Building Bonus for Teut, Egyp and Hun.

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  • slave militia has the lowest stats in the game

    Yes, that would make sense, hence the lowest price in the game by far as well.

    slave militia are not good def when fighting atk team with hero as they gave more exp than doing defence.

    Hero XP becomes irrelevant after 100 points in attack bonus. So a level 25 hero is basically equally dangerous than a level 43857384753 hero. :)

    slave militia are not good for passive player,

    True, they're meant to be in an active warzone where their def/time ratio shines.

    slave militia consume lots of crop since they need to stay in big number,

    They don't need to. If you can burn them as fast as you can train them it's all good, not recommended for Anvils for sure.

    slave militia are not effective as reinforcement during hammer atk, or use it as anvil or def WW

    If you're a smart player and time your def to arrive a few seconds infront of an attack, why not? They're the worst stationary def, but that can easily be avoided by timing your troop arrival. As for Anvils, sure, if you could feed it, but there I'd definitely pick Ashes.

    theyre not good def in late game either. not many people use it, if you use than show me

    If you play only for endgame no, but if you've been an active defender the whole server burning though them, they're still your best choice.

    yeah it is the cheapest and fastest troop to train, so everyone call it the best?

    Not sure if you're a troll or something, but they have the best DEF / TIME ratio out of any troop in the game. As long as you can run them 24/7 there's basically no troop that can surpass them. Nobody said anything about the price.

    I get your points, they're a massive pain to feed at some point, but provided you're an experienced player who knows how to manage this... what's stopping you from mass producing them? You can't farm with them, but you can always resort to using Cavalry to farm while having slaves ready for departure any time.