee, alta pieni galleria meidän ajoista servun varrelta niin farmeihin (ei se F-Zone q:D), Vikingeille ja F-Zonelle:

    Mandingo ajot

    Tahtoisin kiittää seuraavia:

    - Kiitti Zibulle taas kerran peliseurasta, homma toimii ongelmitta ja meno pysyy rentona, kato mun jalkoi q:D <3

    - Liiduja: (Qummi, tane, vilho) hyvää duunist - Ei täs ihan kauheesti meijän suunnalle tarvinnu pakituksia katella mut aika helvetin hyväl prosentil kundit otti niitä opsuja kiinni siitä plussat ++ teille. Qummille taas kerran isoo kättä ilmaan et jakso vääntää opsua vaik saiki vittuilua usein vastaan XD <3

    - Kaikki kannulla aktiivisesti hyvää henkeä ylläpitäneet hessut: nikkke, t0mbl, tonttu, aiu, neve, ak5u, just4fun, moe, vilho, viltsu, wut, animepamina, herry - varmaan unohdin joitain mut liitossa kyl hyvä meininki ja tiiviil porukal homma toimii, kiitti kaikille <3

    - Spessu kiitos Makkoolle kun tarjos syöttää meidän toista lappua x määrän aikaa saatuaan vihdoin oman lappunsa seinättyä, muutenki aina yhtä vakuuttavaa duunia tältä herrasmieheltä joka tuskin ketään yllättää <3

    - Thanks to all of our international reinforcements Tachanka, Peters, Rummy, Second Wind - you guys did amazing job this round and thanks for that <3

    - KAIKKI publan hullut

    Kiitti ja kuitti

    - Exotik

  • Kirjotan tähän vain tulevaisuuden itselleni muistutuksen: Ei sitten ikinä enää pakkitiliä Akara.

    Rundille lähettiin vähin odotuksin, Lian tuli kyseleen mukaan ja ku kuulin että Redoki on bäck in kyläpeli nii pakkohan se oli lähtee kahtelee mikä meininki.

    Mukaan kysyin vanhaa IRL-tuttavaani Sqqqnia, jonka kanssa kesällä pikku pöhnässä tuli törmättyä kaupungilla ja heitettyä läppää, että pitäskö vielä joskus pelata kylistä yhessä.

    Lisäksi FI3 servulla tutustuin Joonas142 ja naiminen jotka lähti kans messiin rundille. Naimisen pelitunnit jäi faktien jälkeen melko vähäisiksi, mutta 3 boyssii riitti pitään siltsun tyytyväisenä tällä kertaa.

    Tavotteena oli tehä vähä pakkia ja pelata rennosti. Sqqqnin houkuttelin mukaan sopertamalla jotain tyyliin: "Tehää pakkitili nii ei tarvi ees pelaa"

    No ei kyllä ihan onnistunu se tavote sitten..

    Raksaohjeet ko pamahti kartalle niin 1250k pretoja oli tilillä ja loppujen lopuksi pretoja tuli tehtyä n. 2250k

    Hupsista saatana.

    Population rank 2. (Kiitti Makkoo!)

    2. 3 Boys 1 Siltsu F-Zone 43195 49

    Defrank 2.

    2. 3 Boys 1 Siltsu 43195 49 3282648


    Redo & Lian - hyvin liiduiltu ja pirun komee tili teillä!

    Kisuli - alkuservun sittailut oli kyllä timanttia!

    Dualeista erityisesti Sqqqn - Tilin kantava voima, ei oltais kyllä näin pitkälle menty ilman äijän hulluja pelitunteja!

    Kiitti myös muille Friendzoneejille, oikein mukava liitto oli <3

    MM opsut oli kyllä kovia, hatunnosto teille.

    Exotikille ja zibulle tietysti kiitti Forteista!

    ps. huutista mm-pelaajille jotka yritti viikon opsuta meiltä sims 1 sijaa siinä onnistumatta (Monero, hutisalo, threat mitänäitä noboja nyt olikaan).

    Makkoolle propsit, että joku siinä sit lopulta kumminkin onnistu. Pikkusen oli vaikeempi pakittaa 40 kylää kerrallaan, vaikkei sekään kovin paljosta lopulta jääny kiinni!

    Never agen (pakkitiliä).

    pps. silti ei Tubenin simskullalle heru hirveesti arvostusta ku katteli et keneltä niitä kyliä tuli valtailtua. Joku 10k pop sopuvaltailulla vs legit simssaus ja vielä tarvi sen et vihut opsus sen ~5k pop meiltä viimesen viikon aikana.

    Turha Sims tili kiittää.

    Fix 7 .rar - Jallu / Fix 9 Infineon - Pasanen / Fix 10 Mie ja Mikko - Spedet / Fix 11 Keksi - FP / Fix 13 One of us - OBoy / Fix 14 Lystikäs - L7 / Fix 17 Heroiini - CTU / Fix 18 Attila - Liiga / Fix 20 Femme Fatales - SuMu / Fix 21 Gustavo Gaviria - -EM- / S4 Lahjattomat - Kiira / - Fix29 SimCity3000 - TGIF / FI3 Milja & Mari - -K- / Nordix 1 Johnnie Walker - AH / Nordix 4 3 Boys 1 Siltsu - F-Zone

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  • Thanks for fun round VM & MM

    Kimlai (kilaine): Vakisitteri aina hoituu hommat, alusta loppuun vahtisit vaikka itse en paljoa mitään loppua kohden tehnyt :F Pakkia oli mukavasti myös aina liikuteltavissa kun oli tarvis.

    Double trouble (laicos): Thanks always trusting me with stuff, and being all around great guy. If u decide to play in future i hope we meet again, but u will prob be busy with irl stuff for while ;)

    Double trouble (murano): Thanks for being cool :thumbsup:

    Ytoer: Kiitos hauskasta seurasta! Hyvin jaksoit loppuun asti vaikka unet oli vähillä WW raksatessa. Hirveän työn teit liiton eteen, ei voi muuta kuin hattua nostaa. ps, ai että ne pakitukset mitkä saatiin sun kylissä <3

    Def rank 109 ;( Def left alive 823k phals 26k druids.


  • Thanks to MM for allowing us to play with you. I hope me and Bjorn did something useful!

    IRL caught up on us both in the later stage of the server. Huge thanks to our sitters and especially WuT.

    Other people to mention:

    Thanks to leadership for making a structured but chill environment.

    Tachanka guys - thank you for the excellent teamwork throughout the server.

    Icento - hope to play with you guys again some time

    And last but not least thank you to all the fins for the endless laughs.

    /Redfarm (Peters)

  • Guess the duty to clear atleast some of the garbage spread about our ally by salty and envious children lies with me & wanna open up some of the decisions I made during the server without any excuses and nothing but the hard truth

    To underlay the rest of the end speech, I have to explain how I feel leaders should run their alliances, since in the end, it was what ultimately what decided the outcome of the server.

    In General;

    In my opinion the main job of leader, especially on higher tier alliances, is not to try to pursue for victory by any means necessary, but to try to ensure an even server that is fun to play for all, and especially to your own. This includes making sure that people from your ally are playing by ToS and rules. I understand that so called "farm alliances" are willing to throw down these principles to the drain, since victory isn't something they are accustomed to, but to see allies that were presenting themselves as experienced failing to do so, is disappointing. (Granted, I'm not familiar with many of your gamehistories but judging from your bloated egos it atleast made it seem like you wanted to play competitively)

    How this affected our diplomacy was that instead of allying with anyone, we we're instead attacking on multiple fronts (MM Excluded) so that the smaller allies would be forced to make alliances instead of wasting their efforts to squabble with eachothers. Due to that I fail to see how is it that we're now being depicted as someone that cries about that? I personally have no problem with everyone coming for us, but encourage that. And we as an ally had no problem with everyone cooperating against us, but what bothered some was the lies and denial that it wasn't happening. If you fail to see the difference between those two, that's on you, not on us, and flexing about beating someone who is literally giving you every handicap possible is just plain dumb.

    How this affected our recruit was that even though we received applications from pretty much over half the server we were very choosy who we took. Personally I wasn't looking for so called strong accounts but players who'd be a good fit for the team. To give but a few examples, we had to turn down multiple people and let the enemy who weren't that picky to have them such as SayginAzrail, Young Blood, UseMonero, 2 of which even ended up dropping our WW. Honestly you take confirmed cheater, hit with their hammer and are proud of the victory it gives you? I hope atleast now people have satisfied their lust for victory and from now on such people would be frowned upon instead of recruited. How does one complain about premade alliances while the only other option they offer is to be with a lead that's run by a meme, joke within the Travian community and a frequent botter and other that collects taxes to make a lousy hammer on account that also receives -40% punishment for cheating? You can't keep acting like a jackass and then blame the community for not wanting to play with you.

    About makings of F-Zone;

    After coming back to the game last server without knowing pretty much anyone from the scene and seeing how that server was so one-sided, I wanted to make sure I'd be on a position to change that for the upcoming server which meant making an alliance that would have the means to do so. Recruited few key players from old alliance that had convinced me not just by their ability to play, but also the ability act like a decent human being each of which were given the right to veto a name that wouldn't be allowed in, and Lian threw the fishnets to our "old crew" most of which suprisingly ended up answering yes, and pulled some old duals with them. Meaning we weren't recruiting any accounts per say.
    Since we ended up with 34 accounts on the start the plan was made to divide the accounts between -/+ and -/- so that we wouldn't be too dominating on one compass point and would be able to have decent fights on both, which ended up our -/+ fighting with SMH, -/- fighting with Vikings & ZE and our ally combined to fight against VM & MM. This was the ultimate dream setup and provided the action that was promised beforehand to our players. So most of the people were making a comeback for the server and didn't wanna force them to the dull duty of making ww-hammers, but that they'd be able to play the game as they want. To provide the setup sadly meant for our account and few others that in order to also fight competitively during the wonders, we'd be forced to skip the rumble to have the hammers saved for that, which personally didn't eat much motivation but I guess it might have for some. During the server we met some of our old players that we didn't know were going to play & 5 new additions that convinced us and ended up with 50 at which point we knew it would be tough since the expected metas we'd be fighting (at the time 121, 77, 85) would be a lot bigger, but somewhat didn't expect the lenght of the cooperation such metas would go with eachothers aswell. Thanking more people from the so called enemy alliance than the ally you're leading speaks for it self.

    Since name of the game was ops this round lets talk about them a bit in a way that has more facts and less letter D.

    About enemy OPs;


    Making ops is fun for sure and its nice to see cropfield get destroyed but what baffles me is the pride you take in them. Mid-server just plain counting how much DN & DB raided during your ops more than doublecovered any resource damage that those OPs would do if they landed to an empty village. In order to make ~33m dmg (lvl 17 fields which was the real average you took per OP) you tied up 9 to 10 hammers for 20 hours, which is a lot higher loss of income than the damage it does to us. Again, sure it can be fun but dont depict it as if it has or had any relevance. It's indeed a shame that the game is currently like that in high-speed servers the farms are so plenty, that capitols become somewhat irrelevant.


    The hammers of enemies had grown quite sizeable making so that their "non-ww" hammers had hella higher strenght than some of our hammers that were originally meant with the idea of hitting a wonder. Our original thoughts were pre-server that we'd probably be forced to sacrifice a hammer or two so we'd made many smaller ones w/o big barrackses and stables instead of the WWK accounts going for one large, and had made 8 WWK's to 5 WWR's, but in the end we only lost of the two smallest hammers so we had to turn one of our OP hammers to a WWR to match it. After getting to an equal point of 6+6 we sent the enemy to a ghost hunt, walling the villa or hitting any hammer that was jeopardized, which was to save the defence we had instead of letting it get chipped away by constant attacks of multiple fronts, since we knew enemy didn't have too many hammers, but a few big ones. This let us get 16,3m defense to the wonder before the end (more than 2nd and 3rd WW combined), while still maintaining the superiority in defence rank (more than 2nd and 3rd combined).

    About ours:
    Even though MM had been carrying the torch in the ops against us in the midgame there was no point to retaliate since they had no high-value targets and Peters were being such a high-value asset with the unique scout. We attacked there thrice mostly to prove a point to some of the members in the alliance who was questioning this logic in the mid-game, one of which was a success (yet meaningless as I stated earlier), and other that was walled by the enemy due to a successful scout from Peters, and once in the end which was scouted tbf by pure luck since all the other timings of the scouts were 100% miscalculated except the one that happened to land on one of the 8 outgoing attacks, which made us change the target mid-OP. That one was semi-walled due to unintentional landing order as was by Tachanka earlier. After new years we started to OP somewhat frequently towards SMH, first near the origo to unravel some of the standing def that had been appointed in the artefacts and ww-hammers they had, and then 3 to what we expected were big ww-hammers due to frequent visits of trainers. One of which went to bit w/o any def and second that had decent wall on it but was bitted none the less and by third they were forced to wall what was left to us. This is why it was so hilarious seeing some kids flex with zeroing a villa with 41+24 hammer, stating we do nothing, while we were actually killing hammers legit 4 times bigger than the ones we lost

    And I don't wanna take any credit away from Qummi, since the way you did the ops and had the energy to actually do them, is nice like even I'd wanna participate. Just that the meta is how it is and I'd guess you saw and know it too?

    Guess Huh & Huh covered the WW part and Lian will cover more of the account part, I'll go straight to special mentions and thanks;

    Special thanks from the alliances point of view;

    Reddington & MÄTIÄINENXD for doing more in the end than your part, which became so important since many were doing less than theirs.

    3 Boys 1 Siltsu, Lörs Lärä & Movemaker for making the biggest-ass def accounts one can hope for and having more def combined from 3 accounts than many alliances would have overall

    BadAIRobot & Petonivesi for agreeing on tactics that jeopardized (some, but not all) of the effort you had done

    Clown Fabio for being a huge asset to have, participating in literally every OP without hesitation of being the first to land, taking hits gracefully, and managing to be 4th in server defence rank whilst being an offensive account is something to be admired

    BIS, Heedu, Peepo-Serkku and Huh & Huh

    And from my own;
    - Duals Lian & Jakee for making it possible to make such an account

    - Kotetzuru & vane & Kuona for sitting the account from time to time (did I forget someone?)

    - Hive & Lantti & cotter0 & Cromeh & Joonas and others that got lost in the forest in the nights for making the playing itself less dull of an experience

    In the end I congratulate the winners, granted I wish I could be more sincere about it, and say the victory went to the people who deserved it the most, instead of just most people

    Next server? Who knows

    Fix1/Pedawbd Fix2/Hercu Fix3/Zender Fix4/HEuNUKKI Fix5/Apple Lija Fix6/Freyr Fix7/TopDog Fix8/Rosa&Orjat Fix9/Pieni Ja Tuhma Fix10/Sivistynyt

    Tx3/1 Narkkari Tx3/2 Sivustakatsoja Tx3/3 HUPS! Tx3/4 Ei Ressii

    N3x/3 Cured Curiosity N3x/4 Death Note N3x/5 3 And half men N3x/6 Wintage