Looking for duals on comx

  • With the new comx starting on 23/03/2020 it's time to start looking for a team.

    Last server i played solo and got rank 3 pop and 8 off rank. this server i wanna go better. but with summer coming up i don't want to be locked at my desk all day, so i need a team. my timezone is +1, i need atleast one person from another timezone for the night shifts and would like another with the same timezone as me to rotate during the day. I preferably play offensive teuton but i'm down for other suggestions.

    let me know if you're interrested, pm me so we can talk!

    Discord: Jasper-FarmDealer#9577

  • Hey

    Our team is looking for an additional dual for comx we are 3 experienced players atm from different timezones . If you are interrested message me .

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  • Hi

    I hope every one to have fun in this server

    Iam looking for a dual to help me in my account
    My nickname is ZMRD

    I will choose the new Egyptian tribe
    I stoped play since 2011 and now with the new tribes and coronavirus isolation you now the current situation staying at home and do nothing.
    iam excited to try travian again

    If anyone would like to help me you can text me in private

  • Hi I can also provide some help, coming back to the game after 3 years of break, im from Poland, loads of time to play, won few servers, once had a biggest romanian hammer on server, feel free to PM or write Discord Iffed#4618, I can also buy some gold if needed.