Cập nhật các sửa lỗi và thêm tính năng mới

  • Release 1020 Polarbear: cập nhật 21h03 (giờ VN) ngày 16/02 trên cụm ASIA - gián đoạn khoảng 5 phút

    Sửa lỗi

    TL-9187 Fixed incorrect page fit in mobile optimized view on iOS chrome

    TL-9055 Traps building time is now correct also when there are multiple Trappers in the village


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  • Release 1039 Polarbear: cập nhật lúc 19h03 giờ VN ngày 04/3 trên cụm Asia - gián đoạn dưới 1 phút

    Tính năng:

    TL-3523 - Redesigned the look of village buildings of all tribes, to make it easier to recognize them.

    TL-9110 - Added sitter limitations based on Ambassadors input. Owner of the account must be at least active from time to time, otherwise the sitting will be blocked. See more information about this feature in the forums News section.

    TL-819 – Added checkmark in residence/palace/command center to allow alliance and confederacy members to decrease loyalty. This feature was developed based on Ambassadors input.

    TL-8832 - When you report an in-game message from someone, that person is no longer able to see you did that.

    Sửa lỗi:

    TL-9236 - Fixed: players unable to archive reports

    TL-9222 - Fixed an issue where the cooldown date of the water bucket was not displayed

    TL-9173 - Corrected text in the confirmation dialog when using resources from the hero inventory

    TL-9125 - Alliance leaders who are banned from editing profile and other content in game (as punishment for violating game rules) now can "Invite a player into the alliance", "Kick a player" and access "Alliance diplomacy".

    (các cụm máy chủ khác cập nhật từ ngày 01/3 tới 08/3)


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  • Release 1055.5 Polarbear: cập nhật lúc 19h03 giờ VN ngày 19/3 trên cụm Asia - gián đoạn dưới 5 phút

    Tính năng:

    Sửa lỗi:

    TL-9234 - Long "Farm List" names no longer interfere with the UI.

    TL-9204 - Selecting different troops to return home after a reinforcement now updates the travel time correctly to the slowest troop.

    TL-9193 - Inactive but completed tasks no longer show the "completion" flag after collected.

    TL-9205 - BBcodes now working as expected on the "Edit internal info page" of an alliance.

    TL-9142 - The rank of the viewing player now show in the top 10 "Climbers" table.

    TL-9166 - Artefact of the Fool "Effect change" timer now rounds up to the exact hour.

    TL-9119 - Troops forwarded from a village that was conquered now show in the rally point of that village.

    TL-9217 - Entering wrong password when leaving alliance now triggers a "wrong password" error message.

    TL-9284 - Sitters can no longer access player's alliance options pages through URL.

    TL-9231 - Fixed a rounding issue with resources bonuses in the production overview.


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  • Release 1067.3 Polarbear: Dự kiến cập nhật lúc 18h03 giờ VN ngày 06/4 cho cụm VN (Asia cũ) và máy chủ Asia20 (Asia mới 4.6) - gián đoạn khoảng 15'

    Public stuff:

    Tính năng:

    TL-9293 - Added a short loading screen to the task system to indicate when the game is loading the feature.

    Sửa lỗi:

    TL-9075 - Farmlists now update available troop numbers after sending raids through other farmlists from that village.

    TL-9132 - Fixed missing mention of rivals confusion artefact support in the battle report when no bounty is stolen

    TL-8978 - Trade routes are now sorted by the time they are sent.

    TL-9335 - Paginator with dots was added to auctions page.

    TL-9208 - Useful tips & information message at the start of the game is now based on the player's language and not the server default language.

    TL-9340 - Fixed an issue where making a bid in an auction that is lower than the maximum price offered by another player, would not update the displayed minimum bid value.

    An "insufficient silver" message may still appear even if you have enough silver to make a higher bid. This feature will be updated in the future.

    TL-9148 - Improved plus support / refer a friend pop-up window for mobile resolutions.

    TL-9319 - Building images are now sharper.

    TL-9345 – Map.sql file that is used by external tools is now updated after endgame to provide correct data.

    TL-9165 - Stackable items in the hero inventory can now be applied by hitting enter when the input field is focused.

    TL-9161 - Player's culture points are correctly calculated and displayed in General Stats.

    TL-9303 - Fixed Natarian artefact villages building warehouse in the spot for the wall

    TL-9295 – Fixed lack of information about resources rewarded after killing nature troops in oasis in some battle reports

    TL-9300 – One Time Offer red notification was still shown after the offer expired

    TL-8831 – Fixed an issue when buying gold as a sitter and the shop would stay in the "almost done" stage even though the purchase was completed.

    TL-9401 - Fixed an issue that prevented opening "sent" in-game messages folder.

    TL-9403 - It's possible to save notes again.


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  • Release 1076.1 Polarbear: dự kiến cập nhật 18h03 (GMT+7) ngày 16/4 trên máy chủ địa phương Asia (ts1, ts3, ts4, ts5 asia) và máy chủ khu vực Asia (ts1.x1 ts20.x2), gián đoạn khoảng 5 phút

    Tính năng:

    TL-8647 - Players that report other players will now receive a message when their report was checked. Note that we still do not share details about what decision was made about the reported player. Not all reports lead to a visible punishment.

    Sửa lỗi:

    TL-9238 - Clicking on buildings no longer highlights the building

    TL-9383 - Fixed auctions bids display in Turkish

    TL-9396 - Adding a building to be demolished now refreshes the page instead of going to village center view.

    TL-9384 – Fixed an issue where the alliance leader would not receive messages about new banned players in the alliance.

    TL-9154 - Fixed a position issue with the delete icon of infoboxes.

    TL-9381 – Fixed text of tooltips on auctions page, which had unnecessary characters.

    TL-9394 – Fixed an issue with the Culture points rank in general statistics.


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