WW so soon?

  • Iran tactics

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)

  • Feeding tatics.

    To potentialize defensive growth (spawns villas going24/7 without deviate from account goals. E.g WWR/WWH making 1-2 defensive villas non-stop prodution since early days of server)



    Many purposes to get WW before Artifacts, specialy if a team its outnumbered.


    pt1 Logitech; Reykjavik
    pt4 Vilareto (shared account)
    pt3 HULO&Chillout (shared account)
    pt6 Avô Cantigas; smokin paradise
    pt5 Logitech
    Apuramento coml14 Riot&Logitech
    ptx Piri-piri
    com4 Logitech

    com1 BlackYoshi

    pt2 ONE 007

    pt3 Logitech

    Best achievement:


    .: Game with BrainS :.