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  • To play like a pro you actually just need to tend to your account rather than participate in this kind of thing. The best advice won’t be shared here and the common sense stuff gets rewarded. GLHF!

  • Sometimes you need to be offensive to counter the offense, even your are playing defence. Especially if you are under constant raids.

    When you are defending you need more troops to do that while countering the same army with attack needs less troops.


    while in early games (1x speed - 3rd and 4th weeks), a teuton raiding a gual with 300clubs and 50TK , a gual have to defend with (roughly) 450 phalanx. Contrary, if counter attacking the raider with around 130-150 Swordsmen along with hero or 60-65 TT along with hero will eliminate the raider/attacker army and will give you the attack points with hero experience.

    Note - Remember to measure the distance and travel time to opponent's village. And time your attack landing well, as immediate as attackers troops landing back to his village (within 10 seconds max) so attackers troops will not be able to auto dodge the attack sent by you.

  • Tip from an old N00B.
    When trying to settle village 2 early, remember that the cheapest source of culture points are crannies lvl 1. You can build as many as you want, after having 1 lvl 10 cranny. The 2nd cheapest source in the game are crannies lvl 3. The bonus is that it also helps to protect your res from raiders.

    Currently, I have no account that I will keep. I will be starting the codex x2 speed soon.

    Using this on my cropper now :)

  • Why don't just get gold club and active evasion

    If you play 2x its only need 4000 silvers more . That's not so hard to earn if you start day 1 ?(

    " harmless as a dove "

  • Hello,

    As a new player myself (teuton), I have noticed that I've done some mistakes in the early game so I will give advices based on them:

    1. Try not to waste resources on really not necessary buildings on the first village. Remember, that most likely you will create your second city with more croppers than your "start" city and it would be a good idea to not invest much in the buildings that will not be really useful in the start city because you will not have enough crop to build big troops in your start.

    2. Don't trust too much on getting your resources from farming other players, don't forget to build resource fields too. Most of my farmed resources I was spending to build bigger troops, it is good as long as you don't face people with decent def troops. Then you will be left without troops to farm and without resource fields.

    3. If you are not using gold club, don't keep your troops in your village when you are away, because you will get destroyed. Instead, during the night or whenever, you can send them to some far oasis :) For example, I sleep for 8 hours, so I send my troops to a 4 hour walk to oasis, so that when I will be wake, they will be back already :)

    Turtlebyb1s, baltics4

  • Why don't just get gold club and active evasion

    If you play 2x its only need 4000 silvers more . That's not so hard to earn if you start day 1 ?(

    Yeah, well u forgot all this evasion thing is active only at ur capital village.

    as I remember the gold club costs 100 gold which is not what u said

    yet, lots of people do not use gold

    Its a great tip anyway :P

  • Stay tuned with the discord and forum for giveaways and prizes. Some free gold will help you with your server alot.

    IGN: Kralj

    future server: Balkans x3

  • peculiarPaladin from latesummer 1x

    When raiding oases during BP, your hero's health and troop safety is super important to make sure that you get the upper hand in early game. Here's a small tip on how to preserve the hero's health and possibly the troop's safety during early game:

    Send 1 raid with your hero and troops on an empty oasis. If the oasis remains empty until the landing time of time of the raid, there's nothing to worry about. However, if you notice that animals have spawned in the empty oasis right before your troops are about to land, you have 2 options:

    > Add a single cage to your hero (yes you can add/remove cages even if hero is not home) if your hero/troops might loose a lot of health or die

    > Let the raid continue if it's just 1 mouse or something weak that your hero/troops can kill without much damage.

    This strategy generally works best with the earliest of oasis clearing raids. It's harder to send your hero with every single raid closer to the end of your BP.