Memes Of Com2

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  • while I was scrolling down reports found some funny/stupid/sad reports to share:

    Edited all reports , find that full image thing is kind of annoying 😅

  • Legendary Paul

    Paul took large storage

    That attack made GOW start defending all paul's attacks

    He was walled later but it was too late

  • Large storage None!!

    GOW lost two large storage in a week first by Paul

    And second one by a boonies player from 300 -300

    He went on 96hrs journey and took what he needed

    By the way when he was done with storage returned it back to GOW and joined them later.

    Ajax payed him well, I guess, or rumors are that it was just a show for their wwk boonies

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  • Not a good day for taeyeon

    While there was op going on Gunners vs Gow and Gow vs Ten

    gunners crop-locked taeyeon and took his large trainer

    Later that day when gow attacked Ten

    Poor taeyeon got splated and lost his hammer too

  • Jack sparrow and goat

    Another op when goat's hammer was walking home happily with SD recently captured

    Jack sparrow a GOW close neighbor followed him home who also had Small boots

    Some how goat walled jack sparrow and sent him d**k pick in Com2 discord general chat!!

  • Another gunners op was going to be total failure when D&C went random target on chifing Zeotex hammer village

    Also verdie got lagged and couldn't attack before him

    Everyone was mad, but when attacks landed

    Hammer Caught at home!!!

  • During another op gunners vs Gow

    Gunners attacked luga on some villages and oasises!!

    Real targets were his capital and 2 non-cap villages

    He was panicked that defended a village with his hammer

    Another one went to natars WW!

    By the way all 5 hammers of gunners got walled RIP

    Later that week luga attacked to a gunners player and splated

  • Lost caused!

    Lost cause number3 off rank

    Ten's wwk with10k cata went crazy and attacked UD of his own alliance

    He deleted after that attack and 3 arties (SD, ST, LC) went to natar

    GOW took SD with a hero after respawn 😮 lucky shot

  • The Capn

    Capn was a planted account in gunners from Gow

    He was one of Ajax duals (Gow leader) who stole UE, SE and ST from gunners

    Also 4 / 5 hammers got walled there when gunners tried to attack him

    He deleted the account at the end

  • Praet hammer and club anvil

    Ten's offensive players were not active much as pre-arties ops However, their defensive players were pretty much savage

    Attacking with praets was complete madness On the other hand, when praets were attacking

    Clubs stood to fill their absence

  • MatinCW cant believe you haven't every report since day 1

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)