Guide to same second waves (without wave-builder) (PC and MAC)

  • The google doc with my K-meleon guide has been floating around for a couple of years now, but with the new wave-builder making same second waves the talk of the town again, I figured I'd post it on the forum in a proper post.

    This guide is gonna be in two parts, one for PC and one for MAC - what works on PC does not work on MAC, so if you're a MAC user, scroll down to the MAC section. I don't own a MAC, and have never played on a MAC, so I have no idea how that works - the guide for sending waves on MAC was provided to me by Jer/ Final Word - so all credit to him.

    If you're fine with using the new wave builder, this of course won't be of use to you. However, if you want to save the gold, and potentially have better consistency with sending waves, this should be of use. Alright, let's jump into it:

    Same second waves on PC (using K-Meleon):

    Disclaimer: TG recently released a list of approved browsers for Travian. These are browsers that they guarantee will not cause issues with the anti-cheat. The list of browsers can be found here:

    Clarification about rule § 3 - Supported browsers

    K-Meleon is not included on this list. However, other browsers than those listed are not illegal - TG will just not guarantee that they won't cause issues with the cheat-detection system. However, I have never been banned using K-Meleon, and I have never heard anyone using my guide being so either - just use the vanilla browser, and don't download add-ons/mod it.

    With that out of the way, let's get to the actual guide:

    Download K-Meleon:…K-Meleon75.1.exe/download

    The first time you run the browser:

    • Download K-Meleon
    • Start the browser
    • Click on the cogwheel to the right ("Tools")
    • go to View -> Toolbars and make sure to check "menu"

    For launching waves:

    1) set up your tabs:

    2) go to files and check "work offline":

    3) make sure it's properly offline (open up a new tab and click around on travian (without changing village ofc!) or another webpage until it goes:

    4) click confirm on all tabs (do it in the order they should be sent, just to be sure):

    5) make sure you're on the first tab (cleaner wave) and uncheck offline mode:

    6) right-click on the two blue arrows (reload):

    7) click on "Reload All Tabs":

    8 ) hold enter on all the pop-ups:

    9) enjoy your waves!

    Sending waves on MAC (using Opera):

    1) Download Opera (Mac version)

    2) Go into Opera browser settings (under Red O in upper left corner)

    3) Scroll down to “Advanced” at very bottom. Click it.

    4) Scroll all the way down again. Look for “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts” near bottom. Toggle it On (Toggle will turn blue)

    5) Just below it is “Configure shortcuts”. Click the little arrow to the right of that.

    6) Scroll all the way down again. Look for: “Switch right through tabs”. To the right of it, cancel the buttons by clicking the “x” on both.

    7) Click on “Type a shortcut” Then hit your Enter key. The previous boxes should then be replaced by a single box with the word Enter.

    8 ) Exit out of settings and set up your wave tabs In Travian.

    9) You do not need to go into offline mode; set each tab to the point where you only need to hit/click Enter to send.

    10) Click on the “grey” bar and hit tab thrice to “highlight” the “confirm” button. Do this for each tab.

    11) Go to the first tab and hit your Enter key rapidly 4 times at the moment you want to launch. Your waves should then launch same-sec with luck. Be sure to check wave order though as it will sometimes mess, but this should all work for you. Good luck.

    Let me know if you have any questions/encounter any issues.