Anglo2: End of server awards

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  • GN (single or dual-account): TheBlobFish (Teuton & Umar)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Top attacker, Top 3 raider, Non-gold user, we like to smash.

    Alliance: The almighty J4H

    Best Alliance (Not your own): d00m

    Best Player on the Server: Monkey/TPB

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: The MVP Monkey (special mentions to: Ramasaurus Reks, junko, DwarfGoats, KFP and walker)

    Best Opponent (offensive): October/S2 (learn to raid noob)

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Monkey/TPB/Hex/my inactive PD

    Best Opponent (defensive): Renegade

    Best Leader (Your own): Everyone apart from Ali

    Best Leader (Not your own): S2

    Stupidest Decision: Thinking NBK might be good

    Most Underrated: Bez (Crazylegs Crane), Honey Badger, Sicomesta (TPB)

    Best Noob: Haip (in a very good way)

    Most Overrated: Gold

    Biggest disappointment: NBK

    Memorable Moment of the server: Walling every OP on our account/meeting my dual

    Soundtrack to your server: n/a

    Special mentions: All J4H/=Z= members.

  • Gonna try and mention some different players :)

    IGN (single or dual-account): Bro Leopard, dualing Jordan and Erised

    Your Set-up and Achievements: A respectable WWK

    Alliance: J4H

    Best Alliance (Not your own): D00M

    Best Player on the Server: Aksam lol. Hate to admit it but the guy is hideously active and always has res coming out of his ears. Took control of our unique sweeps on arte day, and was a reliable WWK to have for the end.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: All of the aforementioned, plus Junko, Blobfish, Blacksheep, Goat were immensely reliable. Shoutout to Moby D, Oogway, Warmongoose, No Bueno and Joe for building our unique arte sweeps!

    Best Opponent (offensive): S2 always knew how to make us sweat with the haste arte.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Crimson Cobra with his 100k Druids was beast. Poor Stoic Sloth would have probably been our #3 defender if we didn't starve 200k of his troops lol!

    Best Opponent (defensive): Renegade (SR)

    Best Leader (Your own): Emperor Monkey, Dorith, Ali, KnowtoFail.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Whichever NBK leader recruited our spy account in the SE. Thanks for the unique artes!

    Stupidest Best Decision: Playing under Monkey/Dorith/Ali/KnowtoFail, they are gods amongst men (and women)

    Most Underrated: Junko. No raiding, started his hammer at 14s, took part in just about every single offence op from Day 50 onwards and always had a hammer going. He earned his top 10 spot more than anyone

    Best Noob: HAIP, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT MAN WITH HIS 9C CAP AND 109.5k CLUBS. what a beast

    Most Overrated: Also D00M. I think they were fantastic and made us sweat, but I feel that with better planning and more consistent atking they could have done even more

    Biggest disappointment: My account getting banned and 22 million resources deleted, and Travian not restoring the lost res when they reverted the ban. Killed my mojo

    Memorable Moment of the server: The week before artes. The cata point defence organisation was the most fun I've ever had on Travian lol. Also cal's oasis getting pinched, rest in pepperoni

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Noob bait - technically dual but does it count as dual if your dual never logs in XD

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Roman off account, set up to run multiple hammers and then switched to attempted wwk when we decided to take a WW. Initially joined just to give who ever spawned in our quad a headache, co-ordinted stealing the best grouping of decent croppers in the quad. Beat hyperion to his chosen cropper, ran most of the ops in SuQ, managed to wall ben on the same village twice #madskillz

    Alliance: Suicide Quad

    Best Alliance (Not your own): D00M

    Best Player on the Server: Dream Team - ran a top account without paying for gold. Andy managed to make a sweet hammer dispite how much Iain tried to wall it

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Asian sensation - ben and johnny always ran in ops, made crazy hammers and weren't fussed when I repeatedly killed them all

    Best Opponent (offensive): Lucille or priestess, think they were the only ones who attacked over strong hold in the first 5 months of the server

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Renegade - SR managed to make so much def the rest of the alliance struggled to feed it all, even with the handicap of having jay as his dual :P

    Best Opponent (defensive): NBK have gotten alot of flak in this thread, and rightly so. But they did throw up an awful lot of walls, cant remember names though

    Best Leader (Your own): We didnt have leaders as such, who ever was about helped out best they could. So I'd nominate everyone who stayed to the end for this. Special shout out to SR though, guys a beast in this game

    Best Leader (Not your own): Tech bot - guys got so much energy, always pushing for every inch, catching troops, chiefing villies, right up till the end

    Stupidest Decision: Trying to run multiple hammers instead of one big one

    Most Underrated: johnny - he gets so much abuse and yet hes better at the game than most of us

    Best Noob: Marc - always does well with his level 6 barracks

    Most Overrated: SWM - seem to have had every ww hammer ghosted, dodged WW hammers, had their WW village flatten 4 times I believe and their WW is without a doubt THEE most arrogant person I've ever met

    Biggest disappointment: NBK being such pussies they had to bury a spy into an ally a quarter of their size

    Memorable Moment of the server: Toss up between counting down in the discord winding up hyperion that he was about to bounce or josh/alan ghosting maxas hammer and us all sending him "MFH remembers"

    Soundtrack to your server:

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Renegade (dual with my favourite hobo YajYaj )

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Played deff again for the first time in years. Had over 200K in crop for artes and was rank 1 on the stats tab until the late mid game. My set up was in anticipation of a quad war which never came unfortunately, I guess knowing I had troops actually deterred people from attacking us which was slightly frustrating. Plateau'd at somewhere between 800-900K in crop on the account despite not really using any artes and the nearest diet being 4.5 hours away, priority became sending as much res as possible to our random last minute WW effort so stopped queueing entirely for basically the last two months of the server.

    Alliance: SuQ

    Best Alliance (Not your own): J4H as an endgame alliance. d00m every bit as successful in playing smashy, as they had intended to do.

    Best Player on the Server: Kung Fu Panda, irrespective of what you think of them, objectively there's no way you can argue with the value that account has brought to its alliance. WW holder and UD holder who allowed deff players to push their numbers. I hear they also pushed accounts that had their caps smashed or held their hammers etc, and of course a WWK that nobody's seen yet but is meant to be a HoF topper.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Moogella or Asian Sensation. The lads on Moogella helped us secure key artes and made the play of the server. Asian Sensation had the largest early game hammer on the server, rebuilt a couple of times and became our impromptu WW holder account without a second thought.

    Best Opponent (offensive): DwarfGoats - seemed to have a lot of smashy hammers flying around.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Dream Team, good numbers alongside a decent size hammer as well as holding a diet that had about 1.5M troops in it for most of the server, helped keep my stuff fed when it wasn't being starved by the other noobs in the alliance.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Monkey & ThePolarBears. Good numbers, and seemed responsive. They both delivered for their team.

    Best Leader (Your own): My man Mutley, I challenge you to find someone who can wall your hammers with as much finesse. No all joking aside, always steps up and keeps things moving, which is a huge boon on a server like this when there's so many times when commitment levels can dip.

    Best Leader (Not your own): KTF, Monkey, Spencer, Charles, Callum - all get props from me (don't let it go to your head David, this is a sympathy shout-out)

    Stupidest Decision: Making NGU ragequit and expecting a fight from NBK. Should've done a PolarBears and got me some 21s.

    Most Underrated: Armchairgroover - consistently built good hammers throughout the server. And Crunch, the Donation King who also managed to queue a whole 10K spears.

    Best Noob: I've got to pick one? Anyone from SuQ is a pretty good bet. Special mentions: Asian Sensation, because what kind of smashy Teuton only queues from one hammer until half way through the server; Moogella and Asian Sensation for having starved a disgusting number of phalanx; Daffs for randomly deleting without saying a word to anyone; Koordine for never coordinating in ops; and, Mutley for his uncanny ability to hit deff.

    Most Overrated: NBK and SWM leadership.

    Biggest disappointment: Having numerous 'ops' launched on us and the majority of them were entirely fakes, and even when someone had the spine to hit us, it was still only random feeders that got hit. Also, seems like we might not get our WW attacked despite managing to stack 5mill deff there.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Moogella ghosting Maxa - MFH remembers. Our last ditch WW effort also, literally started a few weeks before plan release, managed to clear, hold and deff a WW cross quad without supply villages better than all the endgame alliances on the server other than J4H. Also somehow ended up with like 5 or 6 construction plans, when SWM couldn't get their hands on one...

    Oh and a Soundtrack - in light of people being too afraid to attack us:

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  • IGN (single or dual-account): Junko , single player , very experienced over 12 years + , this is to be my last as a single entity.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Started the server just to have a look and maybe have a little fun or not . Got messaged by some one in J4H (can't remember who) to join J4H and ran teuton smashy account with the "certified ballers" . Top 10 attacker on the server and didn't clear natars ww , artes or plans . All my points came from ops.

    Alliance: J4H

    Best Alliance (Not your own): guessing d00m / SUQ , at least they gave us a proper fight of sorts.

    Best Player on the Server: Depends what you mean by player , many different styles in J4H and =Z= , we had the ghoster "crazylegscrane , the beast of a raider KFP , smashy hammer accounts , multiple hammers from players , wwk's built and top deffers I have ever seen and all this in one group.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Got to be The Blobfish , respect to non gold playing as offensive . Lots of troops and missed a lot of defensive walls so hit natars for extra points , would still be number 1 even if not hitting natars.

    Best Opponent (offensive): There are a couple here for their persistence at causing mayhem , DT alliance for their attempt at stifling our ww area . Kept me and a couple of others occupied to knock them down every time they got up. Was boring but had to be done and I didn't like their tactics but it's a game. Others are again for persistence need a mention , Pacole , Techbot and Catchemall always keeping the team real and on their toes.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Well has to be 2 accounts because I cannot separate them ….. Monkey and thepolarbears. numbers are incredible even after all the hits we have taken.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Cannot really say because hitting a player doesn't mean its their defence and knowing who has what in other allies. Sometimes it is just luck when you run into the wall prepared so who ever walled my last hammer at semi-classified gets that vote.

    Best Leader (Your own): Wow … this one is hard , we had several "leaders" that when called upon proved their worth , Monkey for the impressive ops for us Ballers , Dorith (TPB) for being there at the gritty end but KFP , Bro Leopard , Callum (special mention) were all there when needed.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Who ever kept dOOm and SUQ going .

    Stupidest Decision: Looking after a set of plans ….. but 17 villages with a level 10 tc in each kept making it easy to move in the end. Waking up early hours to move it was a pain.

    Most Underrated: Well this one goes to Angryarmadillo who left the game for personal reasons , the reason she gets it was she kept the account live for me to sit logging in every now and again for a good 5 months . Now that is a tech account .

    Best Noob: Everyone is saying Haip and to be honest I have to agree , after slapping his account he didn't get on his high horse but wanted to learn and have fun so joined us in the chat and ally and melded in with his 9c capital and proved his worth.

    Most Overrated: always always Raki …… whenever I see that name it just screams at me "leave server after 6 weeks" and to be in SWM sort of sums it up.

    Biggest disappointment: yet again SWM … Godfather will never learn you need activity and FUN FUN FUN in droves to make this game work .

    Memorable Moment of the server: The week before the rollback … Monkey seemed so calm and ready to do the Paypal money reclaim …. haha

    Soundtrack to your server: well I am still waiting for some fat lady to start singing to be honest.

  • IGN (single or dual-account): ramasaurus reks(dual)

    Your Set-up and Achievements:one of top smashy accts

    Alliance: j4h

    Best Alliance (Not your own): doom

    Best Player on the Server: TPB team

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: all certified ballers

    Best Opponent (offensive): October

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: TPB & Monkey

    Best Opponent (defensive): renegade

    Best Leader (Your own): all of them

    Best Leader (Not your own): not much leadership outside J4H

    Stupidest Decision: leaving wrong hero boots on

    Most Underrated: J4H defense team special mention to ace Ventura, chow chow puppy, Atlantis, and old lion for tons of def at our diet

    Best Noob: ramless boy wonder and Haip

    Most Overrated: arsenic for thinking she’s anything close to a top player

    Biggest disappointment: piss poor leadership in endgame alliances

    Memorable Moment of the server: J4H arte haul

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • IGN (single or dual-account):TheBlobFish ( Dual acc)

    Your Set-up and Achievements:Smashy all the way


    Best Alliance (Not your own):Doom

    Best Player on the Server:Monkey

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Ramasaurus Reks

    Best Opponent (offensive):S2

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:Monkey

    Best Opponent (defensive): -

    Best Leader (Your own):Monkey

    Best Leader (Not your own):-

    Stupidest Decision:Joining this server :P, i was retired

    Most Underrated: Junko

    Best Noob:TheGodFather

    Most Overrated:KFP

    Biggest disappointment: SWM

    Memorable Moment of the server:-

    Soundtrack to your server: -

    UK2: Drogon

    UK3: Bone Collector

    TS7: Drogon

  • IGN (single or dual-account): ??? ??? ??? (25 likes to this post and I will tell you! :P)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Trolling

    Alliance: J4H & =Z=

    Best Alliance (Not your own): d00m had some very nice hammers and decent players (should be called mehhh still though!)

    Best Player on the Server: Monkey - The dedication is real

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: All certified ballers, but maybe Dwarf Goats for sending multiple hammers constantly

    Best Opponent (offensive): October, could have caused us no end of problems but splat into diet

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Monkey with a unique haste was mental

    Best Opponent (defensive): Tesco Meal Deal, i think everyone enjoyed their defense haha

    Best Leader (Your own): Monkey and Dorith

    Best Leader (Not your own): Spencer and Co

    Stupidest Decision: Only simming to level 18's

    Most Underrated: Junko, was always involved with stuff from the early days to the very end

    Best Noob: The Haip Hype continued

    Most Overrated: So many to chose from who done nothing all server - Techbot or Arsenic stick out. Special mention to swefke who had x5 scout arte and built about 200 all server and also never scouted anyone!

    Biggest disappointment: SUQ, cant remember them doing anything? Built a load of def but no one attacked them hahahaha

    Memorable Moment of the server: Hammer train on KFP or artefact haul from J4H

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Firestorm (not another troll forum account by Bro Leopard)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Deff/Scout #53 defender despite not building anything from December to Server end.

    Alliance: J4H

    Best Alliance (Not your own): SuQ

    Best Player on the Server: Monkey (I didn't think do all that alone was possible)

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Blobfish/Rama Rex (I am your sugar daddy)

    Best Opponent (offensive): ??? (Travesty????)

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Monkey

    Best Opponent (defensive): ??? (Tiffany? lol jk)

    Best Leader (Your own): Monkey/Aksam & Callum for putting up with my $h!t

    Best Leader (Not your own): ???

    Stupidest Decision: Being stupid and getting an alliance wide trial for it. Threatening Ali on TBP to send all the troops back as one group :)

    Most Underrated: The entire deff team of J4H

    Best Noob: Blast (join us 1 villa at a time or with 1 invite) :)

    Most Overrated: Aksam's techs lol/DT (what are these guys even doing here)

    Biggest disappointment: Watching the player base disappear. Watching 5k+ of my deff starve everytime KFP moved an arty <3

    Memorable Moment of the server: Having a 9 pop villa in the SW quad for artes. Walling all the cats and troops sent while J4H landed 100k deff in it for 3 secs lol. Lost more to starvation than to the incomings.

    Soundtrack to your server: Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah (sums up basically all the griefing that J4H got all server for everything)

  • blimey, that's a thumbs down for SWM

    Anglo 2: Lord Öutoken you know

    Anglo 6: hyperion and the absent hammer

    Anglo 1: powerfully strong 💪 coffee

    Anglo 3: chief of chiefs

    Anglo 4: chocolate teardrop of desire :P


    IGN (single or dual-account): JesusOfSuburbia (solo)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Built a spurting member on the map (see attachments)

    Alliance: SuQ

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Comment redacted

    Best Player on the Server: Kettricken - always happy sitting for me early days until one of their alliance members needs it more <3

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Moogle or AsianSensation

    Best Opponent (offensive): were there any? The only player that attacked me all server was a player near me who had no alliance

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: all the alliances deffers were great, sadly there were no attacks to defend against. Props to JJ for building such a colossal anvil (even if he couldn't feed it)

    Best Opponent (defensive): Maxa - did a good job using his rammer to defend against Moogle's ghost

    Best Leader (Your own): Apparently everyone is a leader - so I'll say Crunch

    Best Leader (Not your own): no clue

    Stupidest Decision: not realising that you cannot access the map after the server ends, and therefore losing an image of the huge spurting member I drew

    Most Underrated: Lessa. Took over an account in dire straights and turned it into something useful (and always offered res/def/off/witty banter - and also helped my account whenever asked <3 )

    Best Noob: Maxa

    Most Overrated: SWM

    Biggest disappointment: not being attacked in a war game

    Memorable Moment of the server: destroying a rally point with a fake on a J4H WW feeder

    Soundtrack to your server: I think it goes without saying, my account is kinda named after a song.


    I used to have a bunch of reports, but they no longer exist. Just believe me when I say I used to have a 500k anvil, a rammer with 20k+ rams and a WWk with 15k+ cats. Oh - I also accidentally sent 25k phals and 25k druids to attack the WW of my ally when trying to rein it. (P.S. Some of these claims may/may not have been slightly embellished!)

    "And firstly I have never met anyone but you that can play a whole server without buying gold" Ben (happy) 13/2/18

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Techbot, solo player. Started 2008, only came to push a couple friends to v2 then leave and quit the game, but once here I got sucked in again. Last server, not even putting a toe in another server this time.

    Your Set-up: A sniping/cutting foundation with 4-5 troop types in villages for speed options, built in two separate geographic areas, and Swiss army knife tools for shenanigans; 200k def, 2 ghosts, mini-ham, 100+ cats in each of 6 villages.
    Achievements: Over 300 cuts/snipes/inserts for doom, SuQ, NBK and SWM. Achieved personal best of 45 snipes in one OP and hit 4 separate cuts with a single 4 tab launch. Cleared natars for plans, picked up two. Defended about 100 micro and mini-hammers during a week averaging 1000 incoming/day. from Dwarf, moby, ramasaurus, aye, junko, whitefang, honeyb, buffalo, and more.

    Alliance: d00m

    Best Alliance (Not your own): J4H, hands down. They were disciplined and focused on the right decisions to achieve victory. And they actively went after all quads. Props.

    Best Player on the Server: Many worthy choices, but I'm going with TheRealPanda for building a top 10 hammer and throwing it effectively the 1st half of server, then flipping to def and building over 430k spears, and co-leading d00m and OP planning. (and not a 4-5 person dual team)

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: October team. Built solid multiple hammers early and late.

    Best Opponent (offensive): Tough choice, the J4H hammer brigade was solid across the board. I'll say Ramasaurus and Dwarf Goats, especially first half of midgame for size and frequency of hits.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Anezlore, Wino and S1 all did great deffing. But I'm going to say MVP there was Kreegan account. HIs scouting, setting up scout walls, tracking hammer sizes, and estimating builds based on time and arti usages was invaluable to defense on a daily basis. Everyone was constantly calling on Kreegan for scouting or intel, and he always delivered.

    Best Opponent (defensive): TPB feat is amazing, and cant' be ignored. But I have to give props to the size of Monkey's def, after having their cap fields smashed to bits, all while being a leader and planner.

    Best Leader (Your own): Spencer and Charles both steered where needed but stayed out of the way for smashy players to do their thing.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Dieze

    Stupidest Decision: Thinking I could drop in, push rss to a few mates I had played with previously, then retire from the game before day 30. I settled v2 a 9c just to stay out of the way of any serious players that need a 15c to play the server, just so I could watch a little longer. Then I got hooked again, asked to join d00m about day 75, hadn't build a single troop, and had a 9c cap to work with.

    Most Underrated: All players that don't play for points, for medals, for trophies, but for the thrill of the game, the fight, for their teammates. Pacole, Catchemall, Baldur are those kinds of players. I'm sure others have them as well, perhaps Crazylegs Crane is one, Edisson and Florence showed some spark late as well. Stealing arties, cap oasis, distractions, fake ops, outposts in enemy quads, snipes, jumping from sitter to sitter to build walls at 4am, creating battle groups and special OPs, etc. There's a ton that goes on that isn't always reflected in the points system.

    Best Noob: Haip, for his play on the field, and for his thoughtful and compelling explanation in IGM of why he left SWM.

    Most Overrated: Anyone that takes on trainers, and defense during defense calls, and snipes, so that they can protect one of just a few few EGH for endgame. But then don't throw their wwk/wwr with their team. Unforgiveable. You have one job, and 100+ people put in gold, time, and energy expecting you to do your part. A) you don't allow scheduling conflicts, B), if you can't avoid them, you communicate, you get help, you add a dual. It's not YOUR egh, it's the allies if you've lived under tag all that time. Don't suck, don't let your teammates down. Ever.

    Biggest disappointment: I support d00m/SuQ leaders OP calls 100%. They have more OP experience than I, by FAR, as I'm primarily anvil. But in hindsight, the choice of KFP as the real target in the 18 hammer train was a detectable/predictable choice, and not a secret due to the most anti-tech rants on forum I've ever seen.
    The same desire that chose him as the real, I believe was recognized by J4H in choosing defense. Had d00m/SuQ gone counter-intuitive, and chosen any other wwk, I believe it may have been zeroed, changing the dynamic for endgame, and some of those 18 hammers would have come home to roll again. With them coming home, maybe a couple others would rebuild to go again. Who knows. But we all enjoyed the battle, it was glorious fireworks, and it was a terrific def call by J4H.

    Memorable Moment of the server: The 18-hammer splash. Taking all 3 cap oasis from a HoF wwk. J4H taking the huge arty haul. Killing two large J4H hammer trains on d00m, first at Zombie with his classic hammerstand, then later at Spencer's cap with SuQ's deffers drawing lots of blood.

    Special shout out: Major props to whoever sent the 600k snipes/cuts during the last d00m OP. The inserts came from Mufasa, Crimson, and Sloth I think, but that doesnt' mean they were the sniper because it's easy for snipers to temp-sit an account with troops to send. But whoever did it, major props for landing that many shots on the same second in an important defense. That's the kind of effort that TG pionts will never showcase, but it is balling.

    Soundtrack to your server: Killing in the Name Of

    "The world is organised by the war economy and the war culture." -- Eduardo Galeano

    "You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." --Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • IGN (single or dual-account): Muddle, solo

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Started late, helped by ArmChairGroover & others in SuQ, got spawn zeroed, initially intended to be def but built an off and lost it soon enough due to Mutley's planning skills. Then def Teut till end of server, ended up with about 175k spears and 6k paladin

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Little contact, but was clearly J4H, but they were also the most boring

    Best Player on the Server: Monkey or Walker?

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Asian Sensation I think

    Best Opponent (offensive): No idea

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Renegade, that lad begs for wheat so much

    Best Opponent (defensive): Dunno

    Best Leader (Your own): Mutely

    Best Leader (Not your own): Probably Dave Konic (Battle Hamster) or Spencer (d00m)

    Stupidest Decision: Building an off

    Most Underrated: No opinion

    Best Noob: Not sure I came across any, I was stuck in a non noob corner

    Most Overrated: SWM/NBK, what were they doing?

    Biggest disappointment: SWM/NBK, well hapless

    Memorable Moment of the server: Crunch making it to the end, I never thought I'd see the day

    Soundtrack to your server:

    Special Award: SuQ top banter.

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Priestess solo

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Finally nailed the lag time on my computer and phone and became a boss sniper. Had TONS of fun with that.

    Alliance: NBK for Life <3

    Best Alliance (Not your own): SuQ- They hit us HARD in the beginning... leveled my cap in the first few weeks.. Thanks jerks. :D

    Best Player on the Server: Merlin, my love and my mentor, although, the grasshopper may have surpassed the master. ;) :*

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Arsenic had a nice size hammer, but never really swung it.. Reality Bytes was phenomenal with off ops.

    Best Opponent (offensive): ?

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Milk & Cookies and Reality Bytes: Those 2 accounts could nearly fill a whole def call on their own, and usually had to wait till last to send so as not to do that. You ladies rock my socks. 8o

    Best Opponent (defensive): Dream Team: Always a def player and had a brilliant hammer along side it.

    Best Leader (Your own): We didn't really have any of the usual NBK leaders active, so we were forced to have a collection of 15ish people that stepped in and I think we all did alright considering that. Thanks Kim for taking charge and keeping things going. We didn't win the server, but we had a blast playing.

    Best Leader (Not your own): ?

    Stupidest Decision: Joining leadership; Nothing was happening and when OLAS/SuQ (think there was another name or two in there) was hitting us in the beginning, I dabbled in making an attack plan for us, it wasn't that impactful and I can't see myself doing it again... maybe.

    Most Underrated: techbot: although reading his award post and learning that he only joined to be a tech (guess I should have figured by the name) He was the main one working with the map against J4H and getting things in motion in the end.. causing hell to the very last second and keeping us busy.

    Best Noob: De-medici, she started waay late and had issues with her spawn, but she kept on keeping on.. she had 5 villas when the rest of us had 10+ and was still sending wheat to the WW and answering def calls.. no worries, she has an amazing mentor and will do great things if she sticks to it and wants it.

    Most Overrated: J4H.. Sure they had more troops, but it's not really a win if you cheat, now is it?

    Biggest disappointment: NGU walking out over one player; so petty, and NBKs main leaders unable to LEAD forcing us to make do ourselves..

    Memorable Moment of the server: Getting so tired of NBK not coming up with a plan to swing our hammers that Merlin and I formed our own.. I smashed up a cap and he stole a diet.. better late than never. Also, the whole server's constant smack talk of NBK was quite entertaining.. "there's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's NOT being talked about"

    Side note: LOL.. You guys are TROLLS .. Hate away.. :P8)

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • GN (single or dual-account): stabberjabber- solo

    Your Set-up and Achievements: def account, to sit quietly in the background, weirdly gained a blue ribbon, despite the def built

    Alliance: NBK

    Best Alliance (Not your own): J4H

    Best Player on the Server: so many played their hearts out, but kim was left dragging the ally on her own

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: we had one?

    Best Opponent (offensive): crusty- the only guy who attacked me

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: all of us

    Best Opponent (defensive): hmm def player here

    Best Leader (Your own): kim, there were no others, seriously bad leadership, leaving one person to take all the flak

    Best Leader (Not your own): no idea

    Stupidest Decision: actually joining NGU on AS3

    Most Underrated: all those that turn up try there best, whatever alliance, it's not about gold or activity, its a game, plenty of new players put off by the 'banter'

    Best Noob: absent leaders

    Most Overrated: absent leaders

    Biggest disappointment: wish I'd more TT

    Memorable Moment of the server:

    Soundtrack to your server: living on a prayer

    Anglosphere 3 : themightyreds

    Anglosphere 1: Joker Red

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Asian Sensation - Dual

    Your Set-up and Achievements: set up as a smashy teut intending to quadfight NBK and NGU ended up holding the WW in a desperate attempt to make the server interesting

    Alliance: SuQ

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Gotta give this one to J4H, their commitment throughout the server was incredible

    Best Player on the Server: techs or no techs, can’t give this to anyone but Kung Fu Panda

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Moogella. MFH Remembers.

    Best Opponent (offensive): We weren’t actually hit, but by the sounds of these other awards I believe Monkey did a pretty good job

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Renegade, I have no idea how many of your phals we starved but it was a significant amount!

    Best Opponent (defensive): We weren’t really battling it out with J4H, do whoever decided to def Badgers small all arte.

    Best Leader (Your own): Renegade, even though this wasn’t a serious server from our side SR always commits, I know we always say we don’t have any leadership it this guy leads, and sets a great example for everyone to follow, he’s a leader by heart and I love playing with him.

    Best Leader (Not your own): KTF the virgin Hamster.

    Stupidest Decision: Letting Mutley do the off ops and follow him blindly

    Most Underrated: Level6Barracks, dude just plays no gold and always exceeds expectations with very good def numbers

    Best Noob: Hyperion took out an entire alliance by himself

    Most Overrated: SWM, come on do something!

    Biggest disappointment: Walling the, at the moment, biggest hammer on the server moments before arte release

    Memorable Moment of the server: Telling my pregnant wife that Sunday’s plans was canceled due to some Canadian scheduling 48 attacks from 7am to 10pm on this browser game we’re i rob clay from other nerds

    Soundtrack to your server: Tenacious D - Kickapoo ‘cough’ NBK ‘cough’

    Special mentions: d00m, deciding to do ops and a WW with you guys was the highlight of the server, you’re all truly amazing and I would love to play with you again sometime.

    Everyone in SuQ who stayed till the bitter end, you all know who you are and I wouldn’t play without you guys! Big love!

    Last but not least special thanks to my dual 12p who never questioned anything and stayed up at nights without a doubt or took care of the account alone when I went on holiday, was a joy to dual with you even tho we didn’t talk much :D

    everyone else thanks for a memorable server, it might not have been the biggest of fireworks but I enjoyed it fully.


  • IGN (single or dual-account): _S2_ - Dual account for the first half of the server, solo the rest of the way.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Complete smashy account. Had no other goals other than smashing up players. Great start had me rolling out fast but things took a terrible turn when I lost the half diet and my capital. Thanks Dieze and co! This was day 131(i think)

    right before I lost my capital.

    Alliance: d00m (we had a lot of fun with the names early on)

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Harambes of course.

    Best Player on the Server: Monkey and Kung Fu Panda

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: There were lots of very active offensive players. But Steve and Johan on October were absolutely great. (Name Pending might beg to differ though :D )

    Best Opponent (offensive): That whole Haramabe OP crew was deadly. Always knew how to make us work. Dwarf, Reks, BlobFish, BlackSheep, all good shout outs for this position.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: The defensive team in d00m was amazing. Wino is an absolute queen. She builds a top tier defense account always. <3 S1 played his first round as def ever and didn't disappoint one bit. At one point, I was sitting both S1 and Wino, being only 1.5hrs away from me and having 600k+ def at the click of my fingers. Impeccable. Charles goes and flips from hammer to anvil and ends up making just shy of 500k spears. Guy had a top 10 hammer and a top 10 anvil at different points in the server. It was truly a pleasure to watch that account. TechBot is hands down the best sniper I have ever seen. You needed anything done defense wise, he had it done to the bloody second. The teamwork between Kreegan and TechBot was amazing. I have never seen two people link up so well and make things happen. There is way to many players to name; it was just a treat to watch the defensive team in action. 10/10 would recommend for anybody.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Monkey and the Harmabe def team of course. They moved troops around like clockwork. Was fun running ops against them.

    Best Leader (Your own): Charles. This lad lays pipe. Watch out ladies ;)

    Best Leader (Not your own): The Harambe leadership crew.

    Stupidest Decision: Not moving the small diet when my capital was under attack. Also being silly and changing the def coords to my main hammer instead of keeping the def at my capital when my capital got zeroed. Would of walled you all if I didn't change my mind. Always go with your gut!

    Most Underrated: S1 and Haip.

    Best Noob: Johan :love:

    Most Overrated: SWM and NBK LOL

    Biggest disappointment: NBK and SWM - Talked the talk. Didn't walk the walk. Tsk tsk and pish posh to y'all!

    Memorable Moment of the server: Talking and getting to know the SuQ lads more. Not only are they top notch players, they are top notch people. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to play along side every single one of them. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Those fellas have the class and have the bants. Very fun people.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    Big ups to everybody who made this server what it was. You all know who you are. Meeting new friends, playing against friends, its always a treat. Nothing like a good game of Travian innit? Best of luck to everybody in the future, you may see me, you may not but you always know where to find me. Thank you all for everything. <3:love: