LOT2020 - The participants & Important information

  • Dear community,

    The voting phase is over. Votes have been counted and the ambassador chosen by the community to represent COM domain is wishmaster3 . We want to thank you all for participating, both by sending an application, and for voting your favorite candidate to represent our domain.

    Below you can see the final voting statistics:

    Nickname Number of votes Percentage
    wishmaster3 99 41%
    Mentally 77 32%
    Marduk_COM aka mazzi 65 27%

    After close consultation with the Game Development team, the Game Center and the Marketing Department, we had to make the difficult decision of postponing the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit to October due to the current Coronavirus-situation.

    Since we spent the past four months preparing the event we are genuinely upset and disappointed for not being able to host the summit in May, but due to the current situation and the uncertainty regarding the further development of the epidemy, we prefer to postpone the event.

    We have also decided that we still want to start working already with the Ambassador group, but in a different way.

    Therefore, next week all the newly-elected Ambassadors will be contacted and all details will be provided, including special access to the Forum. This way they can already start creating discussions threads to collect different topics.

    To summarize, the plan is to kick-start the event exactly as it was planned. We will invite the new Ambassadors to the Slack Workspace created for the 2019 Ambassadors. Together with the old Ambassadors, they will start collecting topics with the support of the entire community for the Legends on Tour Summit.

    We will prioritize the topics and split them into categories, so that we can already start discussing in monthly voice webinars with the Game Design and Game Development team.

    Full notes of these meetings and all the decisions made will be disclosed with the community.

    We are very sorry for this sudden change of plan, even though it doesn't fully depend on us. We really hope the Ambassadors will be able to join us in October.

    Once again, congratulations to the representative chosen by the COM community,

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • GG wishmaster3 !

    Ridder Huma So assuming it was delayed to October, does that mean the Travian prophets have foreseen the Virus' won't exist anymore? :D

  • Hey all, just a quick thank you for the votes - I will do my best to live up to your confidence in me.

    I look forward to engaging in discussions here on the forum and on skype/discord over the coming weeks. I know for sure that Mazzi will be a part of them, and I hope Mentally will be too - since a lot of people gave them their approval too. Likewise for the ambassadors of the other domains, since I believe the issues are best adressed in unison across multiple domains.

    You're all welcome to PM me with suggestions or questions if you do not want to post them publically on the forum too.



  • Mads I would request that you take new ideas to Munich rather than the bug fixes and game mechanics changes so that we could develop new strategies. Even those multiple tribes per player was something awesome

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

  • If only he could do both, damn that would be awesome!