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    Dear players,

    To become the best warrior in Travian: Legends, knowledge and strategy are the key to success.
    We are calling to you, oh great warriors, to teach us how to conquer the map and be on the winning side of battle.

    Show us the way and we will follow in your footsteps to greatness!

    Share your best tips with us that are helpful for new players to improve their skills. Every month the chosen tips (there is no maximum limit) will receive a reward of 10 Gold.

    Your tip will be used to create content for our social media channels, and will include your nickname.

    Please post 1 tip per post to make them easy to understand.

    Share your wisdom!

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  • Jackal from COM4

    Avoid the rush to build an army in the early stages of Travian. A handful of troops will be plenty to raid oases.

    Unless you are a Teuton you should use your resources to build resource fields and infrastructure. Be sure to have at least one level 10 cranny when you finish beginners protection as this is your defence against raiders.

    Build as many crannies as you need to avoid raiders plundering your resources while you are offline. This strategy will keep you safe until the catapults arrive at least!

  • Yayeyeye from com1

    Ill stay quiet and easy on building. Best offense are defense.. better to have 100 preatorian troops before the protection ends. Crannies must be suspended to 12k cap.

    When this done.. do the daily 20 add of your troops daily as you startt to grow your village..

    Happy gaming!!

  • SpyDa From COM4

    Especially if you are playing as Teutons(cuz they can farm faster, but it definitely works for other races as well), it's way better If you focus on upgrading your main building(to 10 at least) in the beginner's protection duration, in order to reduce your early upgrade times, since it helps a lot by reducing the time for constructions significantly at early stages, if you manage to upgrade your resources simultaneously.

    Good Luck! ^^

  • Name mist1321

    Server Com4

    During the start of the server, ignore doing all fields to level 2 and all fields to level 5 untill you have a level 7 warehouse and a grainmill level 1. (of course you can build one of each to level 2 for the mission)

    Ignore the level 10 residence, build only a level 1 residence. start making it level 10 when you have 1500 or more resources per hour (or an army you have income of 1500 per hour combine with resources in village). that will take you 3 days to make a second village.

    all resources to level 5 and 5 resources fields (non iron fields) to level 6 is a priority before making a level 10 residence.

    with this you have a great start, with gold or without it should take 2 days to complete if your active to make all fields to 5

    after those 2 days pick what you want to do

  • SpyDa From COM4

    No matter which race you play, keep on upgrading your barracks in your beginner's protection, since the time reduction is huge on early levels, so you'd hire units faster when you need them, when your shield has ended. ;)

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  • SpyDa from COM4

    Use all of your Hero points on the Resource Generated by your hero Attribute, it helps you A LOT, specially in the early, since a lvl 2 hero has 12 points you can invest them all in resource, so you'd get either 108 of each resource per hour or 360 of a single one(at lvl 2), which is way more than what your own village is producing hourly, then later on you can use a Book of Wisdom to reset the points and distribute them in other fields :)

    Good luck! :)

  • Always extend protection! It buys you 3 more days to focus on settlers first plus gives ability to make a base of troops for when protection ends...

    (assuming you are new to the game and playing solo, you wont have a lot of advantages like others who do raiding start being online nearly 24/7)

    but yes, try to make a few troops + ones from adventure to see how raiding empty oasisses works


    I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed . . .


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    Valhalla, Carpe Diem (t3 .com classics), CS! 2017 finals (Croatia)

    CUP 2018 finals, X3 2019 finals (Russia)

    ~ The special one... ~

  • Tip from an old N00B.
    When trying to settle village 2 early, remember that the cheapest source of culture points are crannies lvl 1. You can build as many as you want, after having 1 lvl 10 cranny. The 2nd cheapest source in the game are crannies lvl 3. The bonus is that it also helps to protect your res from raiders.

    Currently, I have no account that I will keep. I will be starting the codex x2 speed soon.

  • SpyDa From COM4

    When you wanna farm some of the Oases around you, if its alrdy cleared of troops, don't send all your troops to one of them, divide them to a few grps (for example a grp of 4), then send them to different Oases at the same time, this way they all of them have a chance of bringing back loot, incase some of them have been emptied by someone else before you. ;)

  • kamroop from COM1

    For gauls, your best call is your defense. Gauls have the best defense in all of the tribes, so when u r a beginner, try to maximize defense by building trappers and palisade and training defense troops. This will help you when your beginner's protection ends.

  • I repeat never ever underestimate roman wall... do not raid romans if u dnt know what u might see.. its better to give them chance to call for defense and hit with rams than go raid them in hurry...specially when its top village or pop is over 600 there is high chance to romans have 15+ wall which gives huge bonus...

  • My suggestions are for casual players, with no to little gold who are going to be active several times during the day but not for too long.
    You should really adjust your game style and priorities on the time you have available to be online. Don't try to compete super-active players with their own strategies if you have limited time to play. That means that during the early stages, you should have enough crannies to hide all the resources that you will produce from the time you log off until the time you log in again ( yes , you need to calculate that :D ).
    Gauls should use some traps, not too many, and always release the captured units so that your traps are rebuilt again for free and also don't provoke a bigger attack from a bigger player who wants to release his troops, or just for revenge. By the time you are ready to expand for 2nd village, make sure that you are in the right alliance for you and try to settle in an area with more allies than enemies. By that time your role should be clear, if you are going to build offense or defense. Don't try to do both, and stick to the original decision.

    EVERY DAY train 20-40 troops (starting 3 days before the protection ends). Trade and negotiations are good, but army is better. It's a war game after all. !

  • In the first 2 weeks your main focus should be on production and crannies, don't let the raiders take any resources or they won't stop coming back, spending too much on troops on early stages will only slow you down if you don't know what to do with them. Crannies are cheap and you can destroyed them later if you need the slot. Try to join a good alliance near you, inspect your 25x25 in your map.

    After you have the 2nd village, send some resources from the original village to help it developing faster. Now you main objective should be divided on production and troops training, even if you are making defensive troops, don't let them defend when you have a low number, evade them before the attack and let them accumulate until you see that it will comfortable kill the attacks you have been suffering, use the simulator.

    WDelements ts6

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  • xtar7 from com2

    Once you are low on gold, remember to always use your merchants and save some gold from npc. This way you can have a bit more to use on 25% res bonus.

  • xtar7 from com2

    Once you are low on gold, remember that you can use auctions profitably. Take a look into actual price and try to make cheap buys to sell later.

  • For a beginer there is no miracle advice that will make that player a pro overnight.

    My advice: Follow the tutorial and keep a constant growth of the village in the initial stage. Calculate the hourly production with respect to the cranny capacity of protection and try to use the resources for growth.

    Choose either you will be defensive player or ofensive player. There is no room for combined game strategy when you start to learn Travian.

    Read as much as you can the game rules and FAQ in order to be informed of the buildings' and troops' features.

  • Advice for the long run, for defenders, especially Gauls.
    You should specialize certain villages in the production of phalanxes, and fewer on the production of Druidriders. Also some villages just to support with resources the troop production villages.
    Some people create their defensive army just from the capital in order to avoid spending resources for barracks/stable/smith level 20 in many villages. This strategy, indeed, will save you resources. But later on , during mid and late game, when your army takes part in a major fight and you lose a great percentage of your army (or even 100% of it) , you will not have the potential of rebuilding it faster since upgraded units will be able to be trained only in one Barrack/Stable. If you spend more for the suggested infrustructure early, you will be able to replenish casualties later much faster since after a fight with huge losses, you will train troops simultaneously in 5-7 barracks and 2-3 stables.

  • Don't be an idiot and resort to multis, scripts, bot... Just play like a real man.