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  • BuildingContest_2020.png

    Hear, hear,
    it’s time for a big challenge!

    Have you ever wanted to design the concept for a new building? Now the time has come to show us your game knowledge and your skills. You have the chance to change the game and propose a new building, every cool concept will be considered to be implemented in the Annual Special 2020.

    Tribe Specific Constraints

    There are some constrains you need to keep into consideration when thinking about a new building. First, the identity of tribes should not be changed in general. A good suggestion enhances the tribe’s specific traits. Which means for example, you should not propose a building for Huns to strength their defense, they are not thought to be a defense tribe, so such a building won’t fit the requirements.

    Secondly, the current tribe specific buildings either affect the village they are built in (e.g. Trapper) or the whole account (e.g. Brewery). The additional new tribe specific buildings should affect the other way around. For more details please check table below.







    Existing tribe specific building


    Affects village

    Can be built in any village


    Affects account

    Can only be built in capital

    Horse Drinking Through

    Affects village

    Can be built in any village

    Water Works

    Affects village

    Can be built in any village

    Command Center

    Affects village

    Can be built in any village

    Constraints for additional tribe specific building

    Needs to affect account

    Limited to capital village

    Needs to affect village

    Can be built in any village

    Needs to affect account

    Limited to capital village

    Needs to affect account

    Limited to capital village

    Needs to affect account

    Limited to capital village

    Needed Information

    What information are needed in order for your proposal to be considered:

    • Name of the building
    • Function/Description
    • Behavior at the different levels (if applicable)

    What details are nice to have:

    • Costs per level
    • CP increase per level
    • Build time per level
    • etc

    You can comment on other participants ideas here.


    The Travian: Legends Team reserves the right to review the balancing of any picked concept in case there is the decision to implement it into the game.

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    February 20, 2020 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    End date/time:

    March 04, 2020 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    Prizes delivered until:

    March 15, 2020

    Winners chosen:

    Every building proposal that fits the requirements will get 50 Gold.

    You can submit only ONE building and the proposal needs to be original.

    Adjustments to proposals from other users or already existing buildings
    won’t be accepted.

    Additional reward:

    If a building is picked to be implemented in the 2020 Annual Special, the user who proposed will receive an additional 600 Gold Voucher.

    You’ll have to wait until July to know though.

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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  • Gauls:

    Warriors castle

    - Makes your offensive troops more fearless by boosting attacking troops' off stats (does not effect to defensive stats of any unit)

    - Boost depends on building levels (similar to smithy but doesn't upgrade them permanently)

    - Needs to be activated with resources (similar to brewery) but doesn't lower chieftains abilities nor make catas fire randomly.

    - Stays active 24 hrs at level 1 but gets down to 12 hrs when at level 20 (The bigger boost, the more activations you need and therefore the more resources you need for it to run 24/7)

    - CP per level could be similar to smithy or brewery

    - Build time and building costs the same as brewery's

  • Romans : Aquaduct

    It makes water management in all villages more efficient.

    Result is that training the roman infantry defences are trained more eficient.

    Building will reduce construction times of legionar/praetorian by x%/lvl building account wide (max 20%)

    costs: x4 of horse drinker to make it worth making def in 5+ villages

    it does not affect horse drinker as that is village building and afects horses only, both can even be built in main village. just consider you need 2 building spots to benefit both advantages.

    when building is removed, advantages are lost as well.

    I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed . . .


    Dirty! (nl1/de1), Violence (nl4), Avoid (nl7), Bazen (nl4), MUG (nl2, nl5, nl4), Cocktail (nl6), Prandur/Camorra (nl2), Vandalen (nl5), Borgia (nl2) and many more not listed.

    Valhalla, Carpe Diem (t3 .com classics), CS! 2017 finals (Croatia)

    CUP 2018 finals, X3 2019 finals (Russia)

    ~ The special one... ~

  • Romans:

    Arena. Can only be built in the capital.

    Grants culture points and improves the efficiency of Senators account wide.

    Basically a large party but more expensive and with better stats. I’ll leave the balancing up to TG as I’m not comfortable doing that, but I do think romans could need something to boost their CP level late game and the efficiency of senators could be improved with something like 30%


    Barrow. Can be built in every village.

    Every troop from this village that dies in battle gets buried in the barrow to inspire survivors and future troops in battle.

    For every 20.000 worth of troops in wheat grant 1% offensive bonus.


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  • Romans:


    -Boosts morale of the overall populace, increasing effectiveness of your own senators and decreasing the effectiveness of hostile chiefs/chieftains/senators

    -Can only be built in the capital and is an account wide effect

    -Passive effect, it doesn't cost resources other than the cost of the building

    -can be built up to 5 levels, each level provides a 4% increase/decrease to senator effectiveness

    -high cp, it's a culture related building after all

    level 1 - 3180 wood 2850 clay 2560 iron 2880 wheat 2:18:20 time 12 cp 4%

    level 2 - 7580 wood 6840 clay 6420 iron 6680 wheat 4:52:15 time 28 cp 8%

    level 3 - 17880 wood 15800 clay 14440 iron 12120 wheat 9:39:30 time 48 cp 12%

    level 4 - 42120 wood 36480 clay 34560 iron 25000 wheat 18:20:40 time 74 cp 16%

    level 5 - 80880 wood 72000 clay 64160 iron 46780 wheat 29:14:20 time 126 cp 20%

    that is all.

    oh happy you nappy, you just pissed on my parade!!


  • Galls & Germans as old tribes needs more boost, because of Hunns & Egyptian buildings bonus superiority:

    1. Sacrificial cave - for galls: you can sacriface captured soldiers

    2. Sacrificial cliff - for germans: you can sacriface catured animals

    Bonus: Cuture points or increasing strength of soldiers (depends on which God you choose to sacriface)!

  • Romans:

    Officer's Quarters

    Can only be built in the capital. At level 10, you can upgrade your Praetorians to Centurions. This is a one time upgrade and lasts for the game round.

    Centurions gain strength in numbers. For every 100 Centurions trained in a village, their defence is increased by 0.05%. The bonus is maximised at +5% strength if you have 10,000+ Centurions trained in a village.

    Additionally, you can use the Officer's Quarters to host Military Parades. These Parades boost morale, and for 24 hours, Centurions move at 9 fields/hour. However, they will become exhausted, and move at only 3 fields/hour for the following 24 hours. You can throw Military Parades in any number of your villages; you use the Officer's Quarters to select which ones.


    Lv1 to Lv9 - No effect

    Lv10 - Option available to upgrade Praetorians to Centurions

    Lv10 - Option available to host Military Parades


    Lv1 rough cost

    500 wood, 650 clay, 850 iron, 250 crop

    40 minutes to build

    4 culture

    Lv10 rough cost

    48000 wood, 60000 clay, 82000 iron, 22000 crop

    120 culture

  • This is My first idea.

    The Roman, Gaul, Egyp, and Hun now get a building equivalent to Teut's Brewery and the teut brewery are changed to other things. The name of buildings are named after their prehistroric site, religious site, or something close to that.

    The buildings are called: -

    1.The Pantheon Temple for Roman

    2. The Altar of Gaul for Gauls

    3. The Templar/Order Castle for Teutons

    4. The Sekhmet Pyramid for Egyptian

    5. The Hall of Attila for Huns

    Prerequisites: CAPITAL ONLY, Palace lvl 20, Main Building lvl 20.

    Function: Each level increase all troops stats (Atk and Def) in the account by 1%. Max level 20 has a total of +20% increase in atk/def power.

    Additional Specific Tribe bonus (Unlock at level 10/15/20):

    -Romans: Troops merge cost reduction by 5/10/15%

    -Gaul: Defense Stats increase by +10/15/20% (total at lvl 20= 40% for def instead of 20%)

    -Teuton: Attack Stats increase by +10/15/20% (total at lvl 20= 40% for atk instead of 20%)

    -Egyptian: Wounded troop chance increase from 40% to 50/55/60%

    -Huns: Troops Training and upgrade duration reduction by 5/10/15% OR increase CP production by 5/10/15% from all village

    *Effect gain to all villages in the account

    *the building stats and etc are equivalent to the previous Brewery.


    Additional Building for Teuton.

    The new building for the Teutons are unfortunately the same as before with a bit changes.

    The building are still called Brewery.

    Change/Rework: -

    -It can be build at any village.

    -The effect are confined to that village only.

    -The building cost and time are halved.

    -The CP gain per each level are halved, equivalent to Stable CP gain per level.

    -No longer provide attack value increment.

    -Effect: -

    Troops of the brewery village that stay in that village consume less crop and Unfortunately the chiefs’ power of persuasion is decreased by 50% and catapults can only do random hits. Each level reduce 1% crop consumption. Max at level 20 = 20% crop consumption reduction.

    and at level 10 onwards unlock new active effect (just like celebration) called Brew festival. The cost and cooldown are equivalent to Great Celebration. Brew Festival's Effects: for 3 hours the the crop consumption reduction doubled from 20% to 40% and no negative effect of chief power reduction and random target catapult for the next 24hr.

    -Other stats and prerequisite are still same.

    Thats all for now.


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  • Arc de Triumph (Gauls):

    - can be built in capital only

    - increases culture point production of all villages (each level increases by 1%)

    - costs the same amount as Treasury

    - required buildings for level 1: Academy 10 and Main building 10 (similar to Treasury)

    - This building is good because it compensates the Eqyptians superiour ability of increasing resource production by letting Gauls to build more villages per time

  • Hi dear CM, hi all

    Very good contest idea 8)

    My proposal concerns Roman tribe because I play this tribe since more +/- 10 years. As required, it's limited to capital village and affects account.

    Proposal: so I'd like there is a music school in the Roman capital. It will affect account because it will give culture points according to level (see below).

    Historic context: ancient Roma trained "tibicenes" who played "tuba" (sort of long horns) and drum players. These musician soldiers allowed all Roman army walking quickly and rythmically and that was a key for Roman victories against less organized tribes like Gauls. Tell Vercingetorix about Alesia;)

    How it could work: like Brewery for Germans but without beer's effects on drunken chiefs who can't talk correctly during chiefing and drunken catapults who attack only randomly. Only positive effects:

    - increasing speed of all capital units (e.g. 1 field quicker lvl 2, 2 fields lvl 4 and 3 lvl 5)

    - giving many culture points to the account (e.g. +1 CP each lvl 1 and 2, +2 lvl 3, +3 lvl 4 and +4 lvl 5) too because many Roman players like to build large empires.


  • Hi there. There could be a building, more or less for everyone , possible to build only in capital and having effect only to Capital's troops.
    Name something like Espionage Office and it would work like that: Having a large cooldown after usage, it would offer protection against enemy spies during the next troop march. That means that when using it, you send your next limited number of attacks (let's say 5-10) and the defender doesn't get warned till much later. Red swords and landing time appear when the army has already marched 80% of the whole distance making defense gathering much harder.Maybe an exception of rams/catapults/chieftains in the army could apply, or maybe not :D . It would also work for distances over 25-30 fields.
    Since the general idea is to add a function that could help deceive the defender ,and make the game more spicy it could also work differently, and give from the beginning warning to defender, but with wrong information. Tottaly wrong timings.

  • Romans:

    Elite Barracks

    Can be built on the capital and affects all villages.

    Here the officers are trained/instructed better to apply their new knowledge on their respective villages, making the barracks they are responsible for more efficient.

    Training time of all infantry is reduced 0,5% per level.

    Max Level 20 - Training is reduced by 10%

    At level 20:

    CP - 70

    Cost of last level- around 150k (wood/clay/iron) 50k (crop)

    Build time can be similar to Horse Drinking Trough

  • Egyptian

    Name of the building: Cleopatra's Palace

    Function/Description: Cleopatra's Palace give some extra storage for every village. It can be built only in capital, but affect the whole account. Every level give extra +2% storage. It can be built to level 20, so the maximum storage can be 140%. The waterworks is very crazy, it give a huge amount crop, so that will be a big help. And don't forget, the slaves are eating lot of crop, so when you send it, can be very dangerous, because you can have more than 200k in every single village and if you aren't playing much gold, you can't build great storages every village.

    level 1 --- +2%

    level 2 --- +4%

    level 3 --- +6%


    level 20 --- +40%

    I think it will be fine, when this building have the same cp, cost and build time like Brewery.


    • level 20 Marketplace (Because you should have lot merchants, to build that interesting and big building)
    • level 20 Main Building
  • I would like to change the Gaul trapper, and by doing that I would like to eliminate the building. Travian can then create what I would call the "sapper den", and it would be accessible via the rally point. This function would only be available in a players capital, and from there the players race would decide what they can arm their sapper den with. For example Huns are not defensive, so that race should probably get something useless lol no offense to the Hun players out there! A more defensive tribe like the Gaul players that might feel ripped off because I eliminated their trapper... That race would be able to arm their sapper den with something that is overpowered compared to what the Huns get. This function would change the game, and if Travian wanted to they could incorporate an artifact that allows for a WW holder to have a sapper den at the WW. This could allow for more intelligence in scouting reports, and it balances the game due to the fact that only one race can currently build the Trapper. The trapper is good early in the game for Gauls, but it eventually becomes quite useless. Where as a sapper den in the rally point would stay useful during the entire game depending on your tribe. The sapper den if armed could cause collateral damage to their own troops which could even be race restricted, and that would make it's addition to the game interesting. What I mean by that is Gaul for example (a race good for beginners) should have a 0% chance of the sapper den hurting their own troops, but Teuton/Hun could find that their sapper dens have 15%/25% chances maybe even 50% chance of the sapper den hurting their own troops. To clarify the sapper den would always damage enemy troops, but certain races could have a chance of it also damaging their own defenders during the fight.



  • Great Pyramids - Egyptian

    Each level increases the capacity of all granaries* across the account by 10% up to level 20 (can only be built in capital) - a completely maxed Great Pyramids makes all granaries equivalent to a Great Granary. The cost per level and CP production are twice that of the GG cost and cp per level. The time per level is equal to that of the GG. Must have a level 20 granary to construct the Great Pyramids.

    *This effect does not apply to any Great Granaries

  • COLOSSEUM (name of building)

    Tribe Romans, effect: account

    prerequisite: capital, smithy lvl 10,

    stable lvl5 workshop lvl10

    Function / Description / Purpose(s):

    - lvl 1-10 - improve legionnaire attack force

    from 40 to 60 strength (+2% / lvl)

    - lvl 11-18 - improve imperatoris attack force

    from 120 to 160 strength (+5% / lvl)

    - lvl 19 - increase ram speed (+3cmp)

    - lvl 20 - increase catapult speed (+2cmp)

    Costs & time & CP

    1-10 / same with extended barracks

    11-18 / same with extended stable

    19 - 20 / same with extended warehouse


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  • Temple

    Suit for all tribes

    In an attack gives you opportunity to preach the opposite population and decrease the opponent in order to increase yours.

    Up to 5 levels.

    Level 1 chance of 5% wood 2280 clay 2880 iron 1980 crop 1380

    Level 2 10%chance wood 4760 clay 5000 iron 3880 crop 2500

    Level 3 15%chance wood 8880 clay 9600 iron 7880 crop 4680

    Level 4 20%chance wood 12680 clay 15580 iron 11880 crop 6840

    Level 5 25%chance 16540 clay 20380 iron 14480 crop 9000

    Cp 10 per level

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  • Gauls


    Decreases costs of buildings by 3% each level up to a maximum of 15% at building level 5. Uses the concept of the strong infrastructure technique used in Gallic structures in history.

    Costs will be relatively high and can only be built at a later stage in the game and will help Gauls build villages faster at later stages;

    Prerequisites: Main building level 20

    Level 1: 12000 wood, 12500 clay, 12000 iron, 4000 crop

    Level 5: 100000 wood, 120000 clay, 100000 iron, 30000 crop

    CP increase per level of 3 with base at 2, population increase; 4, 2, 2, 2, 3.

    Building time:

    Level 1: 6 hours

    Level 5: 30 hours

  • The Watchtower

    all tribes


    A watchtower allows you to scout incoming attacks.

    From the watchtower you can send one or more scouts to an incoming army but only if the army is near enough (depending on the level of the watchtower)

    When the scout reaches the army you get a scoutrapport.

    The incoming army can block these scouts by accompying the army with it's own scouts. When the army has more scouts they will block the scouts (same as when you scout a village).

    Behavior at different levels

    At level 1 you can send a scout to an incoming army from the watchtower when the army is 3 squares away from your village, at level 2 this will be 6 squares, etc.