Legends on Tour 2020 Summit – Voting phase

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    Are you ready? It is time for you to pick your favorite candidate for the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit! First of all, we want to thank every applicant for your interest in the community and in the 2020 Summit. A total of 116 applications were submitted worldwide, which we - the Community Management Team evaluated. In the past 2 weeks, all interviews with the potential candidates took place on Discord. We definitely talked a lot, as we had more than 23 hours, 41 minutes of interviews. What we…
  • Maybe it would be better to list the applicants in order of the domains they are representing, instead of alphabetical order?

    That way everyone can easily see who is up against who :)

  • Quote

    Votes submitted multiple times by the same person will be not counted to the end results.

    Does that mean only one per domain? Can I vote on several domains? Thanks. Administrator

  • Last year I could vote for .com, anglo and hispano separately.

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