Book of Wisdom – Episode 2 – The Secret Library

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    I still remember the times when I was young, beautiful and rather naive. I look back fondly on one of those memories in particular in this period of negligence where I currently live: I was standing in the middle of a huge hall and lots of people were looking at me from afar, hesitating to come closer. That's no wonder, as six guards kept me safe from anyone who was too nosy. Everyone tried to get a hold of me. Yet, I did not belong to anyone.

    Those days of my greatest glory are long gone. I must admit, I barely miss that time. Frankly, I prefer my present situation far more, with many of my brothers and sisters around me.

    We speak to each other with hushed voices. We remember everything. We never forget facts. We know the past. We can predict future. Last but not the least, we can lie with virtuosity.

    I heard some people call us books of wisdom. There's rarely a name that is less suitable than that.

    "Books of Wisdom? How could they even come up with that?" My right neighbor 'Funny stories about the Travian capital written by foreign visitors' chortled sarcastically: "First they write stupid things on our pages and then they call us books of wisdom!"

    Old grumpy 'Commentaries on the Gallic War' didn't respond to that. Since their last argument when 'Funny stories' questioned their reliability as a source on the Gauls, my left neighbor kept sulking. How could a stupid collection of jokes ever question something written by Julius Caesar himself?

    Three other neighbors who lived across the path, sisters Mecanica, Pneumatica and Automata, only sighed, anticipating the next round of this endless argument. They normally kept close to each other because none of the other books seemed to understand their very specific scientific talks.

    "By the way," I decided to break the tense silence, "today I heard that people mentioned they are organizing another gathering here. This would be what, the third time already? Ambassadors of the distant lands come to the Travian capital to talk about the future of the empire. Many things changed since last year based on what they discussed, and now it's time to collect new ideas! Isn't that awesome?"

    The forth and eldest sister, Metrica, who barely took part in our regular evening talks, suddenly turned to me. "I wonder…" she said finally and I felt uncomfortable when I noticed her genuine interest. "You always take part in every conversation but we've never heard what's written in you, Shiny. Nor do we ever see the name on your cover. How come that for the past centuries you've never actually revealed a single fact about yourself?"

    Oh, no, not that again! It was one of those questions that I was always scared to hear. I had therefore spent lots of time practicing to sound natural.

    "You forgot, Metrica. I've told you that many times already." I added a touch of warmth to my usual hushed voice and tried to sound as casual as possible. "I am quite a boring book. As you can see, people are not interested in what's written on my pages."

    That was true. Year after year, decade after decade, the only person who took me off the shelf was the old librarian. He brushed my cover, cleaned the dust off me, but never actually even tried to crack the code on the clasp that kept my pages sealed together.

    If only did he had tried, he would have been greatly surprised.


    The book cover is locked with the coded clasp. Find the correct combination.

    :serpent: :wolf: :crocodile:

    One animal is correct and placed properly.

    :serpent: :crocodile: :bear:

    Nothing is correct.

    :spider: :bear: :wolf:

    One animal is correct but placed wrongly.

    :bat: :bear: :rat:

    Two animals are correct but placed wrongly.

    Detailed information

    Start Date / Time:

    09.03.2020 – 09:00 UTC+0

    End Date / Time:

    16.03.2020 – 09:00 UTC+0

    Winners announced on:


    Winner chosen:

    We will pick 6 random winners among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold Voucher valid only in:

    COM community

    Gold Voucher valid until:


    To be entitled to win you need to:

    Write your in-game nickname and server in the same message together with your answer.

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